Leslie Mannes

Nationality: BE
Current Residency: BE
Generation: 5 | 2001-2002
Last Update: February 4, 2013

Leslie Mannès studied contemporary dance at P.A.R.T.S and at SEAD and graduated from the master in performing arts at the ULB.

She created the performances Delusive Figures (2004) and ... ou la brune qui adorait les sardines à l'huile. (2010). Since 2006, she is working in collaboration with Manon Santkin on different projects such as By-Product with the clothes designer Jennifer Defays, and Performance Kit. Since 2011, she joined the collective of artists l'Entreprise d'Optimisation du Réel. They are developing the project Optimum Park™. She is currently working together with Louise Baduel on their new performance SYSTEM FAILURE to be presented in april 2012 in les Brigittines.

As a performer, she is working since 2006 with the company Mossoux-Bonté. She also worked with the choreographer Ayelen Parolin and Maxence Rey. She played the role of Deborah in the movie FATCAT from Nicolas Deschuyteneer and Patricia Gelise. In 2007, she was awarded of the grant of the Fondation Vocation.

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