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Gabriel Schenker US

Gabriel Schenker was born in Washington D.C., USA, grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and has lived in Brussels since 2004. He met dance at the age of 14, through Israeli folk dance. He decided at sixteen to make it his profession and after a year enjoying various types of classes, he joined the Deborah Colker company in Rio, as an apprentice and then a regular dancer for three years.

He then flew to Europe to broaden his artistic horizons, and decided to study at PARTS Brussels where the varied program, including philosophy, shiatsu and creative workshops seduced him. After four years at PARTS, he co-founded the Busy Rocks collective, with which he created, performed and toured extensively until 2014. As a performer, Gabriel has also worked with choreographers Eleanor Bauer, Robin Jonsson, Doris Stelzer, Louise Vanneste, and Alexandra Bachzetsis, and in particular on a regular basis with Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker/Rosas, and Thomas Hauert/ZOO. He completed Master's studies in Philosophy at the European Graduate School and in Anthropology at the KU Leuven.

He is a certified Pilates instructor and has taught Pilates at Rosas, Zoo, P.A.R.T.S., and Manufacture in Lausanne. He also gives dance classes in different schools and dance centers. First as an assistant and then as an academic head, he has accompanied Thomas Hauert in the development and coordination of the Bachelor in Contemporary Dance at the Manufacture/Lausanne since its inception in 2014.