Biographies of former students

The biograpies below have been assembled in the framework of the publication of the PARTS-book in 2006, and have been updated as much as possible by intern Emma Villavecchia in January 2013.  The information came directly from the people or was assembled through other sources. 

PARTS apologises for eventuel incompleteness and mistakes. Updates, corrections, changes and cuts can be proposed to the webmaster.

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Upcoming premieres by or with former PARTS students

This new section features premieres of new pieces created by former students of PARTS, or new pieces featuring former PARTS students as dancers. The numbers behind their names refer to the generation they were part of. If you have any information about upcoming works, please contact


April 16, Black Milk van Louise Vanneste (3), Les Brigittines, Brussel (BE)

April 18, Romeo en Julia by Mokhallad Rasem/Toneelhuis, met o.a. José Paulo dos Santos (9), Eleanor Campbell (9), Bourlaschouwburg, Antwerp (BE)

April 20, Voltara van Renan Martis de Oliveira (9), La Raffinerie, Brussel (BE)

April 20, Each today is yesterday's tomorrow van Pierre Dreoulers & Youness Khoukhou (9), La Raffinerie, Brussel (BE)April 26, Victor by Jan Martens and Peter Seynaeve, with a.o.Steven Michel (8), Campo, Ghent

April 23, System failure by Leslie Mannes (5) and Louise Baduel (6), Brigittines, Brussels

April 24, Wulong of de Dansende Draak by Iris Bouche and Kobe Proesmans/hetPaleis, with a.o. Bara Sigfusdottir (9), hetPaleis, Antwerp (BE)

April 29, Grafted by Ugo Dehaes (2), Stuk, Leuven

May 9, Soleils by Pierre Droulers/ Charleroi Danses, with a.o. Louis Combeaud (9), Stanislav Dobak (8), Youness Khoukhou (9), Renan Martins de Oliveira (9),Benjamin Pohlig (10), Katrien Vandergooten (3), Kunstenfestivaldesarts, La Raffinierie, Brussels

May 15, H, an incident by Kris Verdonck/ A Two Dogs Company, with a.o. Erna Omarsdottir (1), Kaaitheater, Brussel

22 mei, Light solos by Ula Sickle (5) & Yann Leguay, KVS, Brussels (BE)



Recent premieres



April 5, Or ever young bu Doris Stelzer, with Ondrej Vidlar (7), WUK, Vienna (AT)

April 5, The thing with the hook by Salka Ardal Rosengren (8) & Nicholas Hoffman,, MDT, Stockholm (SE)

March 27, Shifts  by Peter Savel (8) and Kamil Mihalov, Stuk, Leuven (BE)

March 26, Phenomena by Georgia Vardarou (7), with  Stav Yeini (8) and Eun-kyug Lee (7), Stuk, Louvain

March 22, Mush-room by Grace Ellen Barkey/ Needcompany, with a.o. Sung-Im Her (6), Yumiko Funaya (7), Mohamed Toukabri (9), PACT Zollverein, Essen (DE)

March 22, Animal dances by Martin Nachbar, with a.o. Benjamin Pohlig (10), Sophiensaele, Berlijn (DE)

March 14, Monkeymind by Simon Mayer (7), Brut, Vienna (AT)

February 27, Vartaloiden kaupunki (City of bodies) by Veli Lehtovaara (8) and Aron Blom (8), Zodiak Center for New Dance, Helsinki (FI)

February 22, Walter Mitty van Anaïs Van Eycken (8), Frédérique Dom (8) en Sebastian Dingens, Het Entrepot, Bruges (BE)

January 28, Darling by Moya Michael (3) and Igor Shysko (3), Stuk, Louvain (BE)

January 9 Clear tears/ troubled waters by Thierry Smits/Cie. Thor, with a.o. Victor Perez Armero (9), Halles de Schaerbeek, Brussels




December 15, Trigon by Georgia Vardarou (7), Salva Sanchis (1) and Marc Vanrunxt, Stuk, Leuven

December 13, Chant eloigné by Claire Croizé (3), with Cecilia Lisa Eliceche (8), Claire Godsmark (3), Liz Kinoshita (7), Taka Shamoto (1), Stuk, Leuven

November 23, Fiction in action by Nada Gambier (4), deSingel, Antwerp

November 23, Welcome to the jungle by Andros Zinsbrowne (6), deSingel, Antwerp

November 21, Solo for Eko Supriyanto and Solo for Melanie Lane by Arco Renz (1), Stuk, Leuven

November 13, Half elf zomeravond by Bart Meueleman/Marguerite Duras/Toneelhuis, with a.o. Radouan Mriziga (9), Bourlaschouwburg, Antwerp

November 9, Oh, no by Karolina Wolkowiecka (2) & Kaya Koloziejczik (5)/ ULO/I, with a.o. Ewelina Guzik (2), Contemporary Art Center, Warsaw (PL)

November 8, Ensemble by Albert Quesada (7)/ Passerelle, Budascoop Kortrijk (BE)

November 8, Theatre by Superamas & En-knap, with a.o. Lieve De Pourcq (5), Španski Borci Cultural Centre, Ljubljana (SI) 

November 2, Fragments by Les SlovaKs, with a.o. Milan Herich (6), Anton Lachky (5), Peter Jasko (6), Milan Tomasik (6), Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)

November 2, The artificial nature project by Mette Ingvartsen (5), with a.o. Franziska Aigner (7), Manon Santkin (5), PACT Zollverein, Essen (DE)

October 24, Cow's theory by Cecilia Lisa Eliceche (8) with a.o. Anneleen Keppens (8), Stuk, Leuven

October 22, Scattered state of silence by Ted Stoffer/Aphasia Dance company, with a.o. Sayaka Kaiwa (6), Grand Theatre, Groningen (NL)

October 19, Gaze is a gap is a ghost by Daniel Linehan (8), with Salka Ardal Rosengren (8), Anneleen Keppens (8), Maria Silva (8), deSingel, Antwerp

October 19, Philia by Sung-Im Her (6) and Su-Mi Jang, Theater Freiburg, Freiburg (DE)

October 12: Dry act 2: South domino by Human works/ Anne-Linn Akselsen (5) & Adrian Minkowicz, iDans festival, Istanbul (TR)

October 9, The Heather Lang show by Eleanor Bauer and Vice Versa - Trash is Fierce episode 2: Destiny's Realness™ by Eleanor Bauer (6) and Heather Lang, eXplore dance festival, Bucharest (RO)

September 19, Altered natives' say yes to another excess - Twerk by François Chaigneaud & Cecilia Bengolea, with a.o. Elisa Yvelin (8), Biennale de danse, Lyon (FR)

September 7, Marktplaats 76 by Jan Lauwers/Needcompany, with a.o. Sung-Im Her (6), Yumiko Funaya (7), Ruhrtriennale, Bochum (DE)

August 23, Somewhere, out there, life was screaming by Eric Languet/ Danses en l'R, with a.o. Nicholas Aphane (8)Thami Majela (9), Wits Theatre, Johannesburg (ZA)

August 22, Future standards of living by Inga Hakonardottir (10), Vedis Kjartansdottir (9) and Simon Portigal (9)Reykjavik Dance Festival, Dansverkstaedid, Reykjavik (IS) 

July 12, Lacrima by Arne Sierens/ Cie. Cecilia, with a.o. Sayaka Kaiwa (6), NTGent Minnemeers, Ghent (BE)

June 28, Birdwatching 4x4 by Benjamin Vandewalle (6), Dansand festival, Ostend

June 23, Twin paradox by Mathilde Monnier, with a.o. Jonathan Pranlas (8), Thibault Lac (7), Guillaume Guilherme (9), Theatre de Grammont, Montpellier (FR)

June 22, Monique by Alix Eynaudi (1), Vienna (AT), Tazquartier Alix Eynaudi

June 16, Much more than nothing by Peter Savel (8) and Stanislav Dobak (8), Studio Aita, Prague (CZ)

June 13, Zones by Lise Vachon (3) & Igor Shysko (3), Théâtre Marni, Brussels

May 19i, A coming community by Pieter Ampe (7), Nuno Lucas, Herman Heissig and Gui Garrido, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Les Brigittines, Brussel (BE),

May 11, Danza Permanente by DD Dorvillier, with a.o. Fabian Barba (7), Stuk, Leuven (Be)

May 4, Tentative assembly (the tent piece) by Eleanor Bauer (6)/ Good Move, with a.o. Cecilia Lisa Eliceche (8), Manon Santkin (5), Gabriel Schenker (7) andLiz Kinoshita (7), KunstenfestivaldesArts, Kaaitheater, Brussel (BE) Good Move

April 25, Twenty looks or Paris is Burning at the Judson Church (L) by Trajal Harell, with a.o. Thibault Lac (8) en Ondrej Vidlar (7), Bessie Schonberg Theater, New York (US) Trajal Harell

April 23, The way my father imagined it all by Adrienn Hod, with a.o. Marco Torrice (8), Csaba Molnar (8), MU Theatre, Budapest (HU)

April 20, Slow sports by Albert Quesada (7), with a.o. Federica Porello (6), Markus Baldemar (7), Monty, Antwerp Albert Quesada

April 14, Rausch by Falk Richter & Anouk van Dijk, with a.o. Steven Michel (8), Schauspielhaus, Düsseldorf (DE) 

April 12, Still animals by Tuur Marinus (7)/ Busy rocks, with a.o. Benjamin Vandewalle (6), Beursschouwburg, Brussels (BE)

April 12, As it fell by Marisa Cabal (7) and Stav Yeini (8)/ Busy rocks, Beursschouwburg, Brussels (BE) 

March 29, Zoo doen ze die dingen by Randi De Vlieghe/ hetPaleis & fabuleus, with a.o. Julien Josse (9), hetPaleis, Antwerpen

March 23, Nothing's for something by Heine R. Avdal (1) & Yukiko Shinozaki, with a.o. Taka Shamoto (1), Kaaitheater, Brussel (BE) Deep blue

March 21, Tableaux vivants by Anne Juren & Roland Rauschmeier, with a.o. Alix Eynaudi (1) en Eun-kyung Lee (6), CND, Parijs (FR)

March 20, Could we flie together? by Juliane von Crailsheim & Peter Savel (8), Stuk, Leuven (Be)

March 15, Flash flow 1 by Anne Thuot/ Théâtre national, with a.o. Gilles Polet (7), Théâtre national, Brussels (BE)

February 28, Between dog and wolf (Entre chien et loup) by Kajsa Sandström (5) and Frederic Alstadt, Dansens Hus, Stockholm (SE)

February 19, Move me #1 by Anabel Schellekens (1) and Giulia Sugraynes (1), Krokusfestival, CC Hasselt (BE), Inti

February 9, Untried untested by Kate McIntosh, with Boglarka Börcsök (9), Nada Gambier (4) and Anna Whaley (8), Campo, Gent (BE)

February 3, Let's dream by Doris Stelzer, with a.o. Ondrej Vidlar (7), Tanzquartier, Vienna (AT)

February 2, Leckey by Andros Zinsbrowne (6), with a.o. Marcus Baldemar (8), Les Substistances, Lyon (FR)

January 26 Messiah Run by Hans Van den Broeck/ SOIT, with a.o. Jonathan Pranlas (8), Vooruit, Gent (BE), SOIT

January 20 Bubble by Thomas Devens/Balsem, with a.o. Karolina Wolkowiecka (2), C-Mine, Genk (BE)

January 17 Hans was heiri by Zimmerman & de Perrot, with a.o. Tarek Halaby (6), Théâtre Vidy, Lausanne (CH) Zimmermann & de Perrot

13 januari, Angle van Salva Sanchis (1), Kaaiteaterstudios, Brussel (BE) Kunst-Werk

5 januari, Trash is fierce Episode 2: Destiny's realness van en met Eleanor Bauer (6) en Heather Lang, American Realness festival, Abrons Arts Center, New York (USA) Good Move



15 december, Light solos van Ula Sickle (5), Working Title #3, LesBrigittines, Brussel (BE) Ula Sickle

November 25, Jake & Pete's reconciliation attempt after the big disputes of the past by Pieter Ampe & Jakob Ampe, Spielart, Munich (DE), Pieter Ampe

October 29, Zeit by Marc Vanrunxt/ Kunst-Werk, with a.o. Igor Shysko (3), Vooruit, Gent (BE) Kunst-Werk

27-29 October 2011, Points of View by Benjamin Vandewalle (6), Buda, Kortrijk (BE), Passerelle

27-29 October 2011, Human Wrongs, Human Rights by Stanislav Dobak (8), Buda, Kortrijk (BE) Passerelle

October 27, A personal yet collective history by Fabian Barba (7)/Busy Rocks, Amperdans festival, Monty, Antwerp (BE), Busy Rocks

October 27, Faire un four by Sara Manente, with a.o. Ondine Cloéz (4), Monty, antwerp (BE) Sara Manente

October 19, Sweat Baby Sweat by Jan Martens, with a.o. Steven Michel (8), Frascati, Amsterdam

October 15, A louer by Peeping Tom, with a.o. Jos Baker (8), KVS, Brussels (BE), Peeping Tom

October 5, Dust by Arco Renz (1)/ Kobalt Works, with a.o. Igor Shysko (3)Schouwburg, Leuven (BE), Kobalt works

September 29, KOPF HOCH/ head high by Simon Mayer (7) and Peter Mayer, festival Odeontanz, Odeon Theater, Vienna (AT)

September 24, Blauwe storm by Randi De Vlieghe/ Fabuleus, met o.a. Yentl De Werdt (6), Stadsschouwburg, Leuven (BE), Fabuleus

September 23, I see myself falling from your dream by Anne-Linn-Akselsen (5), Adrian Minkowicz, Silja Puranen & Aura Dance Theatre, Kaunas Biennal, Kaunas (LT)

September 15, D'un pays lointain by Noé Soulier (8) and Ballet du Rhin, Théâtre des Abesses, Paris (FR) Noé Soulier

September 15, Blauwe storm by Randi De Vlieghe/ Fabuleus, with a.o. Yentl De Werdt (6), Stadsschouwburg, Leuven (BE), Fabuleus

September 14, Signs of life by New forms of life, by and with Franziska Aigner (7) a.o., Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt (DE)

September 10, White noise by House of Bertha, by and with a.o. Marta Coronado (2), Elizaveta Penkova (5), Jakub Truszkowski (2), MDT, Stockholm (SE)

August 20, Ideography by Noé Soulier (8), Tanz im August festival, Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin (DE) Noé Soulier - listen to an extended radio interview (in French) with Noé Soulier at France Inter

August 2, Body scan by, with a.o. Sayaka Kaiwa (6), Frauke Mariën (5), festival Zomer van Antwerpen

August 1, Alphabet of indeterminacy by Vangelis Legakis, with Gilles Polet (7), Siobhan Davies Studios, London (UK)

July 19, Cesena by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker & Björn Schmelzer, Festival d'Avignon, Palais des Papes, Avignon (FR), with a.o. Aron Blom (8), Carlos Garbin(7), Mikael Marklund (7), Gabriel Schenker (7), Sandy Williams (6) Rosas

July 7, Violet by Meg Stuart/ Damaged Goods, PACT Zollverein, Essen (DE), with a.o. Varinia Canto Vila (2), Kotomi Nishiwaki (5). Damaged Goods

June 22, Pudique acide/ exstasis (recreation) by Mathilde Monnier andn Jean-François Duroure, Festival Uzès danse, Uzès (FR), with Jonathan Pranlas (8) Mathilde Monnier

June 9-10, Jolie by Ula Sickle (5), Kaaitheaterstudio's, Brussel (BE) Ula Sickle

June 7-9, Sliding by Lise Vachon (3), with Lisbeth Gruwez (3), D Festival, Théâtre Marni, Brussels

May 25-28, The tickling death machine by Lazyblood featuring Reykjavik, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Les ateliers Claus, Brussels (BE), with Erna Omarsdottir (1) Erna Omarsdottir

May 20-21, We saw monsters by Erna Omarsdottir (1), Reykjavik Arts Festival, National Theatre, Reykjavik (IS) Erna Omarsdottir

May 18-20, Shapeless by Charlotte Vanden Eynde (2), Kunstenfestivaldesarts, La Raffinerie, Brussels (BE) Charlotte Vanden Eynde

May 14-15, Crack by Arco Renz (1), Signapore Arts Festival (SG) Kobalt Works

April 28, Be good to the always by Rudi Skotheim Jensen, Anne-Linn Akselsen (5) and others, Municipal theatre, Athens (GR)

April 28-29, Gnosis #1 by Vincenzo Carta (6), Taste festival, Stuk, Leuven (BE), with a.o. Steven Michel (8) Caravan Production

April 25-26, One/zero by Benjamin Vandewalle (6),Taste festival, Stuk, Leuven (BE), with a.o. Albert Quesada (7) Caravan production

April 6-7, Women by Ugo Dehaes (2), Stuk, Leuven (BE), with Sayaka Kaiwa (6). Kwaad Bloed

March 31 - April 2l, Elena's Aria by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Kaaitheater, Brussels (BE), with Tale Dolven (6), Sue-Yeon Youn (6) Rosas

March 30 - April 1, Anarchiv #3: songs of love and war by Deuffert + Plischke, with Thomas Plischke (1), Kampnagel, Hamburg (DE) Deuffert+Plischke

March 24, Wagons libres by Sandra Iché (6), Halles de Schaerbeek, Brussels (BE) Festival Temps d'images

March 22, Persona by Louise Vanneste (3), Charleroi-Danses/Théâtre de l'Ancre, Charleroi (BE) Caravan production