Authentic movement with Benjamin Vandewalle

In this class we will start with a guided meditation becoming more and more aware of our inner world of thoughts, emotions and sensation. From there we literally directly dive straight into an Authentic movement practice. It’s a practice that was started by Mary Starks Whitehouse where you allow yourself to be moved by closly observing your inner world and putting the impulses you pick up into movement. As we start with meditation it allows us to access deeper states in the movement practice more rapidly.
Biography Benjamin Vandewalle

Introduction to ballet with Elisabeth Farr

This class is for people beginning ballet for the first time or for dancers that are interested in revisiting basic information . The class will begin on the floor with exercises to help find one’s own skeletal alignment into standing. We will then explore this new awareness found on the floor in a Ballet Barre to observe and usethe ballet vocabulary as an approach to view and use our body . Thereafter we will explore the 7 basic movements that create the vocabulary of Ballet.
Biography Elisabeth Farr

Creative workshop with Peter Savel
During the week, you will be able to gradually access your core - the part of you that contains your creative, curious and inventive self. Through movement (and I look at voice as a vibrating movement too) you will be able to experience, recognise and enrich the creative potential you carry within yourself. The workshop offers a safe space, in which you are free to consciously loosen up and trespass the expectations and worries holding you from expressing yourself. Reconnecting to your playful, curious self in a kind and mindful atmosphere allows you to experience togetherness without the pressure of socio-economic contexts. Through connecting to your SELF, you might welcome and experience a connection to OTHERS as well, obtaining tools for connection and non-judgemental communication.
Biography Peter Savel