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For the tenth year, P.A.R.T.S. opens its doors during Summer to dancers and teachers coming from all over the world. It aims at creating an encounter between teachers, choreographers and dancers, exchanging knowledge and experience over the course of five weeks. We offer technical classes (contemporary technique and ballet), yoga, body work, Rosas repertory and workshops.

Update May 1st, 2019: due to popular demand, we have added an extra series of packages on intermediate level!

Update May 16, 2019: you can register for morning packages (yoga + technique) from May 20 onwards!

Who can participate?

The programme is open to amateurs, semi-professionals, professionals and anyone who is interested in dance. We do however require the participant to be minimum 16 years of age.

The schedule contains three different programmes, each one of them specifically constructed for the different levels of dancers. If it seems after the first day that the level of the class/workshop is not adequate for the participant the teacher can in consultation with the co-ordinator change him/her to another level. Find below some information on the essentials of each programme. Please don’t hesitate to contact us ( with questions regarding the best suited programme for you.

Programme options

SummerSchool offers two types of packages for the three different levels: full-day packages (yoga, technique class, workshop) and morning packages (yoga, technique class). There are two packages for the introductory programme (blue and orange), two packages for the intermediate programme (green) and one for the advanced programme (pink). For each level, the class time for full day packages is 5.5 hours per day, five days per week (except 'extra intermediary packages, 5 hours), the class time for morning packages is 2,5 hours per day, five days per week.

Each package lasts one week, and each package is composed in the same way:

Full-day package: a yoga class (1 hour) and a technique class (1.5 hours) in the morning; a Rosas repertoire session (3 hours, plus 15 min. break) or a workshop (idem) in the afternoon.
Full day 'extra' intermediate packages have a different structure: the day starts with a yoga class (1h) and the workshop or Rosas repertoire session (2,5 hours, not 3 hours!), and the technique class in the afternoon (1,5h).
Morning package
: a yoga class (1 hour) and a technique class (1,5 hours) in the morning.

Sometimes the same teachers teach in different programmes; they adapt their lessons to the valid level. Candidates can register for a package for several weeks in a row because the composition of teachers and teaching content changes every week.