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PARTS@WORK#4, SUNDAY MAY 12, 2024 - 15h & 18h15 - SOLO SHOWINGS
Solo showings by the 2nd year BA Training students

PROGRAM 1 starts at 15h - end foreseen at 17h15
PROGRAM 2 starts at 18h15 - end foreseen at 20h30
Program 1 and Program 2 are different.

PARTS@WORK#4, SUNDAY MAY 12, 2024 - 15h & 18h15 - SOLO SHOWINGS

In October 2023, the 39 second year BA Training students were given the assignment to create a solo.
They have been working on this for the past months, resulting in internal showings for faculty members, teachers, tutors, mentors and staff.
Twelve solo's will be performed to the public during PARTS@WORK.

The solo project aims at creating time and space to different stages of an artistic process: articulating artistic interests and an initial concept, developing & experimenting with working methods, planning research time, planning rehearsals, sharing & receiving feedback, reflecting & integrating feedback, composing and structuring the piece, making decisions on the format of the presentation of the solo, etc.

The project gives as much importance to the process as to the final result.

Once a month, from October 2023 until April 2024, the students met in small groups with an assigned mentor, sharing their process and giving feedback to each other.
This generation's mentors are Diane Madden, Christine De Smedt, Femke Gyselinck, Manon Santkin.

PROGRAM 1 SUNDAY MAY 12 - 15h (end foreseen 17h15 - incl. 15' break)
Elsa Goldstein (Things that matter: COWardly)
Solène Ezin (Folding to disappear)
Thaïmee Samut (En un clin d'oeil)
Irene Rojo (Beeing)
Leticia Oliveira Ferreira (WR@NG M1D!4)
Guillem Salmeron

PROGRAM 2 SUNDAY MAY 12 - 18h15 (end foreseen 20h30 - incl. 15' break)

Rozalie Stárová
Alice Bröker (I will not do it for you)
Mimbi Lubansu (X)
Beau De Lathouwer (Do you want to crawl higher?)
Kim Ramiandrisoa (CHÈRE DANSE)
Marika Suzuki (Egg___Distance)
Anastasia Antoniadi (Playground/fightground)

Free entry
The showings start on time, latecomers will not be admitted.
Questions? Contact


There is a bar before the showing and during the break, card only.


P.A.R.T.S. (Studio 2) - Avenue Van Volxemlaan 164, 1190 Brussels