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PARTS@WORKS#6- SUNDAY JUNE 18th, 2023 - 3pm

Personal work of the first year Training students.
With personal work of Leticia Oliveira Ferreira (15'), Laura Murariu (10'), Solène Ezin (10'), Irene Rojo (10'), Nicolas Dang (22'), Ekaterina Varfolomeeva (5') and Adèle Chaput (10')

PARTS@WORKS#5- SUNDAY MAY 21, 2023 - 3pm & 4:30pm
Showing of trios & duets with live music
Performed by the 1st year BA Training students
In collaboration with Manama students of Kask and Master students of the Brussels Conservatory
Music coordination: Tom Pauwels
Music coaching: Mattijs Van Damme

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Showing of Rosas repertoire ‘DRUMMING (fragments)’
During a four-week intensive workshop, the first year bachelor Training students worked in 3 groups on the Rosas repertory ‘Drumming’, guided by Sue-Yeon Youn, Laura-Maria Poletti, Cynthia Loemij and Clinton Stringer.
‘Drumming’ is based on the music of the minimalist composer Steve Reich. The choreography is a complex formal construction using a single basic phrase which is explored in many ways through repetitions, variations and combinations. The students first learn the phrase material, and then they make their own transformations of the phrase, while exploring some of the principles which were used during the creation of the original version in 1998.

Each evening 3 groups will perform their own version of ‘Drumming’. The program is identical for both days.
PICTURES here, here and here.

PARTS@WORK#3 - SUNDAY MARCH 26th, 2023, 3pm.
Showing of personal work

PARTS@WORK#2 - Sunday January 29th 2023, 3pm
Showing of personal work
More details about the program here >>

PARTS@WORK#1 Thursday October 27th, 2022
The very first public showing of Generation XIV: “Passing through” by David Zambrano
During a three-week intensive workshop, the students of the 1st year Training cycle have worked with David Zambrano on 'Passing Through', an improvisation structure exploring the infinite possibilities of moving within a group in a set timespace.
Building onto the technique of Passing Through, a group of dancers is being driven without any directions of a leader, to create its own dynamics. Multiple bodies interact spontaneously with each other, like if they were being guided by a single consciousness.
Passing Through by David Zambrano, is interpreted by the 41 Training students of P.A.R.T.S., accompanied by Michel Debrulle on percussion.

Trios 2023 ©Tine Declerck
Trios 2023 ©Tine Declerck
Drumming ©Tine Declerck
Drumming © Tine Declerck
Trios 2023 ©Tine Declerck
Trios 2023 ©Tine Declerck