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Breakfast Rave

Hosted by: Synne Enoksen and Thomas Higginson

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Little bit of breakfast, lots of rave.
(Our) waffles are delicious. Vegan-friendly.


Contact Jam

Organised by: Calvin Carrier and Huang Mei-Ning

The Contact Jam is open to all movers, cheerful and curious to explore dancing and playing with other people. With live music accompaniment and a guided warm-up, we invite you to join a safe environment where we will meet, connect and enjoy a dance together for these 2 hours.

Blackout Session

Organised by: Cassandre Cantillon and Audrey Mérilus

During these sessions we will be experiencing music in darkness, allowing our senses to be heightened in order to dive into a sonic experience. We will be listening to albums of artists in their entirety, from the 1st track to the last one. Prepare yourself for darkness, cosy pillows and a collective musical adventure.

Dear Deer
Performed and choreographed by: Eimi Leggett, Mariana Miranda, Wai Lok Chan

Unreachable distance from the heart even if I stand in front of you- can you hear me? Can you touch me? Protrusion from the heart as self-defence; thistles and thorns as weapons; come closer, get hurt, collapse, until we reach.

Talk! Public
(not really a public talk) #4

Questions Only

For the closing of the festival we would like to think with the audience about possible remarks and questions about the festival.
We bring the performers, the makers, the audience, participants, family, staff and others together to engage in a discussion, though speaking only in questions. The questions can be about what was seen in the festival, personal work, contexts, artistic problems... any kind of concern is welcome, but with QUESTIONS ONLY!

20:45- PROGRAMME 1


http://fortrioclickhere.wisite... and choreographed by: Margarida Marques Ramalhete, Georges Labbat and Julia Rubies Subiros, in collaboration with Ward Ginneberge
Music: “Music for accordion with slow sweep pure wave oscillators” by Alvin Lucier

This project was developed around the following questions: What happens the moment you can predict everything, do we fulfil the audience predictions? What is the real and what is the virtual? How virtual is reality? How full are the dramaturgies of our lives? Can we survive without structures and systems? Is there a way out?

Quatre Pièces Fébriles
Performed and choreographed by: Calvin Carrier, Tessa Hall and Hanako Hayakawa
Musicians: Chris Salvito and Nicoletta Favari
Music: “Quatre Pièces Fébriles” by Georges Aperghis

A trio based on games of mirrors… games of resonance… games where you get lost, not knowing who is who or what is what.
For us, the real gold of games on stage is the potential that they create for composition and communication, so this is where we laid our playing field for research.

Choreography: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
Music: Steve Reich, Drumming
Project directors: Ursula Robb, Taka Shamoto, Marta Coronado, Clinton Stringer
Rehearsal director: Ursula Robb, Taka Shamoto, Clinton Stringer

During a period of six weeks, the students worked in three groups on Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s Drumming (1998). They learned different sections of the choreography and built their own material on the basic phrases and choreographic structures of the original. Ursula Robb, Taka Shamoto and Clinton Stringer, three former Rosas dancers, guided the students during these classes. Each group approached a different aspect of Drumming, but Steve Reich’s rhythmical patterns remain the framework for an explosion of dance pleasure and complex structures.

has been a part of our time as GXII since the very beginning. We first learnt it in our audition, then in the December of our first year, then we revived it at the beginning of our third year to perform at CND in Paris as part of Festival d’Automne. For our graduation we liked the idea of finding a way to perform it all together in one big group of 44 dancers instead of three split groups. Our adaptation of Drumming for the GXII Festival builds on the energy and intensity of this piece and the intricate geometric and rhythmical patterns that it is based on. In a heightened and enlarged way we share Drumming together as one big group for the last (and first) time.