PARTS @ WORK #4 - Sunday 6/12 at 15h

PARTS @ WORK is a series of informal studio presentations of work made in the school.
During the school year 2015-2016 there will be a series of at least 10 presentations.

Next PARTS @ WORK will take place on Sunday December 6th,at 15h. The program will consist of personal work of the students of the Training and Research programs.
The details of the program will be published here on Wednesday 2/12.
Entrance is free. As the seating capacity is limited it is necessary to make a reservation, by sending an email to or calling 02 344 55 98. Reservations start Monday 30/11 and close Friday 4/12.


Let's celebrate 20 years of P.A.R.T.S. at Beursschouwburg & Kaaitheater

It’s exactly 20 years ago that PARTS opened its doors.
Ten generations of students – from every corner of the world – have studied at PARTS over the last 20 years.  Over the years more than 400 dancers and choreographers have studied at PARTS.  To celebrate this special moment, we have asked three generations of graduated students to put together an evening at Beursschouwburg from November 12th till 14th.

Generation IX, Generation I and Generation VI have received a carte blanche.
Each generation was free to determine the content of the programme: existing or new work, re-enactments of old PARTS-formats or improvisations, impromptu, live or through projected images. A bridge between what was and what is. Or something else altogether. Each evening was coordinated by an artist duo from the generation in question.

Generation IX 's program can be found here and the video/installations program can be found here.

PARTS Generation 9 - Julien Josse - photo: Tine Declerck.PARTS - Generation 9 - Renan Martins de Oliveira - photo: Tine Declerck
PARTS - Generation 9 - Mohamed Toukabri - photo: Tine Declerck.PARTS - Generation 9 - Polina Akhmetzyanova - photo: Tine Declerck
PARTS - Generation 9 - Video / Installations - photo: Tine Declerck.PARTS - Generation 9 - Boglarka Börcsök - photo: Tine Declerck

The evening was coordinated by Nestor Garcia Diaz & Michiel Vandevelde

short overview of the program:

17h-23h = Videos / Installations
- Trialogus Digitalis Purpureus by Nonlocal Society,
- Freedom and conscience in nomad's shoes (Documentary film) & Self-Sufficient Birth (Documentary film) by Ondřej Kano Landa / Fukiko Kano / Offcompany
- 13-15, today was the future (Film) by Eleanor Campbell and Pavle Heidler / Together Alone
- Bodywork N°2, from the series 9 bodyworks by Radouan Mriziga
- Next piece (2011, inflatable object, plastic, strings, machine) by Jeff Poak

20h30  = performance “Autointitulado (Selftitled)” by Cyriaque Villemaux and João dos Santos Martins
22h00 = La serenata Per i Dissonanti, tonalità diverse by Polina Akhmetzyanova & Fourteentone by  & solo What the Body Remembers by Mohamed Toukabri
22h40 = 3 Solos, ODLA by Julien Josse, Á tue-tête by Guillaume Guilherme, Failbetter by Renan Martins De Oliveira
23h20 = Concert Covers by Nestor Garcia Diaz, Cyriaque Villemaux, Boglarka Börcsök, and Polina Akhmetzyanova


Generation I 's program can be found here and the video/installations program can be found here.

PARTS - Generation 1 - photo: Tine Declerck.PARTS - Generation 1 - photo: Tine Declerck
PARTS - Generation 1 - photo: Tine Declerck.PARTS - Generation 1 - photo: Tine Declerck

The evening was coordinated by Heine Avdal & Salva Sanchis

short overview of the program:

17h00-23h = Video installations by Roberto Olivan de la Iglesia, Taka Shamoto,  Arco Renz and Babette by Stefanie Bodien.
22h00 = Performance '20 years - 2 days - 1 performance' with and by Anabel Schellekens, Anna Katariina Saastamoinen, Carlos De Haro, Diana Tomsová, Giulia Sugranyes, Heine Avdal, Hélène Benabbad, Jennifer Regidor, Maria Clara Villa Lobos, Nicholas Turicchia, Rina Wertheim, Salva Sanchis, Sandra Schär, Silvia Ubieta, Sofia Brito, Susan Hengartner, Sylvie Huysman, Tamayo Okano

Generation VI 's program can be found here and the video/installations program can be found here.

PARTS - Generation 6 - photo: Tine Declerck.PARTS - Generation 6 - photo: Tine Declerck
PARTS - Generation 6 - photo: Tine Declerck.PARTS - Generation 6 - photo: Tine Declerck

This day was coordinated by Eleanor Bauer & Femke Gyselinck

short overview of the program:

14h-15h: Yentl de Werdt - workshop on Ayurvedic Massage (open level)
15h-16h: Benjamin Vandewalle (TBC)
16h-17h: Femke Gyselinck - “My Talking Is My Dancing” practice (open level).
17h-18h: Eleanor Bauer - Dancing the Writing, Writing from Dancing (open level)
17h–23h: Video installations, Off-beat Live, July 2014 by Milan Tomášik & Stanislav Dobák
Documentary 6th Generation PARTS, 2006 edited by Federica Porello, with the help of Sandra Iché
21h–22h30: PERFORMANCE created and performed by Matthieu Bajolet, Eleanor Bauer, Yentl De Werdt, Femke Gyselinck, Tarek Halaby, Benjamin Vandewalle, Sandy Williams with the assistance of Andros Zins-Browne





OPEN FRIDAY - PARTS - photo: Bart Grietens

Open Fridays

Young dancers and choreographers who are considering to participate in the auditions for the Training Cycle 2016-2019, can visit the school to experience the daily work in PARTS.
This is possible on selected Fridays in November, December and January.
Visitors can observe the dance classes in the morning. At noon, there is time to ask questions to staff or students. On some of the open days, visitors can also observe the theory seminars in the afternoons.
We can only allow 6 people per session, so it’s necessary to book your place.

On the programme:
20/11/15:  = FULL = (morning only)
                 - ballet with Janet Panetta,
                 - contemporary with Martin Kilvady

27/11/15: (morning only)
                - ballet with Janet Panetta,
                - contemporary with Martin Kilvady

04/12/15: (morning only)
                - ballet with Janet Panetta,
                - contemporary with Martin Kilvady

08/01/16: = FULL = - ballet with Marta Coronado,
                - contemporary with David Hernandez,
                - theory with Lieven De Cauter and Bojana Cvejic

15/01/16: = FULL = - ballet with Marta Coronado,
                - contemporary with David Hernandez,
                - theory with Bojana Cvejic and Anya Topolski,
                 - performance analysis with Christophe Wavelet

22/01/16: = FULL = - ballet with Marta Coronado,
                 - contemporary with David Hernandez,
                 - theory with Ludo Abicht,
                 - performance analysis with Christophe Wavelet

29/01/16: - ballet with Marta Coronado,
                 - contemporary with David Hernandez,
                 - theory with Rudi Laermans,
                 - rhythm with Michael Schmid

Open Friday:
Make sure you arrive on time, because latecomers are not accepted in the classes!

9h30:               Arrival and introduction
9h45 – 13h00:  Dance classes
13h-14h15 :      Possibility to join for the macrobiotic lunch. The lunch costs 5€; it is necessary to reserve in advance for the lunch.
14h15 - 17u30: Afternoon seminars (only in January-February)

If you want to participate, send an email to auditions @, indicating which day you would like to come and whether you want to take the lunch. You will receive a confirmation from our side.





Opening school year 2015-2016

Last Tuesday, September 8, PARTS opened the new school year 2015-2016 and the activities for its 20th anniversary.
For an audience of approx. 150 guests, students, staff, teachers, former staff and students and friends, the anniversary was celebrated by a series of speeches. Deputy director Theo Van Rompay introduced the seven speakers. President Hugo De Greef clarified the role of the board of directors: working out of the spotlights but having a crucial role in the existence and functioning of the institution. Thomas Plischke, former student of the first generation and currently co-coordinator of the Research Studios program, looked back to his trajectory as a student and the most important things he took form his passage, especially the stress on learning by passing on experience and the permanent reflection on it. Current student Maya Oliva presented a performance lecture trying to catch the identity of her generation, balancing between the individual and the collective. Theory teacher Anya Topolski spoke about her experience as a teacher compared to the academic context where she usually works, and on  the ‘effects’ of her teaching on her students. Salva Sanchis, also a former student of the first generation but also a teacher and co-coordinator since more than 10 years, attempted to summarize what makes PARTS special in his eyes, highlighting the fact that teachers and students inspire each other. Frank Vandenbroucke, former minister of education, situated the place of PARTS in the structures and recent developments in the higher education in the arts. The final words were for Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, founder and director of the school, who looked back on her intentions of 20 years ago. She translated them into the practice of today, referencing the people who have made and are still making the school into what it is.

Ictus percussionist Tom De Cock performed a short musical intermezzo. After the speeches there was a reception with snacks from the macrobiotic kitchen, embellished by former student Benjamin Vandewalle’s surprising performance installation Inter-view.
You can download the texts of most speeches by clicking on the name of the speaker in the text above.



September 4, 2015: PARTS is 20 years old!

opening ceremony: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Theo Van Rompay.opening reception: Bernard Foccroulle, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Pina Bausch, Dominique Duszynski

On September 4, 2015, it’s exactly 20 years ago that PARTS opened its doors. This will be celebrated throughout the coming year.
In the Summer of 1994, choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Bernard Foccroulle, then director of the national opera De Munt/La Monnaie, decided to start a new school for contemporary dance. Hardly a year later, the school became fact, with a first generation of 30 students coming form different continents.
On September 4, 1995, the opening of the school was celebrated, with special guest choreographer Pina Bausch , who was one of the reference artists in the construction of the programme, alongside William Forsythe and Trisha Brown.The buildings of PARTS and Rosas, which had only been acquired in the Summer of 1995, were still in full transformation at that time.

The celebration year ‘PARTS20’ will start on September 8 with an academic session at the occasion of the start of the new school year, with speeches by former minister of Education Frank Vandenbroucke, director Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, president Hugo Degreef, teachers, students and former students.
After September 8, we will publish more information about the public activities of PARTS20.



PARTS 2015-2016

The school year 2015-2016 already started. On August 24, a new group of 10 choreographers and dramaturges launched the second pilot project of the Research Studios. During the first four months of this project, they will be working with choreographer Thomas Plischke and musician Alain Franco on a research into the notion of ‘polyphony’, with interventions and workshops by Alain Franco, deufert&plischke, Christian Grüny, David Shea, Stefan Prins, Arkadi Zaides and Frédéric Pouillaude. The 10 participants come from Austria, Belgium, Canada, Cuba, Greece, Hungary, Israel and Spain.

On August 31, 36 students return for the third year of the Training cycle. They start the year with a repertoire period, working on ‘Vortex Temporum’ by Rosas (directed by Marie Goudot and other Rosas dancers), ‘Newark’ by Trisha Brown (directed by Lance Gries and Katrina Warren) and ‘Clouds after Cranach’ by William Forsythe (directed by Yoko Ando and Katja Cherenova). The results of these studies will be presented during a PARTS@WORK#1 at the beginning of October. The dance classes in this period are taught by Elisabeth Farr, Laura Aris and Inaki Azpillaga.

In 2015 -2016, PARTS also celebrates its 20th anniversary, with some special activities which will be announced very soon.


Book publication: P.A.R.TS. - Documenting ten years of contemporary dance education

posted 15/12/2007

In September 1995, the Performing Arts Research and Training Studios (P.A.R.T.S.) opened their doors in Brussels. It was the result of a dream shared by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker (Rosas) and Bernard Foccroulle (De Munt/La Monnaie), a dream for an international school for contemporary dance that responded to the breakthroughs and challenges of the still-young contemporary dance scene in Belgium.

This book celebrates the 10th anniversary of PARTS. Teachers, students, former students and outsiders remember, recount and reflect on different aspects of the school: its mission, its program, its daily experience, its impact and its relation to the world. An extensive photo collection gives a view on students and teachers at work. The book finishes with an archive of facts and figures relating to 10 years of PARTS.

Edited by Steven De Belder and Theo Van Rompay
Published by PARTS in 2006.

The book was published with the support of VGC (Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie), Nationale Loterij and the network Départs, which is supported by the European Commission (Programme Culture 2000).

It is also available directly from PARTS: send an email to Jens Buysschaert to order it.
Price: 20 euros

Let's celebrate 20 years of P.A.R.T.S.

Open Fridays


Opening school year 2015-2016

September 4, 2015: PARTS is 20 years old!

PARTS 2015-2016

Book publication


Agenda 2015-2016

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September 1st
Lecture François Jullien

September 4th
exactly 20 years ago  PARTS opened its doors

September 7-25
Open classes Laura Aris for professional dancers

September 19-20
Heritage days Brussels

October 1-2
PARTS @ WORK 1 & 2

October 25

November 12-13-14
Let's celebrate 20 years of P.A.R.T.S.

November 20
Open Friday

November 27
Open Friday

December 4
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December 6

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