Alban Ovanessian (FR) - Generation 12

How to choose a memory when we've had thousands with Janet ?

We had that luck. The luck to meet her, to study alongside her, to learn from her, to have that special bound.

During my time at P.A.R.T.S, I always used to look forward to her ballet class hoping she would never leave me because ballet wasn’t my thing but she was.

In every meaningful artistic conversation, I couldn't help but refer to Janet as the best ballet dance teacher I've ever had. I loved everything about her. She spoke my language, or maybe I spoke hers.

It's not a specific day that I remember, but every morning when she shared her laughter with us. I'm fortunate to have had coffee with her, to have listened to her talk about the world, her world, her stories in New York and her friends.

After PARTS, she gave me a Diptyque candle and told me to light it on my dates; it would help me find the right one. I lit her candle the very last time three years ago on the first date with a man I recently got engaged with. You see, it was again an other great advice from her that worked for me.

We were supposed to see each other in Vienna this summer, to grab our glass of wine under the sun. We'll do it another time, Janet.

I missed you these past years. I will miss you in the next ones.

Your dearest,