Pilates with Chloe Chignell

'Deep Forms' is a movement and body training class. Starting with techniques and exercises from pilates, we blend dance and somatic practice. The class focuses on gaining greater articulation of the body through building specificity and clarity. We will build strength and find release as we work through particular muscle groups and joints with targeted exercises. We will work towards increasing our range of movement by physically understanding the shape of our joints. We focus on the initiation of movement through deeper muscle engagement.
Biography Chloe Chignell

Contemporary technique class with David Hernandez

Dynamic Movement Systems

Is a technique class with an emphasis on weight, falling, redirecting energy, accentuating sensations of unfamiliar co-ordinations and torsions. Rhythm and accents awaken the neuromuscular abilities of the body towards virtuosity, precision and articulation that challenge the dancer’s habitual movement patterns. The exercises are informed by several existing techniques encourage an emphasis on universal laws of motion and reveal motion itself rather than shape and gestures.

The gradual training from floor to standing to travelling and jumping constitute a thorough work out that by the end of the class leave a taste of ‘everything is possible’ in a vibrant body. More importantly, the class is building a practice in motion with useful technical tips for long and healthy dancing, encouraging the dancer to get to know their body and expand its fitness level as well as its creative capacity.
Biography David Hernandez

Improvisation workshop with Susanne Bentley

Movement and voice improvisation for performance
What makes you unique as a performer? How can you expand your palette of skills? What do you appreciate watching in a performance? What do you most enjoy giving to an audience?

The essence of Performing the Present is to help people find their own unique performance presence using movement and voice. Inspired by Al Wunder’s Theater of the Ordinary, the work of Andrew Morrish and Ruth Zaporah’s Action Theater, this class promotes an experiential way of learning. Participants discover what they like doing, what they like seeing and take responsibility for developing their own style of theatrical self-presentation.

We start warming up the body and voice using a variety of images and exercises focused towards certain themes for each day or class. We discover how to generate material instantaneously, reflect on the dramaturgy of the piece that is developing and take the audience into account while creating. The practice, in small or large groups, moves into performances for others where we learn by doing and watching. The experience of creating with a public present is an essential part of the process. Feedback sessions help the performer and public evaluate their preferences, strengths and foci, to further improve the experience from both angles.

Each individual has their own unique presence onstage, so whether you are a practicing professional or an enthusiastic amateur looking for a fun way to express and develop yourself, this course is for you.
Biography Susanne Bentley