Marcel Bassachs

Nationality: ES
Current Residency: ES
Generation: 2 | 1996-1999
Last Update: January 30, 2013

International choreographer Marcel Bassachs is the director of Moviment Lantana, a dance company situated in the city of Banyoles, north east of Spain (Catalonia) in residence at the Performing Arts Center (La Factoria de les Arts). The company carries multidisciplinary art works encompassing both scientific poetry and performing arts (dance and movement), and is co-directed by Marcel Bassachs and the poet and full-time professor Jordi Colomer (University of Girona), as well as by a set of dancers.

The company has lately developed the projects: The Utopic LakeNatural HistoryThe Fractal Time, and The Collector’s Eye, with a clear defined intention to develop performing arts with a scientific basis. This relationship has created a post poetic and artistic language, well considered on an international basis. Their last project: The Collector’s Eye, has been of international interest (France and Russia). It deals with the ideas of Darwin on natural selection of species, the concept of necessity on evolution and human relationships, on the genesis of life, on the concept of chaos and the singularity of human bodies, etc.

Moviment Lantana works in an international basis in collaboration with mainly Altaïr dance Company situated in the South of France (region of Ariège), and has also developed workshops and master classes for dancers and youth public.


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