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The auditions for the Bachelor Training program 2022-25 are over.

Pre-selections were organized between January and April 2022 in 19 cities in Europe and beyond:Athens, Barcelona, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Florence, Hamburg, Helsinki, London, Paris, Porto, Reykjavik, Riga, São Paulo, Stockholm, Tokyo, Tunis, Vienna and Zürich.
The final audition took place in Brussels from 4 until 9 April 2022.

We are happy to announce that a fourteenth generation of students will start the Training program on Monday September 5, 2022.

Welcome to the information page about the auditions for our upcoming Bachelor program Training 2022-2025.
P.A.R.T.S. only opens up its BA Training program every three years to students between the ages of 18 and 23. The new Training program begins its three-year course in September 2022 for which auditions are organised during the spring of 2022.

What does Training (BA) offer?
- A program rooted in Western traditions and ideas, which actively includes other voices and approaches.
- A solid and diverse dance technique.
- An embodied insight into composition, improvisation and repertoire.
- Learning to think and write critically in theoretical seminars.
- The experience of developing one’s choreographic voice.
- Intense engagement with music and theater.

Who are the teachers?

PARTS works with a wide network of teachers, who are all professional artists and experts in their field. They come from Belgium and abroad.

What is the workload?
Training (BA) is a full-time program that lasts 3 years.
It demands a daily physical and intellectual engagement from its students.

What is the working format?
Most of the classes are collective.
There are no separate study tracks for dancers and choreographers, assuming that a dancer nowadays has to be a creator, and that a choreographer’s craft is rooted in the physical work in the studio.
In the 2nd and the 3rd year, there is increasing room for individual choices.

Who is it for?
The Training (BA) students are between 18 and 23 years old when they start, and have a good active knowledge of English (B2 or higher ​in ​CEFR​ scales).​
PARTS welcomes students from any cultural, ethnic and social backgrounds and from any gender identity.

Study cost and scholarships

The one-time registration fee is 4500€. The annual tuition fee is 2500€.
To allow democratic access for talent from different socio-economic backgrounds, PARTS offers a number of scholarships.