Graduation Works STUDIOS
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The STUDIOS Graduation Works 2021 are over.
We thank you all for the very nice turnout and the good vibes.

To the programmers: if you want to get in touch with the artists or receive more information about the different performances, you can contact us via

The STUDIOS Graduation Works 2021 took place between June 8th-20th, 2021.The program consisted of several double bills.

The PROGRAM consists of several DOUBLE BILLS.
Tickets cost €7 per double bill
You always buy a ticket for 2 performances.

You can buy TICKETS HERE

In case of cancellation due to covid-19 measures, tickets are automatically refunded.
The performances start on time at the announced hour. Latecomers will not be admitted.
Tickets will not be exchanged or reimbursed unless a performance is cancelled due to covid-19 measures.

Questions? Contact

There is a bar before and after the performance, 4 people per table, table service, card only.

Main venue: Rosas Performance Space* - Avenue Van Volxemlaan 164, 1190 Brussels
Special location: Wild Gallery* - Gerijstraat 11 Rue du Charroi , 1190 Brussels

* Only on Saturday 12.06 and Sunday 13.06 the afternoon performances are presented in both venues: Rosas Performance Space and Wild Gallery.
The first part of the double bill starts at 3pm in the Rosas Performance Space.
After the first part at RPS, the public has enough time to go to Wild Gallery to watch the second part of the double bill, which is continuously performed between 4pm-6:30pm.
It is a 10 minutes walk between the 2 venues.
Only the work of Mary Szydlowska is performed in Wild gallery, all the other programs are at the Rosas Performance Space.