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The INTERMEDIATE PROGRAM 2 (green) is designed for dancers who dance daily or more than 7 hours/week.

Click on the week link to find out more about the classes and teachers of the INTERMEDIATE PROGRAM 2.

WEEK 1 (10/07 - 14/07) >>
Laura Bachman, Michael Helland, Rakesh Sukesh

WEEK 2 (17/07 – 21/07) >>
Youness Khoukhou, Stéphane Bourhis, Samantha Van Wissen

WEEK 3 (24/07 – 28/07) >>

Susanne Bentley, Stéphane Bourhis, Emmi Väisänen

WEEK 4 (31/07 – 04/08) >>
Libby Farr, Gilles Pollet, Laura Aris Alvarez

WEEK 5 (07/08 – 11/08) >>
Anneleen Keppens, Michael Helland, Clinton Stringer


You will receive a confirmation email after submitting your registration and making the payment.
If a package is complete, you can enlist on the waiting list (by clicking on the button "waiting list"). We will contact you when there are cancellations.

Please note that it is possible we change your level after verifying your dance experience. In this case, you will be contacted by one of our team members. If you were to disagree with the new level, and only in this case, we will fully refund your package purchase not including the registration fee.
If it seems after the first day that the level of the class/workshop is not adequate for you, the teacher can - in consultation with the coordinator - change you to another level.

There is no deadline for registration. As long as there are free places you can keep on registering, but it is recommended to book early to safeguard your spot!