The only vowel in invisible is _

This solo is an iteration of my ongoing research into how to use words to make space for the body, and how to use the body to give sense to words.


Created and performed by: Cecily Lewelling.

Text: parts VII and VIII of Feel Fragments, by Hannah Ensor and Laura Wetherington

Translations of text:
Rania Barhoumi (Arabic), Helen D’Haenens (Flemish), Antoine Dupuy-Larbre (French), Ariadna Navarrete (Spanish)

oaching at various moments by: Kristof van Baarle, Manon Santkin

Assistance and moral support:
Luyd Carvalho, James Lewelling, Lisa Isaacson

Light and sound by: the sun and the PARTS ventilation system.

Language of the piece:
English is spoken, written translation of main elements will be provided in Arabic, Dutch, French, and Spanish.

audience will be seated, option to sit on a chair or on the floor or to stand if that’s better. No extremely loud noises or bright flashing lights will be involved.

Cecily is a young person trying to find the backdoor into adulthood. They’re white, anglophone, and were raised on the Arabian Peninsula. He’s preoccupied with words, and the body, and with other people, and with themself. When it’s hot in Abu Dhabi, all the city cats lay stretched out along the crack at the bottom of the apartment building doors to steal the air conditioning.

“The only vowel in invisible is _” is part of Saturday 2nd July Program C

Saturday 2nd July / Program C / 21:00 / ⧖ 2h (including one interval) (This performance is sold out but tickets are still available for Drumming 22:00)
Friday 8th July / 19:00 / ⧖ 3h (including two intervals)
Venue: P.A.R.T.S. - Avenue Van Volxemlaan 164, 1190 Brussels
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