Yoga class with Stéphane Bourhis

The teaching of Yoga following the BKS Iyengar methodology is based in depth practice of yoga postures and pranayama (art of breathing), with rigorously, intensity and precision of the body alignments.
During the class we gradually explore the outer and the inner geometry of the body in different groups of postures and movements.
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Contemporary technique with Alesandra Seutin
These workshops offers intermediate, advanced and professional dancers the opportunity to experiment with Acogny technique, a technique based on the heritage dances of the African continent developed by Germaine Acogny, a Franco-Senegalese choreographer and historical figure considered to be the "mother of contemporary West African dance". Embodying grounded and inside out movement qualities to connect with one self, the others and the universe. Exploring the spine, its movement, fluidity and versatility to amplify transformation of Movements.
Dancing with truth.
Tuning into the voice to generate a flow and expansive quality of movement with a focus on dynamism and performance.
How does one find a natural groove, respond to the pulse of the heart, beat of a sound and live in the movement with poise, power and vitality.
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Improvisation workshop with David Hernandez

Practicing Improvising
Diving into a daily practice centered around improvisation and the concerns connected to improvising. Exploring methods, honing skills, - connecting to the senses and how they nourish us in improvisation. Considering readability and collaboration- performing practice, practicing performing, scoring, and free wheeling. It is a daily rigorous but fun work in order to gain experience and develop the skills of being an improviser. An example of a working day could be starting with an guided open warm up session followed by some more targeted investigations of themes and tools ending with improv sessions where we can implement some of the skills and tools we explored as well as engage in feedback and dialogue based on what we have seen and experienced.
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