Robin Jonsson

Nationality: SE
Current Residency: SE
Generation: 7 | 2004-2008
Last Update: February 25, 2013

Robin Jonsson graduated with the piece ' believe I can see the future' in 2008, and continiued to tour it in the subsequent years. He was artist in residence at the nottle TheatreCompany in south Korea in 2009. In 2010 he created 'Simulations'. In 2013 will follow his next piece, 'Z', on zombies. He has been studying Music and sound design, and also worked as sound designer and technician for Benjamin Vandewalle (Birdwatching) and Vera Tussing. In 2010 he was invited to make a piece for the production ROFLAOWTIMe by Malin Axelsson/ Ung Scen Ost in Linköping.

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