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Lecture by Ben Woodard: "Extinction Redistributed"

Last October, philosopher Ben Woodard gave a seminar to the students of STUDIOS.
We also invited him for a public lecture. In this lecture, he talks about the concept of the Anthropocene and the questions that this raises.

What are the critical differences between various experiences of the end of the world or worlds (genocide, apocalypse, extinction)? How does the term Anthropocene, coined by Western humanities, account for the fact that indigenous people are already experiencing extinction? Is the Anthropocene a problem caused by technology or an effect of social and political relations? What does it mean when one says that ‘we’ are facing extinction? How to deal with the different experiences of the timing of extinction (for some it is already occurring, for others it’s a future possibility)? How does it relate to the continuity between the human and the non-human?

Watch the lecture here.

Tine Declerck