Contemporary technique class with Laura Aris Álvarez

Power Source Class - Revisiting and Moving Forward
This is a contemporary dance class that overviews some fundamental aspects of contemporary dance techniques such as weight transfer, use of space, breathing, speed, qualities and textures. Furthermore, we will look at the intentions behind the movement.
Different exercises, guided improvisations, and specific tasks will help participants access their intuition and instinctive movement. I offer tools to enhance fluidity and freedom in one's own dance to recycle and save energy. I often use metaphors and images to create new kinaesthetic experiences and improve awareness in a constant search for mental, physical and emotional balance.
Biography Laura Aris

Yoga class with Michael Helland
As a practice for personal freedom and transformation, yoga makes for an excellent companion to the path walked by the dancer and lovers of dance. In this Yin & Yang class we will establish a deeper connection to the earth, developing greater stability and a sense of groundedness. We will nourish our centers of desire and discover more clearly what makes us move. We will build determination and a sense of purpose through our movements and stillnesses. We will hold and be held by loving presence in the spirit of collective care. We will become more articulate and nuanced as we share some good vibrations. We will establish greater clarity and insights into the dance of life as we connect with our bodies, minds, and beyond… Each class begins with an opening attunement to connect more deeply with the sensations of the breath as we begin to flow through traditional and innovative hatha postures and vinyasa sequences to awaken our strength, flexibility and coordination. In addition to warming up the body, we take a mindful approach to our movements and stillnesses to invite conditions for self-observation and care. Each class finishes with a period of rest to integrate the experience and feel ready to rise and shine into the day ahead.
Michael Helland

Creative workshop with Femke Gyselinck

The workshop is an invitation to share the movement research I have been exercising by experimenting with the balance between illustration and abstraction, detailed movement and careless movement and to reinvent a form of moving in a lyrical way. The way we will exercise this is by relating movements closely to text and music in combination with a focus on a generous performativity. The workshop will be divided between a first part where we practice moving and a second part where we will work on a short choreography.
Biography Femke Gyselinck