Yoga class with Laia Puig Escandell

Unfold & unlock your personal potential
During this time we will be introduced to Yoga as a holistic practice. The five points of the holistic system are: proper exercise (Asana), proper breathing (Pranayama), proper relaxation (Savasana), proper diet (vegetarian), positive thinking and meditation (Vedanta and Dhyana), although we will mainly work on the first 2-3 points.
These yoga classes will be the moment to unfold and unblock, first physiologically and then into deeper levels of awareness, identifying our unnecessary/not useful patterns and habits, and letting go of them.
Balancing, strengthening and stretching the body, increasing concentration and learning to closely listen, read and explore our bodies for better understanding and efficiency.
This way each of us individually can connect with our own potential, tune into a deeper intelligence, expand ourselves as artists and as humans and share it with the community and the world. I hope you all enjoy the process of unfolding yourselves.
Biography Laia Puig Escandell

Workshop T-Dance with Vera Tussing

The material of this workshop will be drawn from what I refer to as the Tactile Cycle of my work – a series of stage performances, installation pieces, lectures & podcasts created over a decade, that focus on tactility, collectivity and consent. Within that we will work and re-work one particular performance called T-Dance.
T-Dance is a performance exploring touch and connection. How touch connects us: different types of touch, different types of connection. It springs from a desire to touch and to be touched. To explore what touch means, and how we are connected. To experience one’s ability to be affected by what one perceives. Four dancers explore empathy and physical memory, questioning the limits of the body, and the mind’s connections. Without ever leaving their seats, audience members are called to inhabit the same imaginative space as the performers in an invitation to experience empathetic, imagined touch.
Biography Vera Tussing

Contemporary technique class with Rakesh Sukesh

Intact method
Intact is a training method generated through years of research, observation and adaptation to our current times, while also based on intrinsic human characteristics: breath, movement, emotion, thought, intention, environment. Its main goal lies in enhancing humanness in its most raw and genuine form. This method creates a safe and honest place that embraces and acknowledges our inner world, both weaknesses and strengths, to learn how to use them through reflection and striving for further development. It is an interconnected training system that utilises movement as a base to create, confront and play within crisis. It provides the timespace to get to know one’s personal form and how to use the body to broaden the range of movement vocabulary. As a holistic form, it is inspired by tools from specific lineages, such as breath, meditation and the inner mechanics of yogi principles, while also utilising the movement and philosophies from kalari payatt. This interwoven structure combines and rearranges these tools and ideas in a proposal for a new approach. In these classes, one can expect a dedication to raising awareness to individuality and inner workings, an awakening of the senses that leads to an ability to control and manage external triggers. In other words, taking charge of one's self.
Biography Rakesh Sukesh