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Day 2
wednesday 3rd july

18:00- PROGRAMME 1

Short works with Ivana Müller
Led by: Ivana Müller

Audrey Mérilus, Jean-Baptiste Portier, Stanley Ollivier

In the 2nd and 3rd years at P.A.R.T.S. some of our students chose to participate in workshops with Ivana Müller. During these weeks, Ivana and the students collaborated to make short format works, develop scores and make sketches of ideas to become. The main focus was the concept of ‘time’- duration, slow motion, memory, waiting. We will be reviving and presenting five of these short works.

Also see Short works with Ivana Müller on Friday 5th and Friday 12th.

PERSONAL WORK (from outside the curriculum)

Performed and choreographed by: Calvin, Leo, Luis

A trio where we think about where we stand with each other and the music.

PERSONAL WORK (from inside the curriculum)

Performed and choreographed by: Rafael Galdino and Hanako Hayakawa

Researching materials from online culture such as meme’s, GIF’s and short-format video on Youtube. Referring to online culture, through counterpointing the expectations its images have. Trying to do the opposite. To take what it is publicised through the circulation of images and trying to return it to the private material of the individual body.
“Specific whatever-ness”


PERSONAL WORK (from outside the curriculum)
Bear Bear
Performed and choreographed by: Eimi Leggett, Mariana Miranda, Wai Lok Chan

Earth rings go round, strangers pass by. Rivers meet and depart before returning to the sea. Something changes, something remains.

20:45- PROGRAMME 2

Bartók- Quatuor No. 4

Choreography: Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker
Rehearsal direction: Fumiyo Ikeada and Johanne Saunier
Music: Béla Bartók, Quatuor n°4
Dancers: Cassandre Cantillon, Cintia Sebók, Rita Alves and Johanne Saunier

In 1986, De Keersmaeker first ventured into the terrain of contemporary classical music with Bartók's 4th string quartet. In a choreography punctuated by both playful and combative accents, De Keersmaeker took on the task of distilling a dance score out of Bartók's complex rhythms and layered harmonies.

Together with Fase, four movements to the music of Steve Reich, Rosas danst Rosas, and Elena’s Aria, this choreography embodies the first developments of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s choreographic idiom. These early pieces are characterised by a pared down movement vocabulary and the honing of dance elements to a pure minimum. They share an explicitly feminine approach, and a playful game of construction and deconstruction.

Johanne Saunier, one of the original dancers of this piece, will be performing again after 33 years with a new generation of Bartók- Quatuor No. 4 dancers.

PERSONAL WORK (from inside the curriculum)

Choreographed by: Luis Miguel Ramirez Muñoz
In collaboration with and performed by: Azusa Namba, Calvin Carrier, Ivan Lucadamo, Jose Fernandez Ruiz, Lee Hyeon Seok, Maureen Bator, Stanley Ollivier

It’s about behaviour, behaviour as a dance and as a material, its about accidents and mistakes and how to make them a Thing; if even they are a Thing that is part of the whole thing, then there's no wrong choice. Having said that, its also at the same time about specificity, the little details, its an attempt to choreograph pedestrian reality, and show it as strange as it seems to me.

Photo: Tine Declerck