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Mary Szydlowska / LEAKS

©Mary Szydlowska
©Mary Szydlowska


This body sleeps and wakes up to fall back again
This body stands up to perceive its own volume
This body gleans and grabs with its hand, its palm
This body this hand this direction this residue

LEAKS is a performance and installation developed by Mary Szydlowska throughout her two year long research on practices of cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning, as a practice of potentialities and subversion, loosening up the world’s hierarchies on a very molecular level, became hijacked by the regimes of sanitisation. What do the cleaning bodies do? What are the gestures of labour and the gestures of care in the actual world always on the brink of oblivion? The landscape of (dis)orders grows. The gestures land in pollution and dirt. LEAKS is part of a diptych, together with the solo SOAK (2020).

Performance and installation: Mary Szydlowska
Mentor: Myriam van Imschoot
Residency support: HISK Studio (Brussels), Wild Gallery
Special thanks to: Maria Kley, Stephane Rutten and Natasha Soobramanien

Mary Szydlowska
's (1993) work feeds on the notions of the peripheral, withdrawn and invisible, followed within architectural spaces, institutional environments and marginalised fields of labour. She works with objects, fabrics and hand gestures as means for creating attention limbos. Her work expands towards sculpture and installations, in which she performs. In 2020 she made a solo piece SOAK in conversation with Volmir Cordeiro, as a first part of her diptych on cleaning and maintenance practices, followed by pollution and dirt in another solo work - LEAKS.
A great part of Mary’s work sets itself in the context of contemporary art exhibitions and museum spaces. She created performances and performative guided tours at MoMA in Warsaw (2018-19), Centrale.Lab for Contemporary Art in Brussels (2019) and researched in KANAL.Centre Pompidou (2020/2021). Her WORKS on WORKS series is based on a long-term developed practice of a lickerish way of art and other artists' consumption, presented as a layered performative medium. Mary is also a filmmaker, focused on documenting performance and dance. She holds a MA degree in cultural studies (Jagiellonian University in Cracow, 2012-2018).

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Saturday June 12, 2021, continuously between 16h-18h30 / ⧖ 2h incl. break
Sunday June 13, 2021, continuously between 16h-18h30 / ⧖ 2h incl. break

LEAKS is part of a double bill, you always buy a ticket for 2 performances
Location first part of the program (15h): Rosas Performance Space - Avenue Van Volxemlaan 164, 1190 Brussels
Location second part of the program (continuously between 16h-18h30): Wild Gallery - Gerijstraat 11 Rue du Charroi , 1190 Brussels
It is a 10 minutes walk between the 2 venues
For tickets (7€) click here
Practical info here

All pictures by Anne Van Aerschot

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Mary-Szydlowska-LEAKS- Anne-Van-Aerschot
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