Trisha Brown Repertoire

Solo Olos (1976)

Solo Olos uses three movement phrases. “Main” and “Branch” are shared phrases. “Spill” was made by each dancer translating Brown's original text of shared movement instructions, reflecting her interest in discrepancies between a vocabulary of words, and a vocabulary articulated kinesthetically by individual bodies.
All three phrases are known both forwards and in reverse and are interconnected at specific movement “gates”.
In the first section dancers make impromptu spatial compositions to the instructions “line up”.
Then one of the dancers steps out and becomes the “caller” for the remaining quartet. The “caller” works the structure of the form, making in-the-moment composing decisions by telling the dancers to change direction or phrase material.

When we hear the calls "Branch", “Spill” and "Reverse" and see dancers slipping into their variations, we become alert to cognitive demands placed on both the performers and the caller, responsible for extemporaneously diagramming a changing set of solos, duets, trios and quartets. This in the moment orchestration of spacing, timing, unison to dis-unison and back, exemplifies an approach to composing that became part of Brown's choreographic toolbox going forward.

No two Solo Olos are alike.
Best said by Trisha:
”It’s just the whole choreographic device gambit put on display”


Created by: Trisha Brown

Taught by: Diane Madden, Jamie Scott

Cast: Antoine Dupuy Larbre, Ariadna Navarrete Valverde, Jair Jetzehu Montes Rangel, Lobke Leemans, Solal Mariotte

Rogues (2011) Trisha Brown

Rogues is a formal exploration of the interface between unison and dis-unison or “aberration”. Brown’s interest in movement aberrations began in 1990 with Foray Forêt from her “Back to Zero” cycle of dances.
The dancers in this duet take turns finishing the movement thought of their partner. This slipping in and out of unison is a straightforward revelation of what it is to dance with someone. It puts the focus on the delicacy of connection between the dancers, building into lush and powerful dancing.


Created by: Trisha Brown

Taught by: Diane Madden and Jamie Scott

Cast: Ariadna Navarrete Valverde and Lobke Leemans

Music: Alvin Curran

Diane Madden is a dancer, performer, choreographer, director and teacher. From each of these roles, she has contributed to the creation and performance of Trisha Brown’s work since 1980. Since 2019 she occupies a teaching and mentoring position at P.A.R.T.S., as well as assisting Rosas’ Artistic Director Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker.
Madden has developed an approach to teaching dance that combines anatomically grounded technique with improvisation, composition and performance skills.
A note from Diane: It is only through the work and talents of this group of beautiful dance artists that Trisha’s work can be embodied and made relevant. My role supporting this process has brought me much joy.

Trisha Brown Repertoire "Solo Olos" & "Rogues" is part of Sunday 26th June program B

Sunday 26th June / Program B / 20:15 / ⧖ 2h (including one interval)
Venue: P.A.R.T.S. - Avenue Van Volxemlaan 164, 1190 Brussels
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Solo Olos structure drawing 1 Diane Madden
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