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Thomas Vantuycom BE

Thomas Vantuycom is a Belgian dancer. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in business engineering at the university of Leuven, he changed course to pursue a career in dance. He was admitted to P.A.R.T.S., where he graduated in 2014. He immediately went to work with Carly Wijs at BRONKS on the successful theatre piece Wij/Zij. Later that season, he joined Rosas for the danced exhibition Work/Travail/Arbeid in museum WIELS. Thomas also worked with Salva Sanchis for Radical Light and Francesco Scavetta for Hardly Ever, before joining Rosas as a full-time member for the re-staging of Rain in 2016. He mostly danced the company’s repertoire, with an acclaimed performance in the re-creation of A Love Supreme. In 2018, he took part in The Six Brandenburg Concertos, Rosas’ most recent group creation. For the season 2020-2021, Thomas is working on his first choreography together with Elisabeth Borgermans.