Renan Martins de Oliveira

Nationality: BR
Current Residency: BE
Generation: 9 | 2010-2012
Last Update: March 21, 2013

Renan Martins started his education in Rio de Janeiro at Deborah Colker Movement Center at the age of 16, and one year later won a full scholarship to study at SEAD in Salzburg, Austria.

In 2010 he joined P.A.R.T.S. (Performing Arts Research and Training Studios) to be part of the Research Cycle where he focused more intensively on choreography and started developing his own work. He has created 4 pieces: '7th sense', '2854', 'Solo.Op.91 for Brahms' and the most recent 'HangHang' (which was part of PARTS Graduation Tour). His work has been performed in Brazil, Austria, Germany, Holland, Portugal, Russia and Belgium.

Along with his choreographic practice he has also been an interpreter for Iztok Kovac, Marysia Stoklosa and currently for Pierre Droulers. He has been an active teacher giving workshops in the main centers in Rio de Janeiro; Rampa Lugar de Criação and Deborah Colker Movement Center. And has also taught some of the main Brazilian dance companies such as Quasar (Henrique Rodovalho) and Focus (Alex Neoral).

Renan is now an artist in residence in Charleroi Danses and with their support he creates his new work in collaboration with the Brazilian dancer Luana Bezerra. His new creation VOLTAR(A) premieres at Compil d'Avril in April 2013 at La Reffinerie, Brussels. In February 2013 he will lead an improvisation workshop/project as part of PARTS winter studios.

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