Biographies of teachers


Khosro Adibi is a multidisciplinary artist currently working as a teacher, performer, director, video/ photographer, visual artist and light/stage designer in different projects, theatre and dance theatre productions.  He graduated in fine arts from HKU (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht). He has studied dance at SNDO (School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam) as well as in New York City. 
He is facilitating workshops/ laboratories with an interest in using his knowledge to stimulate a more integrated process of creation for the artist/performer. His aim is to encourage the performer to develop a greater awareness of the external 'theatrical' space without losing his/her connection and trust in the internal physical exploration. 
In 2001 he founded Laster Studio (Center for Contemporary and Experimental Dance and Music) in Brussels, I.P.L (International Performers Lab) in 2004, Les PesPis (Company) in 2005 And C.A.E (Children Art Education) in 2008.
 Most recently, Khosro Adibi has been teaching, performing and Exhibiting  throughout Europe and Latin America, regularly trained the Rosas Company in Brussels, Maguy Marin Company in Lyon and has been performing with Les Ballets C. de la B. Top

Ludo Abicht is a philosopher and writer. He has taught philosophy, German literature and European Studies at universities and insititutes for higher education in the United States and Belgium.  After his retirement he is still visiting professor at the universities of Antwerp and Ghent and at PARTS. He has published a lot on issues such as utopia, marxism, the Middle East and leftist nationalism. Top

Anne-Linn Akselsen has danced with Rosas, Jean Luc Ducourt and Salva Sanchis a.o. She choreographs her own work and is the co-founder of the company Human Works. She has her education from The Royal Swedish Ballet School and P.A.R.T.S. Top

Laura Aris Alvarez studied at the Institut el teatre in Barcelona. Between 1996 and 1999 she was part of Lanònima Imperial Dance Company, in Barcelona. She was also associated with General Electrica collective. Between 1999 and 2008 was a member of Ultima Vez/ Wim Vandekeybus for the creations and touring of: Inasmuch as life is borrowed, Scratching the Inner Fields, Blush, What a body does not remember, Sonic Boom, Puur , Spiegel, Menske . She also performed in several dance films directed by Wim Vandekeybus. She regularly teaches workshops related to the Ultima Vez dance vocabulary and contemporary technique lessons internationally. She set up a research project Ejercicios de Duelo, and made choreographies for theatres in Costa Rica and Mexico. Top

Florence Augendre studied ballet, African dance, tap dance and modern jazz, and followed an intensive education in Body Mind Centering. She has worked a lot for theater, opera, film, contemporary dan ce and visual arts, adding to each creative project a dimension that is rooted in physical culture and dance. She worked with theatre directors such as Louis and Xavier Bachelot, choreogrpahers such as Pascale Houbin, François Raffinot, Wes Howard, Andrew Degroat, Thierry Guedj, Christophe Haleb, Wim Vandekeybus, Meg Stuart, David Hernandez, Labor GRAS, Johanne Saunier/Jim Clayburgh, Brice Leroux, Lance Gries (N.Y.), Riina Saastamoinen, Alexander Baervoets, Label Cedana, Olga de Soto, Fabrice Ramalingom and Koen Augustijnen.
Florence Augendre has taught workshops with Cie. Félicette Chazerand, Rosas and Les ballets C de la B. Top

Douglas Becker is teacher, choreographer ex soloist of William Forsythe’s Frankfurt Ballet. His choreography has been presented on the stages of Belgium’s Royal Flemish Theatre, Switzerland’s Grand Théâtre de Genève, and the Choreographic Centers of Grenoble and Nancy (France). He is guest faculty at P.A.R.T.S. Brussels, The National Conservatories of Paris and Lyon, New York University Tisch School of the Arts, and University of California Irvine, among others. He teaches Ballet and improvisation, restages Forsythe Repertory. He is Artist in Residence/Master Lecturer University of the Arts Philadelphia. Top

Nordine Benchorf (France) danced with Marie-Jo Haas (Cie de l’Instant) before starting his dance studies at the CNDC in Angers. After a collaboration with Cie. Contre-Jour he became a member of Rosas, participating in the creation of ‘Ottone, Ottone’ (1988), ‘Achterland’ (1990), ‘Mozart – Concert Arias’ (1992) and the ‘Repertory Evening’ (2002). Later on, he worked with met Cie. Samuel Leborgue, Loïc Touzé, Needcompany, Ultima Vez/ Wim Vandekeybus, Catarina Sagna and the Amgod collective. He teaches workshops on the repertoire of Rosas and Ultima Vez.Top

Jonathan Burrows started his career as a soloist with the Royal Ballet in London but formed the Jonathan Burrows Group in 1988 to present his own work. The company travelled widely and gained an international reputation with pieces such as ‘Stoics’, ‘Very’, ‘Our’, ‘The Stop Quartet’ and ‘Things I Don’t Know’. 
In 2001 he presented ‘Weak Dance Strong Questions’, a collaboration with Dutch theatre director Jan Ritsema.

Since 2002 he has collaborated with the composer Matteo Fargion on a series of duets: 'Both Sitting Duet', 'The Quiet Dance', 'Speaking Dance' and ‘Cheap Lecture’. The duo have now given over 170 performances of this work in 25 countries, including winning a 2004 New York Dance And Performance "Bessie" Award.
Other high profile collaborators include Sylvie Guillem’s performance of his choreography in Adam Robert’s film ‘Blue Yellow’ in 1996, and his invitation in 1997 to choreograph for William Forsythe’s Ballet Frankfurt. In 2008 he was Associate Director on Peter Handke's 'The Hour We Knew Nothing Of Each Other' for the National Theatre, London.
He was an associate artist 1992- 2002 at Kunstencentrum Vooruit in Gent, Belgium, was Artist-In-Residence at London’s South Bank Centre 1998/9, and is currently 'Artist-In -Residence at Kaaitheater Brussels. In 2002 Jonathan was given an award by the Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts In New York, in recognition for his ongoing contributions to contemporary dance. He is a visiting member of faculty at PARTS and is also a Visiting Professor for the Department of Drama and Theatre at Royal Holloway, University Of London. Top

Ramsay Burt is professor of dance history at deMontfort University in Leicester. He initially studied Fine Art at Leeds University. While teaching Art History at art colleges, he began writing dance criticism for The Yorkshire Post and for specialist dance magazines. His first book The Male Dancer (1995), based on his PhD thesis, became the standard work on the subject and is still in print. In 1999 he was visiting Professor at New York University, and in 2002, with Professor Susan Foster, he founded the journal Discourses in Dance.

Shannon Cooney, Canadian choreographer and dancer based in Berlin, Germany, received a B.F.A honours/dance at York University, Toronto in 1992. Her choreographic work began in 1993 and her solo and group pieces have been presented in Canada, Europe the in the U.K. She danced with Toronto-based Dancemakers (1994-2006), artistic director Serge Bennathan, which toured extensively nationally and internationally. She has worked with several choreographers including; Benoît Lachambre, Kim Itoh, Peter Chin, Marie-Joseé Chartier, Peggy Baker, and Louise Bedard. Shannon performed in installation works of Visual artists Marla Hlady (CA), Signe Theill (DE), Jan Komarek (CH) and performed in numerous events of performance improvisations with musicians/performers and artists. She has worked as an artistic advisor, choreogrpaher and rehearsal director for circus artists. Top

Marta Coronado was born in Spain. She studied ballet technique and graduated as a ballet dancer in El Real Conservatorio de Pamplona. Marta was part of the contemporary dance company Yauzkari till she moved to Brussels. She went to study at PARTS and met teachers like Lance Gries (Trisha Brown), Dominique Duszynski (Pina Bausch), Fumiyo Ikeda (Rosas) Chrysa Parkinson and David Zambrano who inspired her fully. 
After PARTS, in 1998, she became a member of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s Rosas. In 2002 she was awarded a Bessie ( New York Dance and Performance Award) for sustained achievement as a performer.She has been dancing and contributing to the creation of Rosas pieces for a decade and nowadays she is still freelancing for it. 
She had the opportunity to teach Rosas repertory workshops and technique class in places like: Buenos Aires, Singapore, Sao Paolo, Caracas, Honk Kong, South Africa, Rotterdam. She has also been invited as a guest choreographer in La Salle Singapore, CDC Toulouse and Hong Kong Academy of Arts and in companies like C de la B. Since three years she teaches Ballet technique and Rosas repertory for PARTS and Rosas on regular basis. Top

Bojana Cveji? is performer and performance theorist, currently researching for a PhD degree in philosophy at the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, Middlesex University in London.
She directed several independent music theatre performances in Belgrade and was a co-founder and member of Walking Theory performance group (YU).
Since 2000 she has been collaborating with Jan Ritsema with whom she made and performed productions such as Verwantschappen (2000) TODAYulysses, Pipelines. A construction, KNOWH2OW, and CoCos: Breeding, brains & beuaty. As a dramaturg, she has collaborated with Christine Gaigg, Eszter Salamon, Mette Ingvartsen and Xavier Le Roy. 
She has been teaching performingf arts theory and conducting workshops in Belgrade, Brussels, Lisbon, Warsaw, Montpellier and other cities.
Her essays and reviews appear in magazines such as Walking Theory, Etcetera, Maska, Frakcija International Magazine for Music New Sound, Musical Wave etc. Top

Michel Debrulle is a percussionist who got his basic musical formation at the I.A.C.P. in Paris and at the Conservatoire Royal de Liège, where he studied also improvisation and Jazz. He took master classes at the Creative Music Studio in the USA with Trilok Gurtu (India), Nava Vasconcellos (Brazil) and Amadu Garre (Sierra Leone). A scholarship of the foundation S.P.E.S. gave him the opportunity to travel to India and Cuba to perfection his musical knowledge and skills. 
Active both as a musician and a pedagogue, Michel Debrulle toured extensively in Europe, USA, Canada, Marocco with various music ensembles, amongst which Trio Bravo, La Grande Formation, Tous Dehors Big Band, Trio Grande, Rêve d’Eléphant Orchestra and contributed to many CD registrations. 
He is involved as a musician in theatre and dance performances and gives different types of rhythm classes and workshops to actors and dancers. 
In his pedagogical work he concentrates on the organic understanding and internalisation of the rhythm, privileging the relation between earth and air. Important element in this process is the practise of various oral rhythmical traditions linked to analysis of and improvisation on different approaches of time and space. Top

Steven De Belder studied philosophy and theatre studies in Antwerp and Ghent. Between 1999 and 2003 he work as research assistant at the department of Theatre Studies in Antwerp. He started working at PARTS in 2003 and is currently coordinator of the Research Cycle and coordinator of the Départs network. He was member and president ad interim of the Flemish Dance Council (2001-2003) and is on the board of directors of several Flemish dance companies.

Thierry De Mey is a composer and filmmaker. A large proportion of his musical output is intended for dance productions and films. In working with choreographers Anne Theresa De Keersmaeker, Wim Vandekeybus and Michèle-Anne De Mey he was often more than a composer, but also provided invaluable help through the invention of ‘formal strategies’, to use one of its favourite expressions. 
His installations, in which music, dance, video and interactive processes work together, have been presented in events such as the Venice and Lyon biennials as well as in many museums. 
Thierry De Mey has seen his work rewarded by both national and international prizes, such as the Bessie Awards, Eve du Spectacle, and prize of the International Rostrum of Composers-UNESCO. Since 2005, he is co-artistic directeor of Charleroi Danses. Top

Dominique Duszynski has been dancing with Pina Bausch’s dance theatre from 1983 till 1992. She has been working on creations and mythical pieces such as: The Rite of spring, Kontakhof, Blaubart, Nelken, Arien, 1980, The 7 Deadly Sins, Auf Dem Gebirge, Two Cigarettes in the Dark, Viktor, Ahnen, Kommt tanz mit mir, Renate wandert aus, Walzer, Bandoneon, Iphigenie, Orphée... Since 1988, she teaches for institutions and companies in Europe and abroad. In 92, she started her own research and collaboration with dancers and actors on the creation of a lot of pieces. She has been also performing for JF Duroure and Pippo Delbono. She took part to the film “Die Klage der Kaiserin” from Pina Bausch and “Berlin-Jérusalem” and “Golem” from Amos Gitai. She teaches at PARTS (Brussels) since the school was founded in 1995. In 2007, she creates her solo “Fuga” and in 2008, dances in the trio “Barroco” that travelled from Lyon to Brazil including Brussel, Italy and Germany. In 2009, she composes a new solo “Luz”, for the 9th festival “Voix de femmes” in Belgium. In 2010, in collaboration with the light designer I.Corten, she proposes a street project along the river in Liège. In the same year, she steps into the concept “The complete works” from Nina Beier, for the Stuk festival in Leuven. Top 

Nadia Fadil is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Sociology Department of the Catholic University of Leuven (KULeuven). Her research interests revolve around questions of subjectivity and embodiment, secular governmentality, liberalism and multiculturalism focused on the presence of Muslims in Europe. Top

Elisabeth Farr has been performing with several ballet companies in the U.S.A. and Europe. For many years she has been dedicated to teach ballet and body awareness. She was training director at Die Etage in Berlin and the Deutsches Nationaltheater in Weimar. She is now a regular guest teacher at P.A.R.T.S., S.E.A.D., for companies including Pina Bausch, Ultima Vez, Ballet Preljocaj, Krizstina de Châtel and Cullberg Ballet and festival such as ImpulsTanz. Top

Matteo Fargion studied composition with Kevin Volans in South Africa and later with Howard Skempton in London. Since 1989, when he attended the Gulbenkian Course for Composers and Choreographers, he has collaborated with many choreographers, including Jeremy James, Russell Maliphant, Lynda Gaudreaux, Stephanie Schober, Jonathan Burrows and three times with Siobhan Davies (Art of Touch, Bank, In Plain Clothes). Since his residency at the prestigious Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart he has also written much theatre music, for productions by Thomas Ostermeier (Schaubühne, Berlin,) Tom Kuhnel (TAT, Frankfurt) and Elmar Goerden, (Residenz, Munich). His concert music has been heard around the world, played by leading performers such as Robyn Schulkovsky, Balanescu Quartet, Smith Quartet and Carole Cerasi. Together with close collaborator Jonathan Burrows, Matteo has made a trilogy of duets Both Sitting Duet, The Quiet Dance, and Speaking Dance, which have toured so far to over 20 countries and won a Bessie Award in New York. Top

Kathleen Fisher is a dancer, bodyworker, improvisor, mother and teacher. She has worked for and collaborated closely with distinguished choreographers Trisha Brown(1992-2002), Jane Comfort(2003-2006), and Bebe Miller(2003-2008). With Trisha Brown Company, she performed in more than 20 countries as soloist and ensemble dancer. She has taught extensively nationally and internationally. Her ongoing self-education and performance work includes forays into theater and film as well as a fifteen year study and practice of somatics and healing arts; she is a Certified Kripalu Bodyworker, Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and practitioner of Craniosacral Therapy. Her teaching is very much influenced by these practices; she uses touch, bodywork, improvisation, and vocabulary based challenges to craft a forum in which dancers experience heightened awareness in action. Currently, she lives in the US and Bimini, Bahamas where she observes and joins the amazing dance of the resident wild spotted dolphins. Top

Davis Freeman is an actor, dancer, director, and performance artist who worked with Forced Entertainment (Bloody Mess, The World in Pictures), Meg Stuart (Highway 101, Alibi), Hans van den Broeck ( They feed we eat eat eat)  and Stephan Pucher (Kirshgarten, Snapshots). He started the company Random Scream in 2001 with Lilia Mestre and they have created work together and alone which has toured internationally. The work is extremely eclectic from dance pieces, and installations to even lounge acts. His latest works including Investment, 7 promises, and Expanding Energy are seen as devious political theatre or Docu-performances.

Jozef Frucek (SK) graduated from the Music and Drama Arts Academy of Bratislava, where he also completed his PhD. He is an independent artist and a dancer, from 1996 he performed in solo and in group projects as well. His creations and teaching are influenced in part by martial arts, that he actively practices. Between 2002-2005 he performed with Flemish Ultima Vez Company/ Wim Vandekeybus. He has been invited to teach in many schools and art centers around Europe. He is staff teacher at the Greek State School of Dance in Athens and Academy of Dramatic Arts Krakow. In 2006 together with Linda Kapetanea founded RootlessRoot company and created several performances.

Lucy Grauman was first interested in theatre before training as a classical singer. Her present carrier encompasses a wide range of musical styles with a particular focus on contemporary music. She has sang in several vocal and instrumental ensembles and has created an important number of pieces.
Contemporary vocal work involves breaking certain boundaries and pushes the singer to experiment with an “unorthodox” use of the voice. This research on sound and the relations with other forms of expression: theatrical elements, words, movements etc….appeal a lot to Lucy Grauman, who also works on improvisation. As a teacher she attempts to convey the playful aspects of vocal work, the curiosity, the joy, the physicality, special attention to mental and physical attitudes.
She has regularly led workshops, sometimes in a partnership with a dancer, an instrumentalist, an actor or a visual artist encouraging artistic freedom and creativity.
A long lasting interest in people, words and thoughts have led her to develop a second carrier as a psychoanalytic therapist: she works part time in a social center in Brussels. Top

Lance Gries was a Bessie award-winning member of the Trisha Brown Company from 1985 until 1992. Since then he has been choreographing, performing and teaching worldwide. His choreography has been presented at various venues in NYC as well as in festivals in many European and Australian cities. From 1995 to 2001 he was the key teacher and developer of the contemporary program at PARTS. He teaches regularly at PARTS and is currently sharing the position of coordinator of the Research Cycle. He has also taught and directed various pieces of Trisha Brown’s repertory to international companies. Top

Etienne Guilloteau discovered dance in highschool in 1995. After a couple of years at the conservartory of Poitiers he joined the school P.A.R.T.S. in 1998 until 2002. Collabrating with wpZimmer, he has created several works, in the past years focusing mainly on the dramaturgical relation between dance, music and light. In spring 2010 Guilloteau premiered his piece “Tres Scripturae” in the Kunstenfestivaldesarts, created for three dancers, one pianist and one light-technician also present on stage. Next to this, he has been working as a dramaturgic assistant to the work of Claire Croizé, and danced for Vincent Runoyer, Rosas, Charlotte van den Eynde and especially Claire Croizé and Marc Vanrunxt. Since 2009, Etienne is part of the structure Action Scénique which produces the artistic work of Nada Gambier, Claire Croizé and Etienne Guilloteau.>/p>

Julyen Hamilton has been making dances, directing and teaching for the past 30 years. Trained in a period of experimentation in London in the mid-70s , he has constantly made work from a radical point of view. His work, both in company and solo, develops dance for the theatre where dancers and light designer are directed to compose pieces instantly, a process of practising improvisation in rehearsal and in the moment of performance. Hamilton creates his own personal language where movement and text constantly intertwine and are passed amongst the performers as a way of manifesting the sharing of the imagination. He is also invited to play with musicians, to choreograph for other dancers and to collaborate with other directors. Since 1990 he has made more than 100 solos which have been seen all over the world. They are a highly original interplay between dance, live text and light. His solo Cell premiered in Barcelona on 2004 and has been performed regularly since then; his latest solo is entitled 'How It Is Made' and premiered in Paris in autumn 2007, before playing in Germny and Belgium. His teaching work comes straight from the stage experience; it goes deeply into the compositional aspects of creativity through the areas of the physical body, space, time, dramaturgy and voice. Top

After his studies at the Rotterdam Dance Academy Thomas Hauert (Swiss) worked as a performer with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Gonnie Heggen, David Zambrano and Pierre Droulers. Since 1998 he has been creating dance pieces (e.g. Cows in Space, Verosimile, Modify, Walking Oscar and Accords) with his own Brussels-based company ZOO ( Their work has been shown in theaters and festivals all over the world. He has also choreographed pieces for Danças Na Cidade in Maputo/Mozambique, students of PARTS in Brussels and the Laban Center in London and is regularly teaching at PARTS as well as in many other places.Top

David Hernandez studied studio music & jazz,  opera and dance in Miami. He worked as an apprentice for a time with the Trisha Brown Company. He moved to Europe with Meg Stuart to help her start Damaged Goods in Belgium, working as a performer, collaborator, training the company and often assistant to Stuart.
He left the company to return to building his own body of work in Brussels under the name Edwardvzw. He has created several pieces including the solos 'Love letters', the quartet “the essence of its going"(98) and the sextet ‘Blueprint’ (2002). He frequently collaborates as choreographer, dancer, composer, pedagogue and dramaturge with Brice Leroux (France), Labor Gras (Berlin), Rebecca Murgi (Italy), Abnouk Van Dijk (Amsterdam) and Rosas (Brussels).
He developed , in collaboration with Meg Stuart & Christine De Smet, the improvisation project CrashLanding(1996-1999) which crashed down in such locations as Leuven, Vienna, Paris, Lisbon and Moscow in major festivals and houses, and did improvisations for several other festivals, with many wonderful artists such as Katie Duck, Steve Paxton, Vera Mantero among others.
He created several multi-media projects and happenings such as ‘Filter’, ‘Innersections’ and ‘Performance Hotel’  in visual arts spaces and theatres.
He developed and directed The Performance Education Program (PEP) in Leuven in residence at the Klapstuk festival. He teaches regularly in Belgium and internationally and has been a core professor at PARTS, teaching technique, composition and improvisation, rhythm and dance and repertory projects. Top

Becky Hilton is a Melbourne based performer,
teacher, choreographer and director. She has performed in and contributed to the work of a range of artists including Russell Dumas, Stephen Petronio,Mathew Barney, Michael Clark, Tere O’Connor, Mia Lawrence, Jennifer Monson, John Jasperse, Margie Medlin, Lucy Guerin among others. She has a committed teaching practice and teaches in training institutions, for festivals and for dance companies locally, nationally and internationally. Becky generates work in a variety of situations including collaborative community events,choreographies for tertiary institutions and commissioned work for companies. In 2011/12 she will be choreographing a solo series for the Mexican dance company La Lagrima to feature in the 2012 Mexico Festival, masterminding a large screen community dance project involving Federation Square (Melbourne) and NABI (Seoul) and further pursuing a writing project about dance, dancers and dancing. She is the 2010/11 recipient of a Fellowship from the Dance Board of the Australia Council. top

Linda Kapetanea graduated from the Greek State School of Dance in Athens and also studied at the Merce Cunningham Studio, Movement Research and Dance Space,New York. After she co-operated with several companies in Greece and abroad. In 2002, she was awarded by a Greek Ministry of Culture as “the best performer” of the season 02/03. Between 2002- 2005 she performed with Flemish Ultima Vez Company/ Wim Vandekeybus. During the last three years she has been frequently invited to teach in several schools and arts centers in Europe. She is staff teacher at the Greek State School of Dance in Athens. In 2006 together with Jozef Frucek founded RootlessRoot company and created several performances. top 
Matej Kejzar studied in Amsterdam and Brussels and works as dancer, improviser and choreographer. He teaches technique and improvisation at different schools and companies in Europe, worked as a dancer with a.o. Maja Delak, Katie Duck and anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. His own work has been presented across Europe.

Sara Ludi was born in Switzerland in 1971. She worked during four years for Rosas (Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker). During this period she participated in the creations Kinok (1994), Amor Constante más allá de la Muerte (1994), Woud (1995), the revival of Rosas danst Rosas,Bartok Quatuor N°4, Mozart/Concert Arias - un moto di gioia (1996), )and Duke Blue-beard's castle(1998). She also danced in the film of Rosas danst Rosas. Since 1998, Sara Ludi works with Thomas Hauert and participated in almost all of ZOO’s group projects: Cows in Space (1998),Pop-up song book (1999),Jetzt (2000),Verosimile (2002), 5 (2003),Modify (2004), More or less sad songs (2005),Walking Oscar (2006) and Accords in 2008.

Nini Kossen (the Netherlands), licensed physiotherapist and acupuncturist. Nini is an experienced Shiatsu teacher. She studied Iokai Shiatsu intensively with Katsunori Sasaki Sensei. She is teaching Shiatsu and Do-In at the Kushi Institute of Europe for many years. At the Amsterdam School for Iokai Shiatsu she has been teaching western medical basic knowledge. Nini has a master in Cultural Anthropology and is a trained coach and consultant.Top

Rudi Laermans is senior professor in theoretical sociology and sociology of culture at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, where he also directs the Centre for the Sociology of Culture. Recent and current research topics include the relationship between systems theory and media theory, cultural heritage & social memory, cultural policy and arts policy in Flanders, and empirical trends within the constitution of the public for the performing arts. He has widely published on systems theory, French poststructuralism, and cultural theory. He loves modern and contemporary art, but he is no longer sure that he knows what they are about - which is probably one of the main reasons why he writes now and then an essay on contemporary dance. Top

Mia Lawrence, originally from New York, currently works as the Coordinator of the First Cycle at PARTS, Brussels where she teaches alternatively yoga, contemporary and creative work. She spent eight years touring internationally as a member of the Stephen Petronio Company. She also danced with Michael Clark, Jeremy Nelson, Lucy Guerin, and others. In 1997 she began making her own work and teaching workshops in festival and schools in the U.S. and Europe.  In 1998, she received the prestigious New York Dance and Perfrormance Award or  “Besie”  for her first evening length solo “Kriyas”. She relocated to Munich in 2002 where she continued making pieces with the support of the Kulturreferat and other presenting institutions. She received the Förderpreis Tanz in 2005 form the city of Munich for her artistic achievement.   When she has time, Mia continues to create pieces utilizing movement, text, and sound. Top

Xavier Le Roy studied molecular biology at the University of Montpellier and has worked as a dancer and choreographer since 1991. From 1997 to 2003 he was artist in residence at the Podewil, Berlin. He choreographed solo performances Self Unfinished (1998), Product of Circumstances (1999), was invited by Tanz im August Festival to work with Yvonne Rainer “Meetings” (2000), realized a piece from Jérôme Bel Xavier le Roy (2000); choreographed Giszelle (2001) in collaboration with Eszter Salamon; and Project (2003) a piece for 15 performers. He also staged Das Theater der Wiederholungen (2003) an opera from Bernhard Lang and Mouvements für Lachenmann (2005) an evening concert with music from Helmut Lachenmann.  With the Berliner Philharmoniker Educational Project he choreographed Ionisation from Edgar Varèse with 40 children.  Since 2004 he is involved in various educational programs. In 2007 he choreographed a solo on the music of Igor Stravinsky « Le Sacre du Printemps ». In 2008 he continues is research on musician gesture and creates More Mouvements für Lachenmann. In 2007-2008 he is “associated artist” at Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier, France where he co-direct the education program and together with 9 artists set up the project 6 months 1 location to explore specific working conditions. Top

Anna Luyten is a journalist and studied philosophy, literature and theatre studies. For the Blegian national tv Canvas she interviewed many artists for shows such as Spraakmakers, Rubriek 700, Oude Meesters. Between 2000 and 2006 she was the president of the jury of De Gouden Uil, an important literay prize. Since almost six years she is one of the main panelists at 'Uitgelezen', a live book show run by the daily newspaper De Morgen and arts center Vooruit, commenting on recently published books. She also writs texts on theatre and collaborated on a social-artistic project in the Brussels borough Anneessens. As a journalist, she has worked for the daily newspapers De Morgen and De Standaard, and currently for the weekly magazine  Knack.

Diane Madden originally trained in ballet, jazz and modern techniques. During the 70’s, at Hampshire College and in NY City, she began studying improvisation and release techniques, leading her to join the Trisha Brown Company in 1980. As well as creating work and performing internationally, from 1984 to 2000, she acted as company Rehearsal Director, cultivating the repertory and continues to enjoy working on company projects. Diane was a founding member of Channel Z, collaborating with this group in dance/film/video works from 1980-1985.
 She has presented her own mostly solo and collaborative choreography at home and abroad. She has taught her approach to dance, incorporating anatomically informed technique with improvisation, composition and addressing performance skills, extensively in New York City and around the world. The Princess Grace Foundation has recognized her with two awards, in 1986 and again in 1994 for sustained achievement. She also received a New York Dance and Performance Award (Bessie) in 1989. 
 Recently she’s enjoyed working with Cathy Weis, teaching at NYU’s ETW and at P.A.R.T.S. She is currently working with Vicky Shick on their second project towards performances in Budapest and New York City.  Top

Raimundas Malašauskas, born in Vilnius, is a curator and writer. From 1995 to 2006, he worked at the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius, where he produced the first two seasons of the weekly television show CAC TV, an experimental merger of commercial television and contemporary art that ran under the slogan "Every program is a pilot, every program is the final episode." He curated "Black Market Worlds," the IX Baltic Triennial, at CAC Vilnius in 2005. From 2007 to 2008, he was a visiting curator at California College of the Arts, San Francisco, and, until recently, a curator-at-large of Artists Space, New York. In 2007, he co-wrote the libretto of Gellar Door, an opera by Loris Gréaud produced in Paris. Malašauskas curated exhibitions at the David Roberts Art Foundation, London, Museo Rufino Tamayo, Mexico City (2010), and Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris (2010). Currently he works as one of the agents of dOCUMENTA 13. His other recent projects: Satellite 4 series at Jeu de Paume Museum, Paris, Hypnotic Show and Clifford Irving Show, are ongoing. 

Martin Nachbar is dancer and choreogapher, and writes for several dance and theater magazines. He received his training at the School for New Dance Development (Amsterdam), in New York and at P.A.R.T.S. (Brussels). In 2010, he received a master’s degree at the Amsterdam Master of Choreography (AMCh). His collaborations include engagements with Les Ballets C. de la B. and Vera Mantero, shared works with Thomas Plischke, Jochen Roller and Martine Pisani, with composer Benjamin Schweitzer and with dramaturge Jeroen Peeters as well as a cooperation with visual artist Paul Hendrikse. He received several grants and prizes, among which the first Choreography Award Ludwigshafen 2006. His pieces, including “Repeater – Dance Piece with Father” and “Urheben Aufheben – Reconstructing Dore Hoyer”, tour internationally. Martin Nachbar teaches regulary in improvisation, contact improvisation, choreography/composition and physical dramaturgy since 2001.

Jeremy Nelson was a dancer with The Stephen Petronio Dance Company in New York from 1984-1992, and n 1991, he won a New York Dance and Performance (“Bessie”) Award for outstanding performance with that company. He is a member of the teaching faculty at Movement Research in New York and a guest artist at Connecticut College. 

For the last eighteen years, he has been teaching classes and workshops all over the world at studios and festivals. He has been presenting his choreography since 1994, at various venues in New York such as Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors, Danspace Project at St Mark’s Church, PS 122 and Dance Theater Workshop as well as in various countries, including Venezuela, England, New Zealand, Germany, Chile and Spain. He has created commissioned works on companiesin Venezuela (1993), Greece (1995), New Zealand (1998), and England (1999), and was also commissioned in 2002 to create a new work for Phoenix Dance Company in Leeds. Top

After his career as a dancer, Rasmus Ölme founded, in 2001, his group REFUG in Sweden and since then he produces his own work and teaches worldwide. Since September 2008 Rasmus is doint his PhD in Choreography at the University College of Dance, in Stockholm, Sweden.Top

From a young age, Janet Panetta studied ballet with Margaret Craske,  Antony Tudor and Alfredo Corvino at the Metropolitan Opera Ballet School. At 14, she became Margaret Craske’s teaching assistant, which served as on-the-job training for her lifelong career in dance education. 
Janet joined American Ballet Theatre in 1968, and later began her foray into modern dance as a member of Paul Sanasardo’s company. She went on to work with Robert Kovich, Neil Greenberg, Susan Salinger, Peter Healey, and countless other modern companies, while continuing to teach. 
In the 1980s, she began working internationally, and in 1984 the French asked Janet to be the only ballet teacher at their newly created school for contemporary dancers. Her class consisted of twenty students, all of whom went on to professional careers, including the renowned choreographer Jerome Bel. 
In her 1989 New York Times article, “Why Certain Performers are a Breed Apart,” Jennifer Dunning of the New York Times called Janet’s performing, “Quietly indelible, intense and harply focused, with a smoky, smoldering aura.” She definitely got that right! 
Janet currently works with PARTS and with Pina Bausch Tanztheater Wupperthal. In addition, she teaches at Impulstanz in Vienna each summer, and maintains her own New York Studio, where she serves as artistic director of International Dance Dialogues, a program that hosts many European artists workshops and lectures. Top

Chrysa Parkinson is a performer and teacher living in Brussels. She teaches regularly at P.A.R.T.S/Rosas and works as a mentor/coordinatorfor the 2nd cycle students. She also teaches regularly at Dancentrum Jette in Brussels, Panetta Movement Center in New York, and atImpulstanz in Vienna. She is a member of ZOO/Thomas Hauert, and has also worked with Jonathan Burrows, Deborah Hay, John Jasperse, Meg Stuart, and David Zambrano. She was a member of Tere O’Connor Dance for many years in New York where she also performed with Irene Hultman, and Jennifer Monson, among other artists. During that time she taught at Movement Research and at NYU.  She was awarded a Bessie for sustained achievement as a performer in 1996.
In 2008 Chrysa worked as a teacher researching performance practices in Montpellier with 6M1L and Ex.e.r.c.e. From her work in Montpellier she is writing and recording audio essays on practice. In 2009/10 she is also working as a performer on creations with Jonathan Burrows, Mette Ingvartsen, and Rosas. Top

Herman Parret studied at the University of Leuven where he obtained a licentiate in Romance Philology and a Ph.D. in Philosophy. He studied at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris, at M.I.T., Cambridge, Mass., at the University of California at Berkeley and at Stanford University. He was Director of Research (Directeur de Recherches) at the Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research and at the same time Professor at the University of Antwerp (till 1997) and Full Professor at the University of Leuven where he taught philosophy of language and philosophical aesthetics at the Institute of Philosophy and at the Department of Art Sciences. He became Full Professor Emeritus in 2004. He is also affiliated at the Università degli Studi di Siena. He has been Invited Professor at the Universities of Campinas and Sao Paulo (Brasil), Tel Aviv, the University of California at San Diego, and he delivered innumerable lectures and papers at various foreign universities. He has also been professor at the Institut Universitaire de France and associated director at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales. He occupied the (Belgian) Francqui Chair 1988-89 at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, the Peter Paul Rubens Chair at the University of California at Berkeley in 1990-91 and again the Francqui Chair at the Université de Liège in 1997-98. He received a Doctorate Honoris Causa at the University of Timisoara (Romania), at the Universidad de Lima (Peru) and at the Université de Limoges (France). He published more than 230 articles in French, in English and in Dutch in the fields of the philosophy of language, semiotics and aesthetics. His work was translated in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Korean, Turkish and Japanese. top

Tom Paulus teaches film studies in the department of Theatre and Film Studies at the University of Antwerp. He is the former curator of film and digital media at the Museum for Contemporary art (MuHKA) and former editor of the media journal AS/Andere Sinema. He has published on issues of genre and film style in such journals as Film International. His essays on pictorial style in the films of John Ford were published in three edited collections, John Ford in Focus (Stoehr & Connolly eds.) from McFarland, Westerns: Movies from Hollywood and Paperback Westerns (Paul Varner ed.)  from Cambridge Scholars Press, and New Perspectives on The Quiet Man from the Liffey Press. His edited collection (with Rob King) Slapstick Symposium: Essays on Silent Comedy was published by Routledge in the American Film Institute Film Readers series. He is currently preparing a book on contemporary long-take cinema. top

Rita Poelvoorde graduated from the Royal Ballet school of Antwerp, Belgium, winning a silver medal at the International Ballet Competition in Varna, Bulgaria. She was part of the N.D.T. Dance Company in the Netherlands and for 13 years she was a soloist at the Ballet of the 20th Century, of Maurice Béjart. She studied yoga at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune, India and is a certified teacher of the Iyengar style.
She has been teaching Ballet and Yoga in France, Italy and Belgium. She is currently teaching at P.A.R.T.S., ROSAS, E.S.A.C. (École Superieure des Arts du Cirque), in Brussels and the Royal Ballet school of Antwerp. Top

Antony Rizzi, an Italian American coming from Boston, was from 1985 to 2003 a principal dancer and artistic advisor to William Forsythe at the Ballett Frankfurt. He has been teaching Classical Ballet and Improvisation since 1987, first at The Boston Ballet and over the years at various companies like, Wuppertal Dancetheatre, Munich Ballet, La Scala Ballet, Pennsylvania Ballet , Ballet Theatre Munich, Ballett Frankfurt and others. He has been creating works as well since 1984 for various companies like The Royal Ballet, The Boston Ballet, The Ballett Frankfurt and the Scapino Ballet.
In addition he created works for his own company, MOVING PRODUCTIONS including "Snowman Sinking", "Judy was angry", "The Role I Should Have Done", "1 2 3 you and me", "Being Human Being" and most recently "Some of my best friends are trash".  Rizzi also works as an actor, with the Forsythe Company, Jan Fabre and most recently at the Deutsche Oper am Rhein in the Opera THE FASHION directed by Micheal Simon. Top

Ursula Robb entered the New Zealand School of Dance in 1986, graduating with a Degree in Contemporary Dance. From 1990 to 1995 she danced with the Royal New Zealand Ballet, Douglas Wright Dance Company, and Shona McCullagh.  In 1995 Ursula Robb won a scholarship from the Queen Elizabeth II Arts Council of New Zealand and travelled to Vienna to participate in the workshops of Susanne Linke and Wim Vandekeybus during the Wiener Tanzwochen. After the workshop she joined Vandekeybus’ company Ultima Vez, contributing to the creation of Bereft of a Blissful Union and dancing in the revivals of What the body does not remember and Mountains made of barking.
In 1997 Ursula Robb joined Rosas, dancing in the revivals of Woud,  Achterland and  Mozart and contributing to the creation of Just Before, Drumming, I said I, In Real Time, Rain and April me. She then joined Thomas Hauert and cie Zoo for the creation of Modify and returned briefly to Rosas as rehearsal director for the Repertoire evening in 2006. Since then, Ursula has spent her time between Ireland and New Zealand where she has been teaching dance and having babies!Top

Tiago Rodrigues. Portuguese actor and playwriter. Works regularly with Belgian company Tg STAN. In Portugal, worked with several companies and started his own Mundo Perfeito in 2003, creating a dozen pieces presented in several countries and collaborating with many portuguese and foreign artists. He is also directing ESTUDIOS, an annual project of creation and meeting of artists in Lisbon, at Teatro Maria Matos. Worked also as a writer and actor for film and for television drama series. Besides PARTS, he was also an invited teacher at several theatre and dance schools in Portugal. Also wrote original plays for different theatres and companies. In cinema, he collaborates as a writer and actor with the foremost portuguese film director João Canijo. Top

Salva Sanchis is a Brussels based choreographer and dancer that graduated with the first generation of PARTS in 1998. He has been choreographing his own work since then and presenting it accross Europe. He co-choreographed with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker the pieces "Desh" and "A Love Supreme" and has been a guest choreographer for the Rosas company. He is also a guest teacher of dance technique and improvisation, as well as research coordinator for the second cycle of PARTS, and teaches dance technique in several other schools and companies in Belgium and abroad. Salva's new piece, "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear", which premiered in November 2008, was his 15th production as a choreographer. Top

For over ten years (1986-1998), Johanne Saunier performed in the ROSAS Company, directed by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. She performed in Bartók/Aantekeningen, Mikrokosmos, Ottone Ottone, Stella, Achterland, Erts and several films based on her choreography with ROSAS. She teaches repertoire at the Parts school. In 1998, she created Joji Inc. with Jim Clayburgh; this scenographic/choreographic partnership led to many performances. Since July 2004, the project Erase-E(X) has become the central project of Joji Inc, a Russian-doll like collaboration with various guest artists from diverse horizons; from the Wooster Group from New York to Anne Teresa de Keesmaeker and Georges Aperghis for a vocal composition or a video creation by Kurt d'Haeseleer. Since 2000, she has also performed in several operas.Top

Choreographer and dancer Francesco Scavetta studied at the National Academy of Dance in Rome. He currently leads, together with Gry Kipperberg (Norway), the dance company Wee, that, established in Oslo in the 1999, has become one of the leading companies of the Norwegian scene.The latest performances can be enlisted in the creative line of the post dramatic theatre, where the dance and the physicality exist on the same level, and with equivalent valor, with text, visual elements and sound installations. Parallely to the work with the company, he has been holding a teaching project, titled “A surprised body”, based on release technique and contact-improvisation, influenced by his experience as a dancer and choreographer and by his practice of tai chi chuan.

Tino Sehgal studied dance and political economy, his works are live situations that can be encountered during the entire opening hours of galeries and museums. These constructed situations can develop differently depending on the comportment of the visitor, thereby integrating an element of participation into the works own structure. As it is a central aim of Sehgal to not produce anything material, there are no filmic or photographic recordings of these works.
In 2005 he represented Germany at the German Pavillon in Venice, in 2010 he had a mongraphic exhibition at the Guggenheim museum in New York, among others his works are in the collection of the Centre Pompidou, the Tate and Moma. top

Johan Thielemans studied Germanic languages at the University of Ghent. He has taught English at the Hogeschool Gent, department of translators. Currently he is guest teacher Theatre history at the Antwerp Conservatory. He has published on a.o. Hugo Claus and Gerard Mortier. He is president of the flemish Arts Council. He was co-founder of the theatre magazine Etcetera, and publishes in Documenta and TM (Amtserdam). He worked freelance for the national radio BRT-3 and presented a talkshow on the arts on the Flemish televsion. He also wrote two libretti. Top

A former performer, Christophe Wavelet has co-directed the activities of the Knust Project (1993-2001), a performance collective (1993-2001) focusing on artistic reenactments, and apropiations, as well as the publication of the french political journal Vacarme (1996-2000). He has collaborated to numerous international manifestations and exhibitions, conferences and publications, both as a curator, scholar and critic. Interested in projects whose priority is at once experimental and discursive, regardless of any medium specificity and within different cultural areas, he has operated as artistic director for LiFE, a cross-disciplinary and transnational contemporary art venue (2005-2010). A fellow of the Akademie Schloss Solitude in 2011-2013, he’s currently writing his first book and working on the french translation of the essays written by Brazilian artist Helio Oiticica.

Samantha van Wissen was born in 1970 in Roermond in the Netherlands. After training at the Rotterdam Dance Academy, she danced for Rosas under Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. She participates in many creations such as ERTS, Mozart Concert Arias, Un moto di gioa (1996), Amor Constante mas alla de la muerte (1994), Verklärte Nacht (1995) and Woud (1996). She also danced in the performances and films of Achterland (1994)and Rosas danst Rosas (1997) as well as in the revival of Mikrokosmos, Achterland, Rosas danst Rosas and Rain. Since 1997, she is a member of ZOO/THOMAS HAUERT. She played in the childrenspiece 'Drie Zusters' directed by Inne Goris (Seven). She gives workshops at P.A.R.T.S and for other training programs.

Judith Wambacq works for the department the Arts at the University of Ghent since 2008. In 2007 she obtained her Ph.D with a thesis entitled ' Difference and immanence in the thought of Merleau-Ponty and Gilles Deleuze'. She publishes on phenomenology and poststructuralism, and  has a special interest in the contemmporary French philosopher Bernard Stiegler, whose book 'Passer à l'acte' she edited and translated into Dutch. Top

Carly Wijs graduated from the Maastricht Theatre Academy and subsequently worked as an actress in many plays at home and abroad, both in television, film and theatre. Besides working with directors like Guy Cassiers(Kaaitheater), Jan Lauwers(Needcompany) and Josse de Pauw(Kunstenfestivaldesarts) Carly Wijs has also co-created numerous performances with collectives like Stan and De Onderneming. In April she will start working with choreographer Wim Vandekeybus on his new performance that will premiere in July 2011.  In 2004 she founded Exiles in order to produce her own work. Her most recent creation under Exiles is F = ma. top

Abigail Yager was a member of the Trisha Brown Company from 1995–2002 and also danced with Donna Uchizono, Sungsoo Ahn, and JoAnna Mendl Shaw among others. As a steward of Ms. Brown’s work, she has worked with the Lyon Opera Ballet, at La Monnaie National Opera of Belgium, Le Festival International d’Art Lyrique, and has directed reconstruction projects at the Taipei National University of the Arts, Five College Dance Department, The Ohio State University, and at the American Dance Festival. Ms. Yager has taught at universities, festivals, and studios worldwide, including the Korean National University of the Arts, and Le Centre Choréographique National de Rennes et de Bretagne. Her teaching reflects her ongoing studies of Yoga, Qi Gong, and Alexander Techniques. She currently serves as Visiting Associate Professor at The Ohio State University, Mentor for the Hollins University/American Dance Festival MFA Program, and has been a returning member of the faculty at the American Dance Festival since 2003.Top

For over 20 years, David Zambrano has been a monumental figure in the international dance community, and his passion for cultural exchange continues to influence his work. Living and making work in Amsterdam and teaching/performing internationally, Zambrano is an ambassador and liaison across many borders, bringing together artists from all over the planet for his projects. An inspiring teacher, thrilling performer, and innovative choreographer, Zambrano has contributed generously to the field of dance in ways that have influenced many and impacted the dance world from several angles. His development of the “Flying Low” and “Passing Through” techniques are among his recent innovations that have helped to lead improvisational dance into an exciting future. Many of his projects have continuously influenced Zambrano’s pedagogic methods, keeping them fresh and interesting for the students from around the globe. Top

The following artists will teach in PARTS in 2013-2014:


Yoga: Mia Lawrence, Theodossia Stathi, Stéphane Bourhis
Classical: Elisabeth Farr, Anne-Linn Akselsen, Benoît Caussé, Janet Panetta, Douglas Becker, Francesca Caroti, Ioannis Mandafounis 
Contemporary: David Hernandez, Martin Kilvady, Juliette Mapp, Dominique Duszynski, Inaki Azpillaga, Francesco Scavetta, Laura Aris Alvarez, David zambrano, Milan Herich, Nicholas Aphane
Composition: David Hernandez, Johanne Saunier
Improvisation: Prue Lang, Ayman Harper, Fabrice Mazliah, Martin Nachbar, David Zambrano, Nicholas Aphane, Milan Herich
Repertoire Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker: Marta coronado, Taka Shamoto, Clinton Stringer, Jakub Truszkowski
Singing: Lucy Grauman
Rhythm: Michel Debrulle
Music analysis: David Helbich
Anatomy: Michael Barel, Eva Karczag, Florence Augendre
Theory: Judith Wambacq, Rudi Laermans, Bojana Cvejic



Yoga: Mia Lawrence, Theodossia Stathi, Stefane Bourhis
Tai chi: Thierry Bae
Classical: Benoît Caussé, Elisabeth Farr
Contemporary: Martin Kilvady, Juliette Mapp, Inaki Azpillaga, Salva Sanchis, Chrysa Parkinson
Composition: Jonathan Burrows, Jan Ritsema
Choreography: Daniel Linehan, Alain Franco, Andros Zins-Browne 
Repertoire Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker: Sandy Williams, Eleanor Bauer, Mark Lorimer 
Film: Elias Grootaers, Gerard-Jan Claes 
Theory: Rudi Laermans, Bojana Cvejic, Anya Topolski, Christophe Wavelet 


The follwoing artists taught also 2012-2013 in the Research Cycle: 

YogaMia LawrenceRita Poelvoorde
Tai chi: Thierry Bae, Marion Bae
BalletElisabeth Farr
Contemporary-: Lance Gries, Martin Kilvady, Chrysa ParkinsonFrancesco ScavettaRasmus OlmeSalva SanchisShannon CooneyJosef FrucekLinda Kapetanea, Benoît Lachambre, Shannon Cooney
Repertoire RosasJohanne SaunierNordine BenchorfSalva SanchisBojana Cvejic, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
Repertoire Trisha BrownDiane Madden
ImprovisationThomas HauertSara Ludi
PerformanceDavis Freeman 
Choreography: Marten Spangberg, Christophe WaveletXavier Le Roy, Robert Steijn
TheoryBojana CvejicLudo AbichtRudi LaermansChristophe Wavelet 
SingingLucy Grauman