Peter Savel

Nationality: SK
Current Residency: BE
Generation: 8 | 2006-2010
Last Update: January 29, 2013

After he finishes both cycles at P.A.R.T.S. in 2010, he continues creating, dancing and teaching. The piece “One for you, two for me” created and performed with his colleague and friend Stanislav Dobak (generation 8) has been selected for the top companies list for 2010 at the Aerowaves network ( Later in 2011 in the same tandem they premiere the duo “Much too much”, wining the prize for courageous light and design at the KIOSK festival in Zilina-Slovakia ( Throughout the end of his studies, till it's premiere in march 2012 at CC STUK Leuven, he is researching and creating a solo called ”Could we flie together?” in collaboration with the german directrice Juliane von Crailsheim - Body Talker ensemble ( This piece receives the price for scenography and light design in the festival KIOSK 2012 in Slovakia. In 2011 he joins the work of Pierre Droulers ( - resurrecting the piece “De l'air et du vent”(created 1996). In june 2012 in another collaboration with S.Dobak (generation 8) and the contemporary dance group MeSa from Prague (, creates the piece “Much more than nothing”, which is selected for the Aerowaves network 2012 top companies list ( and will be performed at the Aerowaves festival in Zurich in may 2013. In november 2012 he premieres the piece “Fairry Queens” created for and with the Belgian company Passerelle ( He is curently in the creation of a new piece of Pierre Droulers - Charleroi Danses entitled “Soleils”, which will premiere in the KUNSTENFESTIVALDESARTS ( 9.-12.may 2013 in Brussels. He is also preparing a new solo called “Shifts” together with the slovak pianist Kamil Mihalov, which will premiere in the MoveMe festival in march 2013 at CC STUK Leuven. In summer/autumn 2013 he will be dancing in the new piece of Salva Sanchis; Kunst/Werk (

Besides creating and performing he teaches a class entitled “Letting go” and different workshops around Europe (La Raffinerie Brussels(, Made in France ( , LAB1 summer School Bratislava (, Studio AlTA in Prague (, Poly dans Kortrijk, VSMU Bratislava...).

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