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Akram Assam IQ

Akram Assam is an Iraqi theater director and performer who lives in Amsterdam. He has worked as a director and performer in the field of theater and he was a member of Iraq's National Theater before moving to Amsterdam to study for his master's degree at Das Theater.

His work is about the effects of war and violence on humans, as well as the consequences for society.‘ My themes are war, violence, and migration: themes that may be big and difficult for those who were born and raised in the safe Netherlands. But for me as an experienced expert, it is very different. They were part of my daily life. I want to start a conversation about this in the Netherlands and let them experience what this means for people who experience this day in and day out. I have been living in Amsterdam for two years now and I am located between the red and green zones. The war is still in me, but I now also know what security feels like. This strange combination is my inspiration.’