PARTS @ work #7: trios

The students of the Training cycle will present their trios in an informal setting on Sunday, April 22. The project was to create a choreography in groups of three on a pre-selected piece of music. The classic and contemporary compositions will be performed live at the demonstration by musicians from the School of Arts Ghent and the Conservatory of Brussels.

On Sunday April 22 there will be a public presentation of these trios in the studios of P.A.R.T.S. There are two different programmes: programme 1 starting at 15h and programme 2 at 19h. Each one  lasts approximately 2 hours. Between 17h and 19h there will be some snacks and drinks served by our students.

The seatings are limited, so come on time!

The complete schedule of the trios is below:

Programme 1: 15h

Synne Enoksen,  Robson Ledesma & Joshua Serafin
Kaj Duncan David ‘4c0st1ctr1g3r for - Gerrit Nulens (Ictus Ensemble)

Rita Alves, Jonas Gineika & Cheyenne Illeghems
Gérard Pesson: La lumière n'a pas de bras pour nous porter… - Maria Dominguez Perez

Carolina Ferreira, Thomas Higginson & Mooni Van Tichel
Ludwig van Beethoven - Trio Spilliaert: Jean-Samuel Bez, Guillaume Lagravrière & Gauvain de Morant

Némo Flouret, Lydia McGlinchey &  Fouad Nafili
Brigitta Muntendorf: Yes Master - Kaja Farszky

 Georges Labbat, Margarida Ramalhete & Julia Rubies
Alvin Lucier: Pure Wave Oscillators - Ward Ginneberge

Programme 2: 19h

José Fernandez, Heyonseok Lee & Azusa Namba
Quentin Meurisse, John Cage for Prepared Piano - Quentin Meurisse

Mei-Ning Huang, Stanley Ollivier & Gustavo Vieira
Kurt Schwitters: Ursonate - Elliot Harrison

Calvin Carrier, Tessa Hall &  Hanako Hayakawa
Georges Aperghis: Quatres Pièces Fébriles - Nicoletta Favari & Christopher Salvito

Cassandre Cantillon, Aminata Diallo, & Cintia Sebök
Salvatore Sciarrino: L’Addio a Trachis - Anne Zeuwts

Maureen Bator, Timothé Chams & Luis Ramirez
Gérard Pesson: La Lumière - Maria Dominguez Perez

Timothy Nouzak & Alban Ovanessian
Morton Feldman: For Bass Clarinet and Two Percussions - Teresa Doblinger, Kaja Farszki, Elliott Harrison

Creation trios in collaboration with students of the School of Arts Ghent and Conservatory of Brussels

This week the students of the Training cycle are finalising their trios. They made a choreography in groups of three on a predetermined piece of music that will be played live by music students. They have also been collaborating with these musicians to stage their dance performances. 15 trios got to work with a mostly modern repertory of composers like Gérard Pesson, Alvin Lucier, Brigitta Muntendorfer, Terry Riley, Guillaume Connesson, Georges Aperghis, Salvatore Sciarrino, Kaj Duncan David, Kurt Schwitters, John Cage and Morton Feldman, and classical works by Darius Milhaud and Ludvig van Beethoven.

For this, the students worked with musicians of the Master after Master in Contemporary Music from the School of Arts Ghent and from the French-speaking Conservatory of Brussels. It’s not the first collaboration with both colleges: the students of the Master after Master in Ghent already worked with the students of PARTS on various projects and programmes, and with the Conservatory of Brussels they made Un Sacre in 2013 with choreographer Daniel Linehan.

On Sunday, 22nd of April, there will be a public presentation of some of these trios. More information soon.

Dag van de Dans: City Flocking with Benjamin Vandewalle, 28/4

For the third edition of Dag van de Dans PARTS decides to cooperate again with choreographer Benjamin Vandewalle for a project in public areas.

King Midas from the Greek mythology had the power to transform everything he touched into gold. We could say dancers have a similar gift: if they dance in the proper way towards their environment, they metamorphose it into a scenography. The dancer changes the city by means of its dance. With this objective Benjamin Vandewalle leads around 40 dancers through Brussels. The group migrates like a flock of birds through the city and absorbs the passerby in its dance performance in a city that, for a moment, looks totally different.

The event begins from 14.00 until 15.30 and from 16.30 until 18.00. The trajectory is not announced in advance. If you want find the location of the group, go check on!

A lot of associates, theaters and dance schools in Flanders and Brussels work together during the Dag van de Dans to raise awareness for a wider public. For more information and an overview of the activities, go check

Public talk with Pascal Gielen, 15/5 

PARTS organises conversations with choreographers and lectures with academics who are currently teaching at PARTS. Every year, more than 50 artists come to teach in PARTS to share and pass on a part of their knowledge and practice. We invite some of them to shed light on the bigger picture of their life and work.

Tuesday 15/5 at 19.00: lecture with Pascal Gielen, 'Commoning Art in a Flat Wet World'. Pascal Gielen is professor in cultural sociology, allied to the Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts (ARIA). In 2016 he received the Odysseus award from the FWO for excellent international research. With that he established the interdisciplinar Culture Commons Quest Office which investigates into conditions for sustainable and creative work in an urban environment. Gielen is also editor-in-chief of the international anthology Arts in Society.

Free entrance. No reservations.

Previous public talks this year:

David Zambrano in conversation with Christophe Wavelet (October 17)
Jonathan Burrows in conversation with Bojana Cvejic (November 13)
Arco Renz in conversation with  Christophe Wavelet (November 14)
Mette Edvardsen in conversation with Bojana Cvejic (November 30)
Denise Luccioni in conversation with Diane Madden (january 16)

P.A.R.T.S. (Brussel) zoekt een stagiair productie/communicatie (m/v/x)

P.A.R.T.S. ( is een school voor hedendaagse dans in Brussel, geleid door Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. Het is een kosmopolitische gemeenschap van zestig studenten en veertig docenten, die bestaat uit ruim dertig verschillende nationaliteiten. De omgangstaal is hoofdzakelijk Engels. P.A.R.T.S. biedt zijn studenten een opleiding hedendaagse dans met een voltijds lesprogramma: een driejarige ‘Training’ cyclus en een éénjarige ‘Research’ cyclus. In en naast het lesprogramma is P.A.R.T.S. producent van dansvoorstellingen, die op regelmatige basis worden gespeeld in professionele theaters in binnen- en buitenland.


- Voorbereiding audities voorjaar 2019:
- Productionele ondersteuning en regelen logistiek
- Uitvoeren communicatieplan en distributie promomateriaal
- Communicatie met buitenlandse partners
- Contacteren en opvolgen kandidaten
- Samen met ons team de voorstellingen van onze studenten voorbereiden. Het gaat hier over zowel logistieke voorbereiding als hulp bij organisatie
- Het uitwerken van specifieke projecten binnen de P.A.R.T.S. community in samenwerking met de stafmedewerkers. Bijvoorbeeld: (de communicatie van) onze SummerSchool (zomerprogramma van 5 weken met 450 internationale deelnemers)
- Assisteren in de communicatie van de school: updaten website, beheren sociale media, …


- Je volgt een opleiding meertalig secretariaat of management assistent, communicatie-wetenschappen of -management, cultuurmanagement of theater en film
- Je praat en schrijft vlot Engels, en beheerst Frans of Nederlands
- Je speelt met de Google G-Suite toepassingen (Docs, Drive, …)
- Je bent een vlotte communicator, sterk in organiseren en je hebt een goede pen
- Als je voeling hebt met de hedendaagse danswereld is dat zeker een pluspunt


- Interessante werkervaring in een internationaal gerenommeerde organisatie binnen een klein, super enthousiast team
- Divers takenpakket met veel verantwoordelijkheden
- Terugbetaling woon-werkverkeer (mits gebruik openbaar vervoer)
- Periode september-december 2018 en/of januari-april 2019
- Bepaling van werkduur en -periode in overleg


Stuur je motivatiebrief en cv naar: P.A.R.T.S. vzw, t.a.v. Jens Buysschaert, Van Volxemlaan 164, 1190 Brussel of via e-mail naar

Voor meer informatie over de vacature kan je contact opnemen met Jens Buysschaert via of 02/344 55 98.

Composition workshop with Jeroen Peeters and Martin Nachbar

photo Tine Declerck
photo Tine Declerckphoto Tine Declerckphoto Tine Declerck
photo Tine Declerck
photo Tine Declerckphoto Tine Declerck

Pictures from Fous de Danse 1/10

Book publication P.A.R.T.S. 20 years - 50 portraits

In celebration of the twentieth anniversary of PARTS, the book “20 years – 50 portraits” was created. In this book the school looks back, portraying fifty former students, who each narrate their unique story about what dance means to them and the role of PARTS in their life. The portraits are preceded by an interview with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. One hundred images of the school conclude the book, together with an overview of all the students, teachers and collaborators, who have over the past twenty years contributed to the making of PARTS.

The book contains interviews with: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Thomas Plischke, Saskia Hölbling, Arco Renz, Roberto Olivan de la Iglesia, Erna Omarsdottir, Cristian Duarte, Cédric Charron, Salva Sanchis, Clinton Stringer, Taka Shamoto, Charlotte vanden Eynde, Moya Michaël, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Claire Croizé & Etienne Guilloteau, Sung-im Her, Barbara Meneses, Alix Eynaudi, Lisbeth Gruwez, Jakub Truszkowski, Jurij Konjar, Ula Sickle, Marlene Monteiro Freitas, Mette Ingvartsen, Tale Dolven, Fabian Barbá, Pieter Ampe, Frauke Mariën, Daniel Linehan, Manon Santkin, Femke Gyselinck, Eleanor Bauer, Liz Kinoshita, Gabriel Schenker, Mikael Marklund, Benjamin Vandewalle, Andros Zins-Browne, Olga Dukhovnaya, Bára Sigfúsdóttir, Dada Masilo, Nestor Garcia Diaz, Radouan Mriziga, Cecilia Lisa Eliceche, Salka Ardal Rosengren, Noé Soulier, Thibault Lac, Alexander Vantournhout, Thomas Vantuycom, Bryana Fritz, Sara Tan, Michiel Vandevelde, George Khumalo (The 51st portrait)

The book is available for €34,50, shipping costs excluded. A copy can be ordered via

You can download the interview with Salva Sanchis from the book here, to have a peek on the look and feel of the book!


PARTS@work #7: trios

Creation in trios

Dag van de Dans

Public talk with Pascal Gielen

P.A.R.T.S. is looking for an intern

Photos from the composition workshop

Pictures from Fous de danse 

P.A.R.T.S 20 years - 50 portraits


photo Keren Kraizer

photo Tine Declerck

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PARTS @ work #7: trios

Dag van de Dans, 14h-18h
City centre of Brussels

22/5/2018, 19h
Lecture Pascal Gielen

Open House

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One Hundred Twists and Turns: Biennial Dance Education Berlin
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Lecture Tristan Garcia

Diane Madden in conversation with Denise Luccioni

PARTS @ work #4: composition

Mette Edvardsen in conversation with Bojana Cvejic

Christophe Wavelet in conversation with Arco Renz

Bojana Cvejic in conversation with Jonathan Burrows

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Christophe Wavelet in conversation with David Zambrano

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