Pilates with Chloe Chignell

'Deep Forms' is a movement and body training class. Starting with techniques and exercises from pilates, we blend dance and somatic practice. The class focuses on gaining greater articulation of the body through building specificity and clarity. We will build strength and find release as we work through particular muscle groups and joints with targeted exercises. We will work towards increasing our range of movement by physically understanding the shape of our joints. We focus on the initiation of movement through deeper muscle engagement.
Biography Chloe Chignell

Ballet technique class for contemporary dancers with Roman Van Houtven
This ballet class is designed for dancers who have gained some experience in ballet in the past and have a basic understanding of its movement vocabulary, technique and musicality. Throughout the week we will revisit the basic principles of ballet technique and explore how those can be applied to the virtuosic contemporary dancer’s body. We will work on basic anatomy, release, isolation of joints, musicality and efficiently moving our bodies through space. Through all of this, we’ll try to establish how all these elements can strengthen a dancer’s awareness to themselves and how to move through space in a three-dimensional way, while interacting with others.
Biography Roman Van Houtven

Repertory: Fase with Yuika Hashimoto
Fase, Four Movements to the Music of Steve Reich, choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s very first performance, premiered in 1982. Fase comprises three duets and one solo, In this WS we will focus on first duet "piano phase" and solo "violin phase". choreographed to four repetitive compositions by the American minimalist Steve Reich. De Keersmaeker uses the structure of Reich’s music to develop an independent movement idiom that doesn’t merely illustrate the music but also adds a new dimension to it.
Biography Yuika Hashimoto