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Farewell lecture Rudi Laermans - Tuesday 26.4 - 17h

Rudi Laermans is one of the very few people who has been involved as a teacher in PARTS since the very start of the school in 1995. He has taught sociology and theory to 13 generations of students.
He is now retiring, and we want to give this extra attention by organizing a public farewell lecture on Tuesday 26/4 at 17h.

We are more than delighted to welcome you at this farewell lecture.
If you would like to attend, please fill in this form.

The lecture and questions will take approx. 75 minutes, and will be concluded with a drink.
If you’re not able to attend, you can follow the lecture on zoom, via this link.

‘For they not know what they dance?'

In my theory lessons in PARTS, I often related concepts and perspectives to the field of contemporary dance. My writing about dance is also regularly inspired, mostly implicitly, by my theoretical baggage. But how do theory and practice, thinking and dancing actually relate? Does one, as an informed witness, pretend to know better? Does one engage in a kind of enlightenment or does something always escape one when watching and thinking about dance?
In my farewell lecture as a theory teacher at PARTS, I will of course not settle these ‘eternal questions’. But I do want to sharpen them; and I hope to be able to say something meaningful about ‘the dancer and the dance’.

Published 22.04 / Picture by Olympe Tits

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