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P.A.R.T.S. is looking for an intern communication and audition support (m/f/x)

about the organizationP.A.R.T.S. is an international school for contemporary dance in Brussels. The student community is very diverse and is recruited through worldwide auditions. PARTS accommodates about 50 students and organizes two dance programs: Training is a three-year Bachelor program for aspiring dancers and choreographers, STUDIOS is a two-year Master program with a focus on young creators. PARTS is strongly anchored in the artistic field. About 40 teachers and artists are guests of the school every year.

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Summer ‘s here

We feel very fortunate to have rounded off the academic year 20-21 with a whole series of internal and public performances, both from the Training and the STUDIOS students, in Brussels and Oostende.On September 6th, we will restart with the third and last year of the Bachelor’s program TRAINING. Also in September, a first generation of students in the Master's program STUDIOS will graduate. We are very proud to award, for the very first time, an Academic Master degree in Dance.

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P.A.R.T.S at DANSAND! festival in Ostend

To close the academic year we will dance into the summer at the DANSAND! festival in Ostend. DANSAND! is a festival for dance and movement. This year the focus is on encounter and connection with a three-day program full of performances at special locations. P.A.R.T.S. is a regular and welcome guest at DANSAND!, in the past there have been numerous creations with guest choreographers, site-specific performances and graduation works. This year, the Training students present a series of solos.

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Dance Day - the 6th edition on Saturday 24 april 2021

"This is not a form of resistance unless you dance, make a risky move to stand a chance". Using the song "The World As It M$$$F Is" and its quote from John the Houseband as a starting point we will venture out into the city of Brussels for two days. Finding a way on how we as dancers can relate to the state of the present world. On the first day we will visit several nursing homes in Forest transforming their daily view on the outside world into spectacle. The next day will be an invasion of 35 dancers moving through brussels, always on the move, with colourful costumes, filling the public space with derailed corona-proof activities aspiring to create a brief sense of liberty. During the week, they will also be working on a video performance outdoors, you can find all the videos here.

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Training students work on Trisha Brown repertoire

Over the last five weeks the students from our Bachelor programme Training got to work on the repertory of Trisha Brown’s Son of gone Fishin’ (1981). They immersed themselves in the material under the guidance of two company members, Samuel Wentz and Leah Ives. Our tutor Diane Madden, who has a rich history with the Trisha Brown Dance Company, curated the workshop project and prepared the students for this block by transmitting the phrase material and in depth technical knowledge throughout her contemporary technique classes.

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Génération XIII – un podcast documentaire, trois ans à travers la vie de cinq étudiants de PARTS

Aujourd'hui a lieu le lancement officiel de Génération XIII, un podcast documentaire sur 5 danseurs, 3 ans, 1 école : le portrait d'une génération à PARTS.Le podcast documentaire Génération XIII dresse le portrait de la génération qui étudie à PARTS depuis septembre 2019, à travers les expériences et les voix de cinq étudiants suivant le programme Bachelor “Training”. Sociologue Delphine Hesters suit Eleni de Grèce, Kia de Nouvelle-Zélande, Marllon du Brésil, Renátó de Hongrie et Zoé de France tout au long de leurs études, jusqu'à l'été 2022.

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Picture-by-wp Zimmer-2

STUDIOS en résidence à workspace wpZimmer

La semaine dernière, les étudiants de STUDIOS étaient en résidence dans l'atelier d'art wpZimmer à Anvers, dans le cadre du cours "Contextual labs".Ils ont suivi un programme de travail dans lequel différents employés de wpZImmer ont partagé leur expertise avec les étudiants. Le programme comprenait des discussions avec l'équipe artistique sur la mission et le fonctionnement de la maison, une master class sur la communication sur le travail artistique, une master class sur la mise en place et la gestion de leurs propres productions, et une introduction de deux jours aux techniques scéniques (lumière et son). Voici quelques photos de leur travail et de leurs expériences en studio.

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Devenez un Ami de P.A.R.T.S.

Nos étudiants viennent de partout dans le monde, ils sont divers en termes d'ethnicité et d'environnement culturel. Leurs parents occupent des positions différentes dans la société. Certains peuvent facilement prendre en charge les frais d'études de leur enfant, pour d'autres, c'est un obstacle impossible à franchir.PARTS sélectionne les étudiants uniquement sur la base de leur talent. Afin d'assurer l'accès à l'école à toutes les personnes sélectionnées, la P.A.R.T.S.FOUNDATION a été mise en place. Elle n'a qu'un seul objectif : collecter des fonds pour les bourses de nos étudiants. Et vous pouvez nous aider !Plus d'info ici.

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Teaching at PARTS: Diane Madden

Last week Diane Madden concluded 3 weeks of teaching contemporary technique to the 2nd year students of the Training Cycle. In her class, Diane Madden is building up material and skills towards a longer Trisha Brown repertoire workshop in Spring 2021, in which students will be creating their own version of Brown’s “Son of Gone Fishin’” 1981.Diane has been giving workshops at PARTS based on Trisha Brown’s repertoire for many years. Since 1980 Diane has been an integral part of Trisha Brown’s work: as a dancer, rehearsal director and Associate Artistic Director.It is a special honour for PARTS that Diane Madden is associated with the school for the entire Training Cycle, from 2019-2022.

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A farewell and new beginnings

On the first day of the new academic year 2020-21, Theo Van Rompay, co-founder of P.A.R.T.S., stepped down as Deputy Director of the school. He will retire on September 1st, 2021 and during the last year of his employment he will focus on a number of special projects.Charlotte Vandevyver, previously coordinator of the STUDIOS program, took up her position as the new deputy director of P.A.R.T.S. With Director Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, a new female duo will now lead the school. As an addition to the team we also welcome Yannick Roman as the new Financial and Administrative Manager.

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Open air classes with David Hernandez

The academic year is running towards its end, the Summer holiday is just around the corner.On Saturday June 27th we organized the last open-air class in Duden park with David Hernandez.Since May 18 - when the National Security Council decided that training outdoors for group sports was allowed again – we have organized a weekly 90’ outdoor dance class in the park for a group of maximum 20 people. A very welcome relief for all the students that have been locked up in small Brussels spaces with no access to flowery backyards, mountain-view meadows or sunny beaches. Luck was on our side, the weather was always very nice.

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No more classes in PARTS this academic year, due to corona crisis

The school management has decided to suspend all classes until the end of the academic year. The safety of students and teachers cannot be guaranteed as social distancing is in many cases not an option for a dance school. Moreover, our studios are not big enough to work with groups of 20 students, while a permanent distance of 1.5 meters should be kept between all dancers.The online classes for the students will continue until the end of June. Many PARTS teachers have made great efforts to adapt their teaching practice to online teaching, including technique teachers for ballet and contemporary dance.

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Cancellation SummerSchool 2020 due to the corona Crisis

Much to our regret, we have to announce that the eleventh edition of SummerSchool 2020, planned from July 13th to August 14th, will not be able to take place. The risk of infection by the covid-19 virus is still very present, and despite a currently slightly improving health situation, there are no guarantees at all that classes and workshops could take place in safe conditions. Provisions for social distancing will almost certainly still be in place during the summer. This makes the dance classes and workshops that were planned impossible. A very intensive use of our studios by a very large group of dancers, in ever-changing line-ups, is completely forbidden according to today's safety regulations, and remains almost certainly not recommended during the summer months.

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PARTS remotely

While we all confine ourselves at home to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, PARTS offers its students an alternative online program with live streamed classes. For the Training cycle we organise daily online yoga classes with Laia Puig Escandell and Stephane Bourhis, a weekly Pilates class with Gabriel Schenker, and 3 times a week contemporary technique classes with Diane Madden, who adapted her class to small confined spaces and remote exchange. For the workshop on William Forsythe’s Improvisation Technologies, teachers Fabrice Mazliah, Tilman O’Donnell and Liz Waterhouse worked out an assignment especially adapted to living rooms, concluding with a collective improvisation on zoom. Furthermore, we started the music project with Noé Soulier and Tom Pauwels, in collaboration with musicians from the Contemporary Music programme of School of Arts Ghent, and the philosophy seminar with Ludo Abicht.All of these live stream sessions are recorded so that the students can access again at a later date.

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SummerSchool 2020 registrations remain open!

Given the current circumstances, we are unable to guarantee that the SummerSchool can take place. A final decision will be made by June 1st, 2020. However, we have decided to keep registrations open and to add a Covid-19 section to our cancellation policy.1. In case, we cancel due to negative advice from the Belgian government regarding the Covid-19 virus, all participants will receive a 100% refund.2. In case, the participant cancels due to negative advice from their country of origin regarding the Covid-19 virus, the participant will receive a 100% refund.Updates on the SummerSchool will be posted on our website. In the meantime, you can email with additional questions or click here to find out more about our programme.Thank you for understanding and stay well!

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This week is X-week, a week of artistic practice for the 1st year Training students!

During an X-Week, the normal operation modus of the school is suspended.The invited artists can work a whole week with the students, in or outside school. The subject may be composition or improvisation, but also politics or visit museums and exhibitions. We ask the artists to unveil their way of approaching art towards the students. For this week of artistic practice PARTS invited the artists Stina Nyberg & Zoë Poluch, Diederik Peeters and Ula Sickle.

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PARTS-February-2020- Ingrid-Maes

Public talk: Vinciane Despret in conversation with Bojana Cvejic - Wednesday 26/02, 18h30

About birds and other animalsPhilosopher Vinciane Despret enters into conversation with Bojana Cvejic about her work, following a seminar for the students of the Studios programme.After philosophical and psychological studies, Vinciane Despret specialized in ethology, the study of animal behavior, and became fascinated by the humans who work with animals. Borrowing a path from philosophy of sciences, her work combines ethological and psychological research with the goal of understanding and explaining how scientists build their theories, how they interact with historical and social contexts, and what relation is established between them and animals.

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Ecole-des-Sables-and-PARTS- -Abdoul-Mujyambere3

Final presentation at Ecole des Sables !

Throwback to the public presentation "Exchanges" of last Friday, a final sharing of the 5 weeks during exchange project between Ecole des Sables and PARTS.Thank you Ecole des Sables for your hospitality.Thank you Ogutu Muraya (Kenya), Faustin Linyekula (Congo), Panaibra Gabriel Canda (Mozambique), Nadia Beugré (Ivory Coast) and Qudus Onikeku (Nigeria) for sharing your artistic practice so generously.Thank you to Ise An Verstegen (Netherlands), Patrick Acogny (Senegal/France), Mamadou Baldé (Senegal), Ntone Edjabe (Cameroon), Saky Bertrand Tchébé (Ivory Coast) and the musicians for transmitting your technique and insights on African dance.And thank you all participants for your curiosity and hard work!

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PARTS@WORK#3 – Saturday 8/02, 15h (program 1) & 18h (program 2)

You are very welcome to join us for the public presentation of the theatre workshops of the 1st year Training students.Free entrance – no reservation is needed.Doors open at 14h45 (program 1) and 17h45 (program 2), the performances start at 15h and 18h sharp (latecomers are not admitted).Each program consists of 2 pieces, 4 in total. There is a short break between the 2 programs. You are welcome to watch both of the programs !Program 1 at 15h :Group of Carly WijsGroup of Thomas RyckewaertProgram 2 at 18h :Group of Eva SchramGroup of Scarlet Tummers

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Acogny-technique- -Abdoul-Mujyambere1

This week in pictures : Acogny technique by Ise Verstegen at Ecole des Sables !

Ise chose Acogny and Acogny chose her.In her work as a dance artist Ise Verstegen interweaves worlds with an inclusive, transcultural vision and body language. Since 2008 she has been working closely with Germaine Acogny, the mother of modern African dance. Acogny technique is a dance technique and philosophy based on West African and Western dances. Ise's work and transmission start from embodiment, connection, collectivity and the respect, possibilities and natural strength of each body through rhythm and movement. From here she addresses social issues.Ise Verstegen is a teacher at the Amsterdam Academy of Theatre and Dance (AHK), and she works internationally and nationally as an 'Acogny dance-practitioner'.

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Conférence 6/11 à 19h30: Thomas Talawa Presto: The Black Body as an Archive & What you are trained not to see

Cette conférence est centrée sur les pratiques de l'art de la diaspora africaine en tant qu'archive, résistance et transformation. Elle adopte une approche afrogénique, en restructurant les "géographies de la raison" et en abordant les différentes lignes temporelles, genres et pratiques sous l'angle du rythme en tant qu'institution mobile. Il cherche à sortir du domaine de la mystique, de l'obscurité et des tropes pour passer à l'accès, au droit à l'opacité et à l'accessibilité. La conférence cherche à entrer courageusement dans la conversation inconfortable et difficile avec la perspective d'une généreuse rage noire.

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PARTs @ Camping Asia

Du 18 au 29 novembre, le Taipei Performing Arts Center et le Centre national de la Danse (Paris) organisent la première édition de Camping Asia. C'est un événement où plus de 100 étudiants de 12 écoles d'art de toute l'Asie et du reste du monde se réunissent pour travailler et apprendre ensemble.4 de ces écoles viennent de l'extérieur de l'Asie, et PARTS en fait partie. Les 14 étudiants du programme Studios participeront à l'événement, partageant leur pratique de la danse lors d'ateliers de peer-to-peer les matins, montrant leur travail lors du Marathon des Ecoles (23/11), et participant à des ateliers de chorégraphes tels que Trajal Harrell, Angela Goh, Prumsodun Ok, Su Wen-chi, Mathilde Monnier et autres.Visitez le site de Camping Asia pour plus d'informations !

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PARTS 2019-2020

En 2019-2020 PARTS commence avec une nouvelle génération d'étudiants et un nouveau programme !Le 2 septembre, les étudiants de la Génération XIII ont commencé la première année du cycle Training 2019-2022. Ils sont 40, représentant 24 nationalités différentes des cinq continents.Le 23 septembre, le nouveau programme des Studios démarre, avec un programme de 2 ans avec 14 participants de 11 pays différents. Visitez le site de temps en temps ou abonnez-vous à la newsletter pour être informé des activités publiques!

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La presse sur 'Somnia'

La semaine dernière, Somnia a été créée par Anne Teresa et Jolente De Keersmaeker pour les 44 finissants du cycle Training, dans le cadre féerique du parc du château à Gaasbeek. La presse est également venue voir et a vu que c'était bon :De Standaard, Charlotte De Somviele: 'Un tour de force dans le parc du château': "Des tonnes d'énergie doivent coûter pour maîtriser ce décor infini. Mais les 44 joueurs se lancent, et comment. Ils se courent des kilomètres, se laissent tomber sur les pentes et grimpent comme des singes dans les arbres."La Libre Belgique, Guy Duplat : 'Somnia, un rêverie mêlant danse, nature et poésie': " Somnia est une expérience totale, artistique et écologique, qui demande des spectateurs actifs, à la recherche des mille et une petites scènes offertes; c'est un moment qui nous relie à la nature et aux jeux de l'amour chers à Shakespeare ".Le Soir, Jean-Marie Wynants:'Un rêve grandeur Nature' : "Il y aura encore bien d autres moments magiques: le feu sur l'eau, les danseurs évoluant en spirale au milieu des spectateurs, la lente ascension des marches par ces derniers, et cette séquence finale entièrement dansée, où les 44 étudiants de PARTS déboulent entre rêve et réalité comme ces milliers de jeunes gens défilant dans nos rues pour protéger la planète., Pieter T'Jonck:'Dans la forêt magique' : "Le véritable protagoniste de cette pièce est le parc du château : Les sœurs De Keersmaeker ont réussi à révéler le pouvoir imaginatif qui s'y trouve enfermé, en manipulant la "partition" de celui-ci."Plus d'informations sur le spectacle ici.

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Portretcharlotte 4442 Low

Charlotte Vandevyver nouvelle directrice adjointe de PARTS à partir de 2020

Le 1er septembre 2020, Theo Van Rompay (1954), co-fondateur de P.A.R.T.S., quittera ses fonctions de directeur adjoint de l'école. Sa succession est déjà assurée, puisqu'un an plus tôt, en septembre 2019, le nouveau programme " Studios " démarrera, pour lequel un coordinateur a dû être nommé. Charlotte Vandevyver (1982) mettra en œuvre ce nouveau programme "Studios" à partir du 1er mai 2019. Le 1er septembre 2020, elle prendra ses fonctions de directrice adjointe de P.A.R.T.S., pour diriger l'école avec la directrice Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.

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