PARTS offices closed from July 15 to August 15

The PARTS offices are closed from July 15 to August 15, 2017. 

For urgent matters please contact us through or +32 2 344 55 98.
For any questions regarding PARTS SummerSchool, please contact the SummerSchool office through or +32 471 42 42 84.


Student Performances  Summer 2017, PARTS Studios

In the course of their first year in PARTS, all students created a solo. The task was very open: students had full artistic freedom and were coached to give a form to their creative imagination. For many of them it was the first time to enter such a process. For the Student Performances, the school selected about twenty solos which will be presented to the public during four different programs. 

The detailed program can be found here.

Wednesday 5/7 until Saturday 8/7, 20h30
PARTS Studios
Tickets: 5€; no reservations, the box office opens at 19h.

photo Tine Declerck


P.A.R.T.S. @ Work – Drumming Fragments – an impression

A few weeks ago our students gave their best during the performance of Drumming. After working in three groups for a period of six weeks, the staged three fragments of Drumming (1998). Former Rosas dancers Ursula Robb, Taka Shamoto, Clinton Stringer and Marta Coronado have been teaching the students different sections of the choreography. They helped them building their own material on the basic phrases and structures of the original. More Pictures.


Picture by Anna Van Waeg
(Picture by Anna Van Waeg)

Prix de la critique for PARTS graduates

The French dance press has awarded their annual Prix de la Critique, inthecategory of 'best perfomer' to four graduates of PARTS, for their perofrmance in A Love Supreme by Rosas. Read more


40 solo’s: 1-2/7, Dansand Festival, Ostend

PARTS is a regular guest at the Dansand festival, which presents contemporary dance on and around the beach of Ostend. All students will present solo work on a stage under the Royal Galleries – one by one, during a marathon of seven hours. Spectators can pass by, stay for while, leave and come back as they wish!

Saturday 1/7 and Sunday 2/7, from 14h until 21h
Royal Galleries, Ostend
Free entrance, no reservations.
For more information about the festival, visit


P.A.R.T.S. @ kunstenfestivaldesarts

A few weeks ago, during the closing event of Kunstenfestivaldesarts, 42 students performed a 3-minute solo during at the Machine Hall of Brass. More Pictures.

Solo by Aminata, Picture by Theo Van Rompay


Students discover the repertory of William Forsythe.

Our student dive into the artistic modalities of the William Forsythe repertory. They discover this iconic piece of German dance history while working on their own version of SIDER (2011). Fabrice Mazliah, Roberta Mosca and Cyril Baldy, three ex-forsythe dancers guide them through different artistic aspects and working methods. More Pictures.

Picture by Tine Declerck
Picture by Tine Declerck (
This workshop is made possible with the support of Goethe-Institut


SummerSchool - Micro-projects

This year P.A.R.T.S. introduces a new format in the Summerschool: the microprojects. During five afternoons you will work intensively with one of the choreographers on a small creation. At the end of the week the outcome will be shown to the other participants of Summerschool and the people you invited. As the choreographers do not teach you one of their existing pieces, these projects are the most adventurous facet of our Summerschool! With the microprojects we guarantee you intense processes triggered by an idea and working method of the choreographer. In groups of 15 participants, who never worked together, you will realise an outcome, which will be shown at the end of the week, for fellow participants. The microprojects are a challenge for creative minds and bodies!

The choice of choreographers is divers: from experienced over young, from dance over performance, from strict to open working methods.

Are you interested? Take a look at our website for project descriptions and biographies


P.A.R.T.S Solos during Kunstenfestivaldesarts

Last Friday we had a blast during the opening of Kunstenfestivaldesarts. We are ready for a second round on the closing day of the festival, tis time in the machinery hall at Brass, next to the Wiels Arts Center. You can see our students dancing their solos bewteen 17 and 19h, and between 21 and 23h. No reservations, just come!  More Pictures.

Picture by Anna Van Waeg

(Picture by Anna Vanwaeg)


Upcoming presentations in June

The year is almost coming to an end, and will be finished with some public performances by the PARTS students:

June 23 and 24: parts@work 12: presentations of the repertoire work 'Drumming';
July 1st and 2nd: students present their solos at the Dansand festival in Ostende;
July 5-8:  Student Performances Summer 2017, with a selection of the students' creations from this year.

More information will be posted in June!


PARTS 20 years - 50 portraits

In celebration of the twentieth anniversary of P.A.R.T.S., the book “20 years – 50 portraits” was created. In this book the school looks back, portraying fifty former students, who each narrate their unique story about what dance means to them and the role of P.A.R.T.S. in their life. The portraits are preceded by an interview with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. One hundred images of the school conclude the book, together with an overview of all the students, teachers and collaborators, who have over the past twenty years contributed to the making of P.A.R.T.S.
For a full overview of the contents of the book, look here

The book is available for €34,50, shipping costs excluded. A copy can be ordered via

You can download the interview with Salva Sanchis from the book here, to have a peek on the look and feel of the book!


Trisha Brown 1936 - 2017

photo Bart Grietens

PARTS mourns the death of choreographer Trisha Brown, who has been very influential on the work that we do.
Read further.


Summer School is back

On July 10 the eighth edition of Summer School will start, with a new concept. During a program of five weeks, you will be able to participate in

-       5 days-clusters of 3 classes: Yoga, contemporary and Rosas repertory;

-       5 days-workshops: workshops, Rosas repertory or Micro projects;

-       Classes à la carte.

Click here for more information and here for the inscription form.

Photo by Tine Declreck


PARTS mailing list

If you want to receive information concerning performances, auditions or workshops organised by PARTS, leave your data at the contact page.


Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

PARTS was founded in 1994 by choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Bernard Foccroulle, director of the national opera De Munt/ La Monnaie.
Under its new director Peter De Caluwe, De Munt/ La Monnaie has continued its structural partnership with PARTS. See for more information on its activities.

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker has been the director of PARTS since 1994. Her artistic vision and work, developed since 1982, are a permanent
source of inspiration for the pedagogical program of PARTS. For more background on the program, go to the presentation of the school. For more information on Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker's choreographic work and the Rosas company, go to





PARTS was founded by Rosas and De Munt/La Monnaie. The school is funded by the Ministry of Education of the Flemish Community and receives additional support from the network [DNA] Departures and Arrivals. [DNA] is funded by the European Commission (Creative Europe Program). PARTS and HES-SO/Manufacture (Lausanne, CH) are 2013-2017 partner institutions for higher education in contemporary dance.



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photo Anne Van Aerschot


Bekijk video op YouTube

photo Bart Grietens

Admiring  “Le radeau de la Méduse” by Théodore Gericault in Robin van Besien’s Art History class

Robin van Besien, Audrey Merilus, Jonas Gineika, Jean-Baptiste Portier, Luis Miguel Ramirez Munoz discuss pictorial space in Art History class.

Wai Loc Chan and Tessa Hall warm up for Contact Improvisation class with Martin Nachbar. 

Wai Loc Chan, Tessa Hall, Keren Kraizer, Synne Elve Enoksen, Cassandre Cantillon warm up for Contact Improvisation class with Martin Nachbar.

Maureen Bator and Aminata Diallo find rhythm in movement in Rhythm Class with Michel de Brulle.

Thomas Higginson serenades Rita Alves in Lucy Grauman’s Singing Class

Fabienne Seveillac, Singing teacher.