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The ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS PROGRAM is designed to give anyone who is interested, and/or who has never danced before, an introduction to contemporary dance.
Let's call it a 'Taste of SummerSchool', taking place from Monday to Friday, between 14:00 - 17:15.

A taste of contemporary dance
This week is created for complete beginners to experience a taste of various contemporary dance practices.
We will begin our sessions with a (physical) warm up, including breathing, mobilization and articulations of the different joints and body parts.
Through some dance material or guided improvisations, we will begin to discover and play with a vast range of components present in western contemporary dance forms, ranging from floorwork, to standing and moving through space.
This daily practice will prepare the body and senses to experiment with choreographic or creative tools.
We will also get to peek into another studio with other dancers at work, to experience a taste of a repertoire learning process and let ourselves be inspired to move from this source.
All of this will be accompanied with rich musical landscapes.
Each participant will be invited to work from their own level and curiosity in the proposed material of the day.
So jump in and let yourself explore and be guided for this fun week of discovery.

WEEK 2 (15/07 – 19/07)

with Lise Vachon

WEEK 5 (05/08 – 9/08)

with Isabelle De Keyser

You can register for a 'Taste of SummerSchool' from 11 April onwards.

You will receive a confirmation email after submitting your registration and making the payment.

If the workshop is complete, you can enlist on the waiting list (by clicking on the button "waiting list"). We will contact you when there are cancellations.

There is no deadline for registration.
As long as there are free places you can keep on registering, but it is recommended to book early to safeguard your spot!