Marta Coronado (ES) - Generation 2

Janet was a wonderful person with so much generosity. I could see that from the first class I took with her in Parts back in 1997. Her humor, genuine fire, anatomical intelligence inspired us all. All the women in the class wanted to be like her; Strong, playful, committed, secure of herself.
Once I joined Rosas company she was always positive to the work we did, even though sometimes she knew about our complains of working so hard during the touring periods… Janet was always helpful and sharing with us her experiences when she was young performing as a ballet dancer.
Thanks to the Company I met Janet in New York, Paris and Vienna where I could see that Brussels and Parts were not the only places benefiting from her kindness, that her dance community, students, movers, where everywhere and that everyone felt the same way as I did; she made us all feel unique.
She taught us how to dance and at the same time she taught us life.
All her students took different life paths.
My path allowed me to meet her each summer at ImpulsTanz where we were both teaching. She was so happy when I told her about my decision to move to Spain to create La Faktoria…!
It was always very emotional for me to see her these last years since I witnessed her capacity to fight her health problems back then. Her beautiful short white hair after she recovered was a clear prove that the battles can be won.
I thank the impact Janet made in my life.
She was a unique human being