This solo is about you. It is about me. It is about me and you. It is about us.
When we meet we see each other and when we see each other, we meet.
I look into your eyes and you look into mine, quietly and honestly.
Once we get to know someone, the eyes can tell you everything. They start to speak more than anything else. Through them we can see but also we can feel and through them we know. Emotions are being expressed and the truth is written. We then have the choice to shut them, to change them or to open them and let them be.
By meeting each other through our eyes we start a conversation, we are communicating and we are connecting, let this be the start of something, or simply an encounter.

Deep waters. Still waters.
Furious waters. Wide waters.
Long waters, mysterious waters.
Inexplicable, uncontrollable,
unbegreifbar, enigmatic.
But fantastic.
Honest and pure. Patient and loving.
And we swim.
We swim through and we breathe
and we breathe and we be.

You, and me.


Music: Anna von Hausswolff, “All thoughts fly”, Theater of nature; Outside the gate (For Bruna)
Marie Goudot
With special thanks to Adem Ouhaibia and Marie Goudot
for everyone.

Marita Schwanke is an artist based in Belgium and Germany.
She was born in Hamburg, Germany and is half polish. In childhood she discovered her passion for dance and movement. Since a few years, she has also been engaged in making works. The medium of dance, writing and acting are her medium of expression, research and performance.
As a choreographer and performer it is important to her to connect with the audience, to enter into a conversation of artistic expression that hopefully leaves an imprint and awakens a curiosity.

“THE OUTER SPACE” is part of Saturday 25th June Program A

Saturday 25th June / Program A / 16:00 / ⧖1h and 15 minutes (including one interval)
Venue: P.A.R.T.S. - Avenue Van Volxemlaan 164, 1190 Brussels
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