Presentation of the school

The Performing Arts Research and Training Studios (P.A.R.T.S.) were launched in September 1995. The school is a joint initiative of the dance company Rosas and the Belgian National Opera De Munt / La Monnaie. Its director is the choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, who designed the artistic and pedagogical curriculum.

PARTS is a training in contemporary dance. It provides a thorough technical training to dancers/choreographers and helps them develop into independent and creative artists. But dance is not an isolated art form; it is involved in a constant dialogue with the other performing arts – music and theatre. Both these disciplines figure prominently in the curriculum, as PARTS always works towards the actual performance, the moment when the artist engages in a dialogue with the audience – the dancer as a performer, but also as a thinking performer. The school looks for students who are strong individuals, yet possess a sense of group dynamics.

PARTS is however first and foremost an artistic project. The curriculum is  based on Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker's and other choreographers' extensive artistic practice. At the same time PARTS is a laboratory for the future. Art is not something you can learn - but we certainly hope that the material offered confronts and provokes, that it stimulates students to form their own opinions, that it proves to be a productive basis for their future artistic practice. In a word, PARTS sets out to be a place where critical and creative artistry can take root.

PARTS is a full-time training scheme, requiring full commitment from its students. The continuous efforts expected of a dancer's body call for a corresponding level of health awareness. The school makes a contribution by offering daily macrobiotic meals to the students. Moreover several courses in the curriculum are devoted to the improvement of physical health. 
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The two Cycles

The curriculum is divided in two cycles of two years, the basic ‘Training’ cycle and the advanced ‘Research’ cycle.
In the basic cycle (Training – 1st & 2nd year) the students gain an insight into the technical foundation of contemporary dance and they are confronted with the specific PARTS approach, characterised by an emphasis on body awareness, theatre and musical training, and theoretical reflection.
In the extended cycle (Research – 3rd and 4th year) the students have the opportunity to gain more in-depth knowledge and, especially, to apply it to their personal creative work. The ultimate goal is to reach the point where technical mastery and a distinct personality come together.
Only every two years a new cycle is started up. In 2010-2011, the 1st and 3rd year are active, and audtions for the new cycles in 2012-2013 will be held in spring 2012.


An international school
PARTS is also an international training programme. The approximately 50 artists and lecturers who teach at the school come from Belgium, other European countries and the United States. At any moment the students represent over 20 different nationalities. The working language is English.



A student who has successfully completed the Training Cycle receives the PARTS Training certificate.  A student who has successfully completed Research Cycle receives the PARTS diploma. 

Although the school receives core funding from the Ministry of Education of the Flemish Community, the PARTS diploma is not legally recognised by the Belgian State..



Structure of the academic year

There are 32 weeks of tuition in all. The academic year begins in the first half of September and ends at the end of June. The programme includes 4 holiday periods : in November (1 week), over Christmas (3 weeks), in February (1 week) and over Easter (2 weeks). 
The classes begin at 8.30 and end at 17.15 or 18.15, from Monday to Friday. There is a 70-minute lunch break. The weekly total of tuition is 36 hours. 



PARTS shares its infrastructure with the dance company Rosas and the contemporary music ensemble Ictus.
The infrastructure comprises 10 bright, spacious, professionally outfitted dance studios. The school has 5 studios permanently at its disposal. Students may make free use of these studios in the evening (19.00-22.00), on Saturday (10.00-19.00) and Sunday (13.00-19.00)
Student performances and the presentation of students' productions take place in the Rosas Performance Space (36x18x11m), maximum seating 400.















PARTS at work

A series of short clips on the work at PARTS, realised by Stanislav Dobak and others. Soon more!



Documentary by Albert Quesada

PARTS documentary by Albert Quesada