PARTS @ work #2, 23/10 at 17h

The second edition of PARTS @ work this year will take place on Sunday 23/10, with works by Souleymane Sanogo, Wai Lok Chan, Vasco Pedro Mirine and William Ruiz Morales.
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PARTS graduates succesful in the overview 2016 of Tanz Magazine

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker was rewarded the title of 'Choreographer of the year' by Tanz magazine. 14 former PARTS sutdents have also been nominated in diverse categories. More


Opening Ceremony

On the 29th of August we welcomed the 12th generation of Training Cycle students into the school.  46 young dancers from all over the world have converged on PARTS and were received by director Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and the rest of the PARTS and Rosas team; eager to begin their three year tenure. More


Photos Graduation Works 2016

Generation XI ended their 3-year trajectory with the creation of new works by choreographers Fabrice Mazliah, Eszter Salamon, Marc Vanrunxt, Vera Mantero and Daniel Linehan and personal work by the students, which they took on tour. Check some photos from our archive!

photo Bart Grietens


PARTS – Research Studios  2017 and further

In February 2015, PARTS started a two-year pilot phase to test and develop a new model for its second cycle. This happened under the moniker Research Studios. The pilot project of the Research Studios will be finished in December 2016. 

In the future, the program of the advanced cycle will be developed according to two different approaches. Research Studios will be divided into a Studios program and a Research program. Both options will be independent of one another, they have a different target group, a different duration and obviously also a different curriculum.

- only accessible for choreographers who have followed the complete Training cycle in PARTS;
- a program of two years, which will be organised for the first time from February 2017 until December 2018 (civil calendar);
- maximum 4-6 participants;
- development of a personal artistic signature, in a permanent critical dialogue with the fellow students;
- self realisation; the curriculum is developed in dialogue with the program coordinator, according to the needs of the group;
- individual theory program;
- the focus is on artistic output, through collective creations and individual work;

- open for dancers and choreographers who (recently or a longer time ago) have followed the Training cycle at PARTS, and for anyone who holds a bachelor in dance or a master diploma of a professional or academic artistic curriculum;
- a program of one year, organised for the first time from September 2017 until June 2018 (regular school calendar);
- maximum 8-12 participants;
- a research trajectory that starts from a specific and concretely defined theme;
- the participants formulate their individual research field;
- strong focus on theoretical and academic work, through lectures, master classes and seminars
- workshops and research work in the studio (collective and individual), the concrete goals of which are developed in dialogue with the pedagogical team;

In November 2016, detailed information about this new program (content, profile of the participants, auditions) will be published.


Work/Travail/Arbeid in London

The coming weekend (July 8-10), Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker presents the performative exhibition Work/Travail/Arbeid at the Turbine Hall of Tate Modern in London. From the 20 dancers in the cast of this project, no less than 12 are former PARTS students, some of whom graduated just two weeks ago. On top of this, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker has invited all the students from Generation XI to participate in the event, by holding a special workshop for them (which can be observed by the public), working on the principles of the choreography. A grand finale for their three-year training trajectory in PARTS…

From the press release of Tate Modern: “Work/Travail/Arbeid aims to reveal the choreographic backbone of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker's oeuvre. In parallel with the exhibition, the choreographer will be holding workshops for students from the Brussels-based P.A.R.T.S dance academy, founded by De Keersmaeker in 1995. Located on the terrace outside the entrance to the Switch House, the workshop sessions will elaborate on the artistic principles developed by De Keersmaeker in Work/Travail/Arbeid. These workshops will provide P.A.R.T.S students with the opportunity to share the same artistic dynamic as the dancers in the Turbine Hall while also developing their own choreographic language based on the material presented in the exhibition.”

More information on the event:


Generation XI 2013-2016

On Sunday June 19, Generation XI officially graduated with a bang! More than 150 people attended the Graduation Ceremony, of whom were many parents who have traveled from very far (the USA, Japan, Russia, Uzbekistan...) and less far to see their son or daughter graduate. Guy Gypens, director of the Brussels Kaaitheater, held a farewell-speech, as did deputy director Theo Van Rompay and director Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. The students wrote beautiful, touching and funny letters of goodbye to one another, and the ceremony was concluded with a walking diner and a party without end...


New book publication! PARTS 20 years - 50 portraits

In celebration of the twentieth anniversary of P.A.R.T.S., the book “20 years – 50 portraits” was created. In this book the school looks back, portraying fifty former students, who each narrate their unique story about what dance means to them and the role of P.A.R.T.S. in their life. The portraits are preceded by an interview with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. One hundred images of the school conclude the book, together with an overview of all the students, teachers and collaborators, who have over the past twenty years contributed to the making of P.A.R.T.S.
For a full overview of the contents of the book, look here

The book is available for €34,50, shipping costs excluded. A copy can be ordered via

You can download the interview with Salva Sanchis from the book here, to have a peek on the look and feel of the book!


Départs 2009-2014 selected as Success Story by the European Commission

In 2009, PARTS initiated the 5-year European project 'Departs, Practices for an integrated development of European contemporary dance’, in collaboration with 10 partners from 9 countries, which ran until 2014. PARTS is proud that the European Commission has recently named it a ‘Success Story’, as a project that distinguished itself by its impact, contribution to policy-making, innovative results and creative approach’. Read on…


PARTS mailing list

If you want to receive information concerning performances, auditions or workshops organised by PARTS, leave your data at the contact page.


Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

PARTS was founded in 1994 by choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Bernard Foccroulle, director of the national opera De Munt/ La Monnaie.
Under its new director Peter De Caluwe, De Munt/ La Monnaie has continued its structural partnership with PARTS. See for more information on its activities.

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker has been the director of PARTS since 1994. Her artistic vision and work, developed since 1982, are a permanent
source of inspiration for the pedagogical program of PARTS. For more background on the program, go to the presentation of the school. For more information on Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker's choreographic work and the Rosas company, go to





PARTS was founded by Rosas and De Munt/La Monnaie. The school is funded by the Ministry of Education of the Flemish Community and receives additional support from the network [DNA] Departures and Arrivals. [DNA] is funded by the European Commission (Creative Europe Program). PARTS and HES-SO/Manufacture (Lausanne, CH) are 2013-2017 partner institutions for higher education in contemporary dance.



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Work/Travail/Arbeid in Tate Modern - photo Anne Van Aerschot

Work/Travail/Arbeid - Tate Modern London

photo Bart Grietens

Hugo De Greef, president of PARTS, addressing the new students

photo Bart Grietens

Some of our beautiful new students!

PARTS20 celebrations at Beursschouwburg

PARTS - Generation 6 - photo: Tine Declerck.PARTS - Generation 1 - photo: Tine Declerck
PARTS - Generation 9 - Renan Martins de Oliveira - photo: Tine Declerck.PARTS - Generation 1 - photo: Tine Declerck




P.A.R.T.S. 20



opening ceremony: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Theo Van Rompay