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PARTS@WORK #3: Sunday 27/1 18h

In Parts@work #3 we invite you to watch "8 femmes" - a result of a creation process led by our student Jonas Gineika. The process that took seven weeks before the winter break had three main focuses:

- Building trust between participants and then sharing their deepest life experiences.
- Turning the usual PARTS studio environment upside down, transforming the space into theatre-like setting and playing with props.
- Working on storytelling, narrative and dramaturgy.

After asking themselves questions such as ‘what if I was someone else?’, ‘what if there was no love?’ or ‘what if I would die tomorrow?’, after sharing their childhood memories or the most crucial events of their lives and then after establishing the space or one might even say ‘the world’ in which they would like their future piece to exist, Margarida, Cheyenne, Judith, Mei-ning and Jonas bent, stretched and cut the material that derived from it all to make one somewhat surreal story to tell.

Performance: Sunday 27/1 at 18h. Free entrance, no reservations!

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