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Teaching at PARTS: Diane Madden

Last week Diane Madden concluded 3 weeks of teaching contemporary technique to the 2nd year students of the Training Cycle. In her class, Diane Madden is building up material and skills towards a longer Trisha Brown repertoire workshop in Spring 2021, in which students will be creating their own version of Brown’s “Son of Gone Fishin’” 1981.Diane has been giving workshops at PARTS based on Trisha Brown’s repertoire for many years. Since 1980 Diane has been an integral part of Trisha Brown’s work: as a dancer, rehearsal director and Associate Artistic Director.It is a special honour for PARTS that Diane Madden is associated with the school for the entire Training Cycle, from 2019-2022.

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Lecture by Ben Woodard: "Extinction Redistributed" - Tuesday 13/10, 19h

This lecture will be live streamed and can be followed remotely.Contemporary theoretical discourse addressing the anthropocene often invites a series of interrelated comments: that the Eurocentrism of the humanities ignores that indigenous peoples have and/or are already experiencing extinction, that it is human technological hubris that is ultimately to blame, or that is a particular organization of social and political relations which have terraformed the planet. Immediately the question of who is the ‘we’ (as human being or human species or bourgeois or Western) that faces extinction is central.

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