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Anneleen Keppens BE

Anneleen Keppens graduated from the Royal Ballet School of Antwerp in 2005 and continued her studies at P.A.R.T.S. from 2006 till 2010. Since then Anneleen mainly works as a dancer for Daniel Linehan (US). She danced in his productions "Gaze is a Gap is a Ghost", "The Sun Came", "The Karaoke Dialogues" and "DBDDBB". In December 2013 she performed a duet with Linehan in the Tate Live Performance Room in Tate Modern, London. She also assisted Linehan several times in the social-artistic project Vita Activa. In 2014 she danced for Xavier le Roy (FR) in Rétrospective par Xavier le Roy in Centre Pompidou, Paris. Between 2014 and 2016 she dances in "Drumming", a repertory piece from Rosas (BE). Anneleen has taught technique classes and improvisation/composition classes in places like Artesis Hogeschool Antwerp and Kunsthumaniora Brussel. In 2016 she initiated her own research project and started studying Body Mind Centering in SOMA (FR) and EMA (UK).