Roman Van Houtven (BE) - Generation 10

Thinking of Janet, there’re so many memories… When teaching ballet myself I tell my students to push into the floor when going on rélevé. When practicing arabesque towards the barre, I tell them to lean towards each other and give each other a kiss on the cheek. I try my students to really get the musicality and rhythm of every exercise… Just like Janet taught me.

I recall our Halloween Ballet class. Everyone dressed up.

I remember our open class where two students were missing. Janet asked one of the other students to borrow their phone and called the missing ones, telling them to get their lazy asses over there. All in front of the present jury. We all laughed.

Our lovely afternoon in her NY apartment. We were spending two months in New York, taking classes and working with local artists. After a few weeks of running all over the city, it felt like coming home when she invited us to her place. We just sat there, talking about random stuff. Drinking coffee and tea, playing with Lulu. It was one of the few moments during our trip where we actually got to relax and sit still for a second.

I remember us sitting in the sun in Vienna, during one of our breaks between classes at Impulstanz. We were complaining about the schedule and the insane temperatures. And telling each other how awesome it was to be in a place like that, with so many likeminded people.

You shaped us all, dearest Janet. Eternal gratitude and love.