Yoga class with Laia Puig Escandell

Unfold & unlock your personal potential
During this time we will be introduced to Yoga as a holistic practice. The five points of the holistic system are: proper exercise (Asana), proper breathing (Pranayama), proper relaxation (Savasana), proper diet (vegetarian), positive thinking and meditation (Vedanta and Dhyana), although we will mainly work on the first 2-3 points.

This Yoga classes will be the moment to unfold and unblock, first physiologically
and then into deeper levels of awareness, identifying our unnecessary/not useful patterns and habits, and letting go of them.
Balancing, strengthening and stretching the body, increasing concentration and learning to closely listen, read and explore our bodies for better understanding and efficiency.
This way each of us individually can connect with our own potential, tune into a deeper intelligence, expand ourselves as artists and as humans and share it with the community and the world. I hope you all enjoy the process of unfolding yourselves.
Biography Laia Puig Escandell

Contemporary technique class with Susanne Bentley
Remixed Release - Strength, alignment, fluidity and economy…and fun!These contemporary classes are release technique and floor work based, and include contact and other forms of improvisation. Aspects of yoga, Alexander technique, pilates and Skinner Releasing are also often part of the class.I focus on the body’s alignment and working economically in movement through emphasis on direction, sequencing, impulse and fluidity. Part of working economically is use of the centre and internal musculature, so reinforcing and learning to access that power is a major objective also. Strengthening the upper body for contact and floor work is integrated gradually into the class.The classes usually start by warming up at ground level: strengthening centre and upper body for taking weight by travelling across the floor with set material or improvisations. With a strong centre we can move fluidly and economically on all levels.We then move into verticality: alignment (incl. Alexander technique exercises), thoroughly working feet, legs, arms and spine, learning release technique through specific set material. Often contact improvisation or other improvisational material is introduced at this point: working on specific techniques or images (incl. Skinner Releasing) with which to improvise together.Lastly we transition into movement which travels farther through space: changing directions and levels, using impulse, sequencing and flow, learning set material which builds up to a final phrase that will end the class. Attention is always given to stretching afterwards to prevent injury.I teach dancers to work with partners, give feedback and take charge of their own education. The most important for me, however, is the enjoyment factor- otherwise why dance?!
Biography Susanne Bentley

Creative workshop with Michael Helland

Queering Performativity workshop
In Queering Performativity, we make inquiries into the edges of the senses through somatic practice and guided improvisations, as we seek to enchant our bodies and the world around us through the power of dance. We discover inspiration by examining the strangeness and oddness of how we see, hear, and feel, as we expand our natural capacities for diverse aesthetic expressions and open our sensory apparatus to include more of that which lies just beyond the edges of normal waking consciousness. Each day will be a ritual in self and collective care, through a guided warmup that adapts to our unique bodies and minds, active movement-based meditations that add light and a sense of adventure to our spirits, along with compositional games and dynamic invitations to play and meet by dancing together. The workshop is recommended for dancers with elementary experience seeking a sense of creative nourishment and renewal, especially for those of us seeking to build longevity and cultivate resilience in both our personal lives and professional careers. You will come away from the week with a deeper understanding of what makes you move and become more ready to rise and shine and share your gifts with the world.
Biography Michael Helland