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Laura Hicks CA

Laura Hicks (1979) is a Canadian dance artist living in Frankfurt am Main, working in performance, choreography, and education.

Her choreographic practice is an exploration of kinaesthetic states, affects and intensities that are explored through improvisation.

She is inspired by connections and inconsistencies, liveliness and complexity of meaning and humour. She creates work independently and also as part of the collaborative duos Hicks&Bühler, and Hicks and Reynolds.

As a teacher her work is infused by a study of anatomical principals, biomechanics and Somatics and long study and practice of improvisation and contact improvisation.

She was recently a temporary professor of Scenic Body work at the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts where she continues to teach as a guest lecturer in the Dance Department for Applied Anatomy for Dancers, and Contact Improvisation. She holds a masters in Contemporary Dance Education (MACoDE) and a Bachelor’s in International Development Studies and Comparative Politics.