Auditions for Pilot #2

The 2nd pilot program of the Research Studios will run between August 25, 2015 and December 15, 2016.

Auditions will take place in Spring 2015.

The deadline for sending in applications was 27 April, the applications are now closed. 

The final audition took place in Brussels, May 9-10, 2015.


Profile of the applicants

We offer 12 positions.

Focus is on persons with a strong choreographic interest. But also theoreticians, who prepare for a career as a dance dramaturge or a dance critic, can apply.

We aim for 9 or 10 choreographers and 2 or 3 theoreticians.


Profile and requirements:

- MA degree in dance or MA degree in dance or performance studies, AND/OR similar professional experience

- A creative affinity with music; basic knowledge of music (notation, music history) is a strong asset

Minimum age 23, maximum age 35 (exceptions to this rule may be possible)

- Very good skills in speaking and writing in English


Application procedure

0/ registration

To facilitate the administration, we invite eveyone who will submit a dossier to register beforehand here. You can do this even before your dossier is finished.
This pre-registration is not required!


1/ Pre-selection

Please send in by email or regular mail, before March 20, an English application dossier composed of:

- a detailed cv

- a motivation letter which includes a statement on how you see your personal research connect and develop in relation to the proposed frameworks

- a reference letter written by a senior artist

- for choreographers: video documentation of your own work (maximum 30', in at least one section you have to be on stage)

- for dramaturges: critical/anaytical texts (max 20 pages, published or not)

The dossier should be in English

Send it to PARTS/Eva Vanhole, Van Volxemlaan 164, 1190 Brussels, Belgium, or email it to, before April 27. Applicants will receive the result of the selection after April 10, or one week after reception when you have sent it after April 10.


Study costs

The study cost for Research Studios Pilot #2 amount to 8000€. This amount consists of  4000€ registration fee and 4000€ tuition fee, and is to be paid in four installments:
- 4000€ registration fee by June 15, 2015,

- 1300€ tuition fee on October 1, 2015

- 1300€ tuition fee on February 1, 2016

- 1400€ tuition fee on June 1st, 2016.

PARTS graduates pay 6.125€.

A daily macrobiotic lunch at each working day (during the months the program is active) is included in the tuition fee.

The living expenses (accommodation, food, other) are estimated between 600€ (minimum) and 1000€ (more comfortable) per month, not including travel to and from Belgium.

Accommodation has to be sought on the private housing market in Brussels. Sharing an apartment with others is usually the most economic option.



A good number of scholarships are available. We might cover all of your (minimum) living conditions, during the months the program is active.

In order to qualify for a scholarship, a candidate must prove that s/he has searched for scholarships at other funding bodies. Hopefully this will help you to be totally or partially independent of our scholarship fund. Moreover, by searching a scholarship for your self, you will also support all other students! Because the more candidates find support in other places, the more those who need(s)a PARTS scholarship the most, can actually benefit from our scholarship fund. 

PARTS will accompany the candidates in this search. It is strongly advised to start searching for scholarships before the final audition!

If you need more clarity about the possibilities, relating to your individual situation, please contact Eva Vanhole.

The budget for the scholarships is provided through the [DNA] Departures and Arrivals project, with the support of the European Commission (Creative Europe program).


Next auditon round for the Training cycle: Spring 2016

In September 2013, PARTS started with its renewed Training cycle, which lasts 3 years. The next time the Training program will start is September 2016, for which there will be auditions organised in Spring 2016. If you want to stay up-to-date with new on auditions and other activities, go to the contact page.


General information Training cycle

Program curriculum
An overview of the Training program can be found under the chapters 'curriculum training' and 'curriculum research'. The renewed 3-year Training programme will cover the current Training curriculum, as well as parts of the current Research curriculum. The detailed program for the upcoming 3 years 2013-2016, including an overview of the faculty, will be available on the website from January 11, 2013.

Number of students
There will be room for approx. 50 new students.

Entry requirements
The minimum age of entry is 18, the maximum age is 23 (both ages on Dec 31 in the year of entry). 
Candidates must have a secondary school diploma.
Only candidates who are selected in a preselection audition can participate in the final audition.

Working language
Due to the highly international body of teachers the working language at PARTS is English. It is essential that students have a good knowledge of English when starting the course.

At the final audition the candidates will have to take a language test.

Guest students
PARTS does not have exchange or guest programs.

Open classes
Sometimes, PARTS organises open classes with PARTS teachers in Brussels or in other places. Check the news & activities page on the site to find out if there are any planned in the near future.

Registration & Tuition fees
The registration fee is € 4.500. This amount is due only once, irrespective of the number of years the student spends at PARTS. It has to be paid before the start of the courses.

The tuition fee for Training Cycle is € 2.500 a year, with the daily lunch included.

For the full 3 years Training Cycle, the cost will be € 4.500 + (3 x € 2.500)= € 12.000

Candidates are encouraged to apply for grants awarded by their local (municipal, regional, national)authorities. Ideally the application should be submitted immediately after the candidate's pre-selection. The PARTS secretariat will provide the necessary certificates at the candidate's request. As soon as the grant application is decided on by the local authorities (positive or negative) the candidate may apply to the PARTS Foundation for a scholarship. Copies of the correspondence with the local authorities should be enclosed with the application to the PARTS Foundation.

The PARTS Foundation provides grants to students at PARTS. A great part of the Foundation comes from the European network DÉPARTS, that grants scholarships to young people coming to study at PARTS, with the support of the European Commission, under its "Culture" programme.

The DÉPARTS scholarships are complementary to the grant awarded to a student in his or her country of origin. The DÉPARTS grant covers at most the tuition fee,food, travel expenses and part of the living costs. The student will receive the application forms for the DÉPARTS scholarship immediately after the final audition. Students who have applied for a grant to their local authorities, will have priority for the attribution of the DÉPARTS grants.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the selection criteria? 

2. I am older or younger than the age limit for one of the cycles. Can I participate in the preselection?

3. Do I need to send or bring recommendation letters and a cv to the audition

4. Can I participate in multiple preselections?

5. How do I know if I can participate in a preselection?

6. What will happen during a preselection? 

7. How long will the preselection last? 

8. When do I know if I am selected for the final audition? 

9. What will happen during the final audition? 

10. When do I know if I am selected to come to PARTS? 

11. Is there a dress code for the auditions? 

12. Do I make more chance auditioning in Brussels rather than elsewhere? 

13. All the places for the preselections are extremely far from where I live. What do I do? 

14. Can PARTS financially support my coming to Brussels for the final audition or the preselection? 

15. How many students does PARTS take in? 

16. Does PARTS provide scholarships? 

17. Can you send me a brochure or prospectus? 

18. Can I visit the school?

1 What are the selection criteria?
PARTS is looking for dancers, dance makers and choreographers with intuition and openness, physical intelligence, potential, talent, stage presence, mental availability and focus, and a clear capacity for looking, listening and digesting information, and for autonomous learning. top

2 I am older or younger than the age limit for the Training cycle. Can I participate in one of the preselections?
If you are younger than the age limit, you can participate in the audition, but only if you are sure you will have the necessary diploma (secondary school diploma) before September 1st, 2013.
If you are older than the age limit, you have a smaller chance of acceptance. PARTS will occasionally make an exception to this rule and accept an older student. top

3 Do I need to send or bring recommendation letters and a cv to the audition?
If you apply through a preselection, you don’t have to send a cv and recommendation letters, nor bring them to the audition. All the information we need is in the registration form. top

4 Can I participate in multiple preselections?
No, you must choose one preselection only. top

5 How do I know if I can participate in a preselection?
One week after sending in your application form, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. If you have not received this until three days before the preselection, contact Eva Vanhole at the PARTS office. top

6 What will happen during a preselection?
The preselection will consist of a contemporary dance class, a classical class and a short personal work. The precise format of the personal work will be explained in an email to the registered candidates a week before the preselection. top

7 How long will a preselection last?
The exact length of a preselection varies according to the number of participants, but it usually takes up around 6 hours. You will be able to register from 09.00 am; the actual preselection will start at 10.00 am. Make sure to take this into account when you need to book travels beforehand. If you are not sure, contact Eva Vanhole at the PARTS office. top

8 When do I know if I am selected for the final audition?
The selection is made on the day of the preselection, maximum two hours after the end of the audition. If you have to leave earlier, you should warn the selection responsible, and call the PARTS office the next week to know your result. Candidates who have been selected for the final audition will receive a confirmation letter, which they also can use for getting a visa. top

9 What will happen during the final audition?
The final audition will last several days and will consist of the following elements:
- two ballet classes, with different teachers
- four contemporary dance classes, with different teachers
- repertory: study of Rosas repertory material, and performing it
- theatre classes
- music session
- writing a short essay
- personal work 
- group talk and individual interview  top

10 When do I know if I am selected to come to PARTS?
The final selection will be made one week after the end of the final audition. top

11 Is there a dress code for the auditions?
In dance classes, the candidate must wear clothing that permits correct observation by the teacher. Wide clothes or too many layers of clothes hinder the precise observation of the position and workings of the body. For classical classes there is a dress code: ankles, knees and hips must be clearly discernible. top

12 Do I make more chance auditioning in Brussels rather than elsewhere?
The preselections are carried out by the same group of people for all the preselections, holding on the same criteria for evaluation. Moreover, auditions in Brussels are usually more crowded than in some other places. top

13 All the places for the preselections are extremely far from where I live. What do I do?
If you have trouble finding the right location for a preselection, please contact Eva Vanhole who will give you advice. top

14 Can PARTS financially support my coming to Brussels for the preselection for the Training Cycle or for the final auditions?
No, we do not cover any expenses for the Training Cycle auditions. We will give you a list with cheap accommodation in Brussels. Contact Eva Vanhole if you have serious trouble getting to Brussels. top

15 How many students does PARTS take in?
In the new Training Cycle, PARTS will take in approximately 50 students. top

16 Does PARTS provide scholarships?
PARTS can provide some scholarships to those students that do not have enough financial resources and have not succeeded in getting scholarships from other funding bodies. PARTS depends for scholarships on external sources, so nothing can be guaranteed. Even if you are not yet sure if you will be accepted or not, it is good to start looking around for scholarship funds in your own country, and start up the application procedure, because in many cases the application deadlines will have expired before you get the final confirmation. If you need help or documents from PARTS, contact the office. top

17 Can you send me a brochure or prospectus?
Unfortunately we have no printed material about PARTS. Please check the website where you can find the necessary information. If you still have further questions, contact the PARTS office.
You can also buy the book 'P.A.R.TS. - Documenting 10 years of contemporary dance education'. This book contains a lot of interesting information and stories about PARTS. The book can be ordered online, for 20 Euros plus shipping. If you are interested, go to the 'News & activities' sectiontop

18 Can I visit the school?
You can visit the school during selected Open days when the school is functioning in its normal rhythm. The dates for these Open days are announced on the website. Outside of these Open days, visiting the school is not possible. top