Etienne Guilloteau

Nationality: FR
Current Residency: BE
Generation: 4 | 1998-2002
Last Update: January 18, 2013

After a couple of years at the conservartory of Poitiers, Etienne Guilloteau joined P.A.R.T.S. in 1998. He finished his studies in 2002 with the solo Love me two times, which he showed in several European venues.

Guilloteau started his collaboration with wp Zimmer in Antwerp in 2002, which resulted with the creation of the duet Skènè (2004) with Claire Croizé, presented for the first time at cc Berchem in Antwerp. In 2006, Etienne Guilloteau created his second duet La Magnificenza, with Vincent Dunoyer (dance) and Hans Meijer (light). In 2007, he created the piece Dido, a video installation performance in collaboration with Claire Croizé.

In the past couple of years, his choreographical work has focused on the dramaturgical relation between dance, music and light. This research resulted in the showing of two "études"Prima dell'atto, a piece for kids on Debussy's music presented in the Krokus festival in Hasselt and DAAD, and a solo where Guilloteau developed the dance and the light on John Cage’s "Experiences", presented in Hit the Stage (Monty/Antwerp) in 2009.   In spring 2010 Guilloteau premiered his piece “Tres Scripturae” for C.Croizé, C.Godsmark, and himself, a pianist (Alain Franco) and a light-technician (Hans Meijer), also present on stage. He also continued to work within Claire Croizé’s choreographic work as a dramaturge assistant in “ The Farewell” (Prix jardin d’Europe 2009) and “Vor deneim thron” (2010). He has also started a new collaboration with the musical ensemble Walpurgis for the piece “Want zo was het nog nooit” (2010).

In 2011-2012 C.Croizé, A.Franco and Etienne created « Mouvement pour quatuor » together for eight PARTS students for the project DanceXmusic organized in collaboration with Brusssels Opera house « La Monnaie », presented there in 2011. In the Fall of 2012, Etienne was dramaturge assistant of Croizé’s group piece «Chant éloigné » presented at Leuven Schouwburg in collaboration with STUK (Leuven).

In 2013 the Toronto Dance Theater invited him to create a piece on five dancers of the company for the project Brussels-Toronto. « Synopsis of a Battle », a duet with Claire Croizé made in collaboration with Alain Franco will première in the fall 2013 in Kaaitheater, Brussel

Besides his choreographic work, Etienne Guilloteau danced for several people such as Vincent Dunoyer, Rosas, Charlotte Vanden Eynde, and especially with Claire Croizé and Marc Vanrunxt.

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