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Kathleen Fisher US

Kathleen brings her experience as a performer, improviser, artistic collaborator, ocean guide, and manual therapist, to her teaching. With Trisha Brown from 1992-2002, she was an original cast member in six choreographies and one opera, and danced extensive solo and ensemble repertory. She collaborated in creating and performing Bessie award winning Landing/Place with Bebe Miller Company, and in works with Jane Comfort and Company, as well as forays into theater and film. Re-staging and re-imagining projects for TBDC include CNSMD de Paris, CNSMD de Lyon, CND Angers, PARTS, En-Knap Group, Ballet de Lorraine, and the Lyon Opera Ballet, among others. Since meeting wild dolphins in their natural ocean habitat in 2003, Kathleen has explored and developed underwater movement relationships with wild dolphins and other sea creatures. She is dedicated to long-term respectful interspecific communication and interaction, founded in mutual choice. Kathleen is currently based in Bimini, Bahamas, while internationally she continues her professional dance activities.