P.A.R.T.S. at Work / Winter 2015
Studio showings of duets

In the first semester of the current academic year, the second year students collaborated with the musicians of GAME (Ghent Advanced Master Ensemble), the music education related to the Ictus Ensemble.
The starting point was a list of compositions of contemporary and new music, from famous composers such as Xenakis and Stockhausen to young composers like Geoffrey François or Simon Loeffler, studied by the GAME musicians. The P.A.R.T.S. students chose one piece from the list and created a choreography in relation to that music. They worked together with the musicians on the realization of that creation in an internal showing at the end of December.

In March, a number of students are pleased to show their work to a broader public: on two Sunday afternoons they will perform their duets during the Informal Student Showings.

Tickets are free, but you will need to book ahead via mail@parts.be

Practical information:
Sunday 8 March and Sunday 22 March, at 15.00
Tickets: free, but to be booked ahead.

Program Sunday 8 March 2015

Dance: Frank Gizycki (FR) & Eileen Van Os (BE)
Music: Geoffrey François, Elles (2009), performed by Dejana Sekulic (violin)

Dance: András Déri (HU) & Jared Onyango (KE)
Music: Gérard Grisey, Talea ou la machine et les herbes folles (1985-1986), performed by Ensemble Fractales: Hannah Reardon-Smith (flute), Benjamin Maneyrol (clarinet), Kaya Kuwabara (violin), Diego Coutinho (cello) and Gian Ponte (piano)

Dance: Akiyoshi Nita (JP) & Noé Pellencin (FR)
Music: Diego Borello, 6 pièces pour piano (2008), performed by Véronique Delcambre (piano)


Dance: Efrat Galai (IL) & Adriano Vicente (PT)
Music: Gérard Grisey, Talea ou la machine et les herbes folles (1985-1986), performed by Ensemble Fractales: Hannah Reardon-Smith (flute), Benjamin Maneyrol (clarinet), Kaya Kuwabara (violin), Diego Coutinho (cello) and Gian Ponte (piano)

Dance: Karoliina Loimaala (FI) & Maya Oliva (IT)
Music: Michael Maierhof, Splitting 16 (piano), performed by Gwenaëlle Rouger

Student Performances Autumn 2014 (October 2014)

!! Update !! The Student Performances of Friday 7 and Staurday 8 November are completely sold out. The waiting list will be open on Friday 7 November, from 09.00 to 16.00. You can also join us the day itself, but a place is then not guaranteed. If you do have a ticket, please come to collect it the evening itself at the latest at 19.50. At that moment the remaining booked tickets that were not collected will be released for the people on the waiting list.

In their first school year (2013-2014), the students of the Training Cycle all made a solo and followed the repertory workshop Drumming (a piece by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker from 1998). Beginning next month the students will show a selection of those solos and fragments of Drumming during four evenings, at the Student Performances Autumn 2014, on 5, 6, 7 and 8 November 2014 at 20.00.

Tickets per evening: €3,-
For information and tickets: mail@parts.be or 02/344 55 98

(an order for each program has not yet been defined and this program is subject to changes)

Wednesday 5 November 2014, 20.00

Nikita Chumakov (RU) - Dangerous Thinking
Anika Edström Kawaji (SE) - Lumos Maxima
Sami Similä (FI) - Sisu
Jolie Ngemi (CD) - Scream


Drumming (Fragments): Sidney Barnes (GB), Lucas Bassereau (FR), Tina Breiová (CZ), Suelem Cristina de Oliveira da Silva (BR), Fannie Falk (SE), Cassiel Gaube (BE), Stefan Govaart (NL), Karoliina Loimaala (FI), Emeric Rabot (FR), Kamola Rashidova (UZ), Souleymane Sanogo (ML), Jacob Storer (US)
Project director: Clinton Stringer  

Thursday 6 November 2014, 20.00

Lucas Bassereau (FR) - Pierre est le Loup
Fannie Falk (SE) - Y.K.M.N. (Look up the number)
Mario Barrantes Espinoza (CR) - This has (no) name
Kamola Rashidova (UZ) - 4 = 1


Drumming (Fragments):Régis Badel (FR), Amanda Barrio (PE), Victoria Bryzgalova (RU), Nikita Chumakov (RU), Youri De Gussem (BE), Bilal Elhad (MA), Robin Haghi (SE), Yuika Hashimoto (JP), Theodore Livesey (GB), Matilde Mata (PT), Maya Oliva (IT), Sami Similä (FI), Jara Vlaeminckx (BE)
Project director: Taka Shamoto

Friday 7 November 2014, 20.00

Stefan Govaart (NL) - MINAJOEP
Eileen Van Os (BE) - Zoek
Akiyoshi Nita (JP) - Leaving here, Going there


Drumming (Fragments):Régis Badel (FR), Amanda Barrio (PE), Victoria Bryzgalova (RU), Nikita Chumakov (RU), Youri De Gussem (BE), Bilal Elhad (MA), Robin Haghi (SE), Yuika Hashimoto (JP), Theodore Livesey (GB), Matilde Mata (PT), Maya Oliva (IT), Sami Similä (FI), Jara Vlaeminckx (BE)
Project director: Taka Shamoto

Saturday 8 November 2014, 20.00

Yuika Hashimoto (JP) - Last
Bilal Elhad (MA) - A Movie.
Liza Baliasnaja (LT) - God 'Loves You'
Ellatha Damianou (GR) - KREIS


Drumming (Fragments): Sidney Barnes (GB), Lucas Bassereau (FR), Tina Breiová (CZ), Suelem Cristina de Oliveira da Silva (BR), Fannie Falk (SE), Cassiel Gaube (BE), Stefan Govaart (NL), Karoliina Loimaala (FI), Emeric Rabot (FR), Kamola Rashidova (UZ), Souleymane Sanogo (ML), Jacob Storer (US)
Project director: Clinton Stringer

Septemberfestival in Gaasbeek (September 2014)

‘De School van Gaasbeek’ is a new platform for artistic creation and residencies based in the former village school in Gaasbeek, just outside Brussels. The project was co-founded by Hugo Degreef who is the president of PARTS. This Spring the students of the 4th year were among the first to use the studios, for the creation of their graduation works.

On September 6-8, De School van Gaasbeek organises the September Festival, with which they open their doors to the general audience. They have invited a number of artists from different disciplines, people who have been or will be working in the studios, and also a number of artists who have a historical connection to the place – the legendary collective Radeis and the production structure Schaamte, who both played a pivotal role in the renewal of the Femish performing arts scene of the 1980’s, started their operations in the same building.

The festival invited PARTS to present work of the students – now graduated – who have been working there. On Sunday September 7 at 20.30,  Hagar Tenenbaum will perform the solo ‘Swimming room’, followed by the trio ‘Wednesday’ by Ben Van Buren. They share the program with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker who will dance ’Violin Phase’.

Free entrance, but prior reservation is advised.

For more information, visit www.deschoolvangaasbeek.eu.

Research Studios  - first pilot project (August 2014)

In September 2013, P.A.R.T.S. started an ambitious and fundamental re-organisation of its pedagogical structure: Training cycle will from now on last 3 years (previously 2 years) and Research cycle, still 2 years, will be organized from February to November (previously from September to June).

- The new Training program consists of the former 2 years of Training cycle, plus the first year of the previous 2 year Research Cycle. There is place in the Training program for around 50 dancers. Only once in three years auditions are organized. In September 2013 a group of 53 dancers started their 3 year Training program. A next group will start in September 2016.
- The new Research program, now called Research Studios, still consists of 2 years, but it offers a totally new program. There is place for only 12 participants. The new program will be fully operational from February 2017, and its first edition will run until November 2018. To prepare for the new Research program, PARTS will organize in 2015 and 2016 a pilot program of Research Studios.

From 2015 onwards, PARTS installs a new definition of its Research cycle, called RESEARCH STUDIOS.
RESEARCH STUDIOS is a research program which is destined towards choreographers who have obtained a Masterís degree and/or have some years of professional experience. Participants are interested to devote time to research and develop their choreographic language in an environment where reflection and studio experimentation, exchange and collaboration with other artists are the basic working formats. 
Each RESEARCH STUDIOS is composed of 4 blocks of 4 months. The blocks run from mid-February to mid-June, and from August to November. 
For every two-year session, starting with the first edition 2017-2018, there will be an overarching theme. 
Also the pilot version of Research Studios in 2015-2016 will focus on one theme, i.e. the relation between choreography and music.

The pilot edition of RESEARCH STUDIOS will be organized in two separate sections:
    *  Section 1: February 16 > June 12, 2015 : 'Study of the choreographic work of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker'
    *  Section 2: August 25 > December 18, 2015;  February 1 > May 27, 2016; August 1 > November 25, 2016 : 'How to write dance on music?' 

Both sections of the pilot program can be combined. 
Registration for only one of the sections is possible.

The first section of the pilot project will run for 4 months. 
This first section will take as its starting point the choreographic work of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker/Rosas, as filtered through the books series A Choreographerís Score. The goal is an intensive study and critical analysis of the compositional principles of the work of Rosas, the relations between music and choreography, an engagement with the broader context of choreography and music, and a strong thread of studio experimentation where the participants develop new ideas and practices taking the relation between choreographic and musical composition into their own work.

A Choreographerís Score #1 documents the Early Works of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker: Fase (1982), Rosas danst Rosas (1983), Elena's Aria (1984) and Bartok's Fourth String Quartett (1986).
A Choreographerís Score #2 analyses the late choreographies En Atendant (2010) and Cesena (2011).
A Choreographerís Score #3 reflects on two major choreographies on Steve Reich music, i.e. Drumming (1998) and Rain (2001).
A fourth chapter of the first section of the pilot project will be the critical study of Work/Travail/Arbeid (2015), based on Vortex Temporum (2013): a nine week long 'exhibition' in the Centre for Contemporary Art WIELS during Spring 2015. 

We offer 12 positions in the first section of the pilot project. Focus is on persons with a strong choreographic interest. But also theoreticians, who prepare for a career as a dance dramaturge or a dance critic, can apply. We aim for 9 or 10 choreographers and 2 or 3 theoreticians.

- MA degree in dance or MA degree in dance or performance studies, OR similar professional experience
- good basic musical knowledge (minimum requirement: basic musical notation; good knowledge of music is an asset) - this will be tested during the audition
- minimum age 23, maximum age 35 (exceptions to this rule may be possible)
- very good skills in speaking and writing in English

The first section of the pilot project will run between February 16 and June 12, 2015.  
It is a fulltime program ñ 17 weeks, 5 days/week, min. 6 hours/day. The tuition fee amounts to 4.000 euro. PARTS graduates pay 3375 euro. Scholarships will be available.
Deadline for application is October 17, 2014
Audition in Brussels will take place November 21-24, 2014
There is place for 12 participants.
More detailed information about the program is available at the page Curriculum Research.

How to apply?
Please send in by email or regular mail, before October 17, an application dossier composed in English of:
- a detailed cv
- a motivation letter
- a reference letter written by a senior artist
- video documentation of your own work (for choreographers - maximum 30', in at least one section you have to be on stage) or critical/anaytical texts (for dramaturges - max 20 pages, published or not)
Send it to PARTS/ Eva Vanhole, Van Volxemlaan 164, 1190 Brussels, Belgium, or email it to eva.vanhole@parts.be.

The second section of the pilot project will run for 3 x 4 months, taking place between August 2015 and November 2016. 
Concrete details about the program will be available from November 1, 2014.
The selection process will be organized in January-March 2015.
There is place for 12 participants. The tuition fee is 8.000 euro. PARTS graduates pay 6125 euro.

Director and Deputy director of RESEARCH STUDIOS : Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Theo van Rompay
Artistic co-ordination of RESEARCH STUDIOS : Steven De Belder, Alain Franco, Gabriel Schenker


Early Works by Trisha Brown in Leuven with PARTS student Laura-Maria Poletti (October 2014)

On Tuesday 7 and Wednesday 8 October you can go and see Early Works of Trisha Brown in the Predikherenkerk in Leuven. These Early Works are all short choreographies from the '60 and '70 that were determining the oeuvre of this American choreographer. At the same time simple and ingenious, the choreographies experiment with the notions of 'dance' and 'choreography'. Especially for these performances, the company asked Laura-Maria Poletti to dance with them.

In the school year 2013-2014, Samuel Wentz and Elena Demyanenko (both former dancers of the Trisha Brown Company) gave a workshop with dance material of Trisha Brown at P.A.R.T.S. They noticed Laura-Maria (DE/FR) and asked her to dance in Spanish Dance during the performance of Early Works in Leuven this week.

For more information: http://www.stuk.be/en/program/early-works


Graduation Tour 2014 (May 2014)

In June, Generation X finishes its education at the Research Cycle in PARTS. As always, they end their last year with the creation of graduation works, for which the school provides three months of studio time and a budgets for production and coaching. After the creation they go on tour and present the work in different theatres and festivals – a final step between education and the professional field. 
In 2014, there were two different options: repertoire or personal work. Guided by Sandy Williams and Eleanor Bauer, eleven students created a remake of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker's 'The song' from 2009, retitled to 'Another Song'. Eleven others decided to make their own work, two trios, a duet and three solos. 
These works form the basic programs of a tour that brings them to different venues in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Turkey and Poland: 26 performances at 11 different locations. The graduation works have been divided in three basic programs: the repertoire and two evenings with personal work. In some places there are extra evenings with selections of older work.

The basic programs: 

RepertoireAnother Song by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, with Manuela Aranguibel Molano, Balázs Busa, András Déri, Erik Eriksson, Taha Ghauri, Kinga Jaczewska, Darko Radosavljev, Jason Respilieux, Krišjānis Sants, Roman Van Houtven and Thomas Vantuycom
Personal work 1Multiverse (beta) by James McGinn, Chatter, Clatter and Other Arrangements (previously called Scheme Arrangements) by Rósa Ómarsdóttir, Christoffer Schieche and Hagar Tenenbaum, Trans-lation by Tiran Willemse
Personal work 2Get out of the blue by Jeanne Colin, Slogan for modern times (Slugania) by Inga Huld Hákonardóttir and Kathryn Vickers, The Eternity Ship Question by Bryana Fritz, Alma Toaspern and Ben Van Buren

Tour dates:

STUK, Leuven (BE) – www.stuk.be
Wed May 21, 20h30: repertoire 

DE Studio, Antwerp (BE) – www.destudio.com
Tue June 3, 20h00:  repertoire 
Wed June 4, 20h00: older work (1) 

PACT Zollverein – Choreographisches Zentrum NRW, Essen (DE) – www.pact-zollverein.de
Thu June 5, 20h00: selection from personal work 1+2
Fri June 6, 20h00:  repertoire

Monty, Antwerp (BE)  – www.monty.be
Fri June 6, 20h30: personal work 1
Sat June 7, 20h30: personal work 2

Kunstencentrum Vooruit, Ghent (BE)– www.vooruit.be
Thu June 12, 20h00: personal work 1
Fri June 13,  20h00 – personal work 2
Sat June 14, 20h00: repertoire

Kaaitheater, Brussels (BE) – www.kaaitheater.be
Thu June 19, 20h30: repertoire

Kaaitheaterstudio's, Brussels (BE) – www.kaaitheater.be
Tue June 17, 20h30: older work (1)
Wed June 18, 20h30: ouder werk (2)
Fri June 20, 20h30: ouder werk (3)
Tue June 24, 20h30: personal work 2
Wed June 25, 20h30: personal work 1
Thu June 26, 20h30: personal work 1
Fri June 27, 20h30: personal work 2

De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (NL) – www.brakkegrond.nl
Tue June 17, 20h30: repertoire
Thu June 19, 20h30: personal work 2 (plus solo Tiran Willemse from progr. 1)
Sat June 21, 21h00: personal work 1 (minus solo Tiran Willemse)

Plac Wolnosci/ Malta Festival, Poznan (PL) – www.malta-festrival.pl
Fri June 27, 21h30: repertoire
Sat June 28, 21h30: selection personal work

Beach stage, Dansand festival, Ostend (BE)- www.vrijstaat-o.be
Sun July 6, time tbc: selection personal work

Mimar Sinan University Bomonti Campus, Istanbul (TR) – www.bimeras.org
Wed July 9: personal work 1
Thu July 10i: personal work 2
Fri July 11: repertoire
Sat July 12: extra performance in a park (details tbc)

Open House - Sunday 18/5 from 13h30 onwards

On Sunday May 18, PARTS organises its annual Open House. You can see the students at work in classes of ballet and contemporary dance. Others have an open rehearsal of their workshops, in which they are learning dfferent choreographies of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. Still others present their own creations, and invite you to talk about it. The Open House is the ideal opportunity to have all your questions about PARTS answered by the staff of the school. Or maybe you prefer to hear the story of the school directly from  the students themselves. At this Open House day, they will do that in no less than 31 different languages...

Open classes
Ballet classes are taught by our main teacher Libby Farr and guest teacher Benoît Caussé.
The contemporary classes are taught by two American teachers, both dancers from the Trisha Brown Company in New York. PARTS has been collaborating closely with the Trisha Brown Company since 1995.

We present work sessions on the repertoire of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. 
The students of the first year work on 'Drumming', a choreography from 1998. 
A quartet of students form the fourth and final year rehearse 'A Love Supreme', a choreography by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Salva Sanchis from 2005. This piece will be a part of the Graduation Tour 2014. 

Personal work:
Two small groups of students of the fourth year wil present a studio version of their final works, and engage in dialogue with the audience about it.

13:30 – 14:45
Ballet with Elisabeth Farr (US/BE)
Contemporary with Elena Demyanenko (RU) - Trisha Brown Company
Rehearsal A Love Supreme directed by Salva Sanchis (ES)
Work session repertoire Drumming directed by Taka Shamoto (JP)
15:15 – 16:30
Ballet with Benoït Caussé (FR)
Contemporary with Samuel Wentz (US) - Trisha Brown Company
Work session repertoire Drumming directed by Marta Coronado (ES)
Presentations of personal work by fourth year students

Guided tours in 31 languages

At 13h30 and 15h15 our students will show the visitors around in no less than 31 different languages. They will offer as many different perspectives on dance education, life, work and dancing in the Brussels metropolis. Visitors will hear directly from the dancers how they train and work in PARTS. The guided tours are also a great opportunity to discover the studios of PARTS and Rosas.
Arabic - Bambara - Basque - Chinese - German - English - Finnish - French - Greek - Hebrew - Hindi - Hungarian - Icelandic - Dutch - Polish - Czech - Afrikaans
French - English - Italian - Japanese - Latvian - Lingala - Lithuainian - Dutch - Norvegian - Persian - Portuguese - Russian - Serbian - Spanish - Swahili - Turkish - Swedish
We advise you to register for a tour, send an email to Eva Vanhole (eva.vanhole@parts.be) but you are also welcome to join us on the day itself! 
During the Open House, there will also be a photo exhibition and some video recordings of performances bythe students. 
The macrobiotic kitchen will also be open. Chief Arnaud Tabary and his team will prepare some fresh and healthy snacks.


X-week (April 2014)

This week is the X-week at PARTS. The regular program with its daily yoga, ballet and contemporary classes and workshops is interrupted to give carte blanche to three artists who each work with a third of the group of Training Students: Vera Mantero, Julyen Hamilton and Jérôme Bel. During one week, they will introduce their group into their work, artistic vision and creation processes. The work of Vera Mantero, Julyen Hamilton and Jérôme Bel is extremely different, but they represent three unique and individual voices that have had (and continue to have) a great influence  on contemporary dance today. You can read more about the artists underneath.

Jérôme Bel

Jérôme Bel lives in Paris and works worldwide. nom donné par l'auteur (1994) is a choreography of objects. Jérôme Bel (1995) is based on the total nudity of the performers. Shirtology (1997) presents an actor wearing many T-shirts. The last performance (1998) quotes a solo by the choreographer Susanne Linke, as well as Hamlet and André Agassi. Xavier Le Roy (2000) was claimed by Jérôme Bel as his own, but was actually choreographed by Xavier Le Roy. The show must go on (2001) brings toghether twenty performers, nineteen pop songs and one DJ. Véronique Doisneau (2004) is a solo on the work of the dancer Véronique Doisneau, from the Paris Opera. Isabel Torres (2005), for the ballet of the Teatro Municipal of Rio de Janeiro, is its Brazilian version. Pichet Klunchun and myself (2005) was created in Bangkok with the Thai traditional dancer Pichet Klunchun. Follows Cédric Andrieux (2009), dancer of Merce Cunningham. 3Abschied (2010) is a collaboration between Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Jérôme Bel based on The Song of the Earth by Gustav Malher. Disabled Theater (2012) is a piece with a Zurich-based company, Theater Hora, consisting of professional actors with learning disabilities. Cour d'honneur (2013) stages fourteen spectators of the Cour d'honneur of the Palais des Papes in Avignon.      

Julyen Hamilton

Julyen Hamilton was born in England, lived in Amsterdam and is currently living in Girona (northern Spain). His work, both in company and solo, develops dance for the theatre - a place where an atmosphere of transformation, insight and understanding is permitted without resort to thin conclusions. In this ambience dancers and light designer are directed to compose pieces instantly; they practise a process of improvisation in rehearsal and in the moment of performance.Since 1990 he has made more than 100 solos which have been seen all over the world. They are an original interplay between dance, live text, and decor. Each piece is made specifically for each venue thus harnessing the architecture and ambience of the performing arena as forces which support and amplify the inherent themes of the piece.
His present company is based in Brussels, named: 'Allen's Line'. As director of the group, Julyen develops a communal language where movement and text constantly intertwine as they are passed amongst the dancers; it is their way of manifesting a sharing of the imagination.
Hamilton has also been invited to choreograph for other dancers and to collaborate with other directors. HIs teaching work comes straight from the stage experience; it goes deeply into the compositional aspects of creativity through the areas of the physical body, space, time, dramaturgy and voice.

Vera Mantero

Vera Mantero was born in Lisbon in 1966. She studied classical dance until she was eighteen. She worked for five years in the Ballet Gulbenkian, in Lisbon. In New York and Paris she studied contemporary dance technique, voice and theatre, and by then she completely cut with her ballet origins. As a dancer she also worked in France with Catherine Diverrès. She started creating her own choreography in 1987 and since 1991 she has been showing her work in theatres and festivals in Europe, Brazil, USA, Canada and Singapore. In 1999 the Theatre Culturgest in Lisbon organized a retrospective of her work. She regularly participates in international improvisation projects and teaches workshops of creation/composition and improvisation. Since the year 2000 Vera Mantero is dedicating herself more and more to voice and other music projects. In 2002 Vera Mantero was awarded the Almada Prize (IPAE/Ministry of Culture) for her career as a performer and choreographer. She represented Portugal at the 26th Bienal of São Paulo 2004 together with the sculptor Rui Chafes with the co-creation Eating your heart out. In 2007 Vera Mantero co-directed together with Miguel Gonçalves Mendes and edited her version of the film Course of Silence.
For her, dance is not a given fact; she believes that the less she acquires it, the closer she will be to it; she uses dance and performance work to understand what she needs to understand; she sees less and less sense in a specialized performer (a dancer or an actor or a singer or a musician) and more and more sense in an especially trained total performer; she sees life as a terribly rich and complicated phenomena and work as a continuous fight against the spirits' impoverishment, hers' and the others', a fight which she considers essential at this point of history.

Student Performances Spring 2014

The academic year 2013-2014 is a unique turning point in the PARTS history: in September 2013 53 students started the new Training Cycle that will last 3 years from now on and in June 2014 23 students will finish the "old" Research Cycle. They will then start their professional dance career. The last months, both groups have been working in full concentration on many projects. They will present a selection of that work during 3 Saturdays in March, where you can discover their personal creations as well as the results of workshops.

Tickets: €3,-
For more information and tickets: mail@parts.be or 02/344 55 98. Attention: making telephonic reservations is only possible on weekdays between 09.00 and 17.00. Reservations for one of the Saturdays should be placed preferably at the latest on the day before.


Saturday 15 March 2014, 20.00

Jason Respilieux (BE), Ben Van Buren (US), Thomas Vantuycom (BE) - Wednesday

Kinga Jaczewska (PL) & Alma Toaspern (DE) - Oh, Fellia!

James McGinn (US) & Tiran Willemse (ZA) - Race caR

Bryana Fritz (US) & Hagar Tenenbaum (IL) - Two weeks notice


Saturday 22 March 2014, 20.00
A selection of the pieces made during the theatre workshops of the Training Cycle.

Twelve angry man, directed by Carly Wijs
Mario Barrantes Espinoza (CR), Lucas Bassereau (FR), Julie Charbonnier (FR), Vladimir Dziomba (FR), Cassiel Gaube (BE), Robin Haghi (SE), Karoliina Loimaala (FI), Laura-Maria Poletti (DE), Adriano Vicente (PT), Anne Vigeland (NO), Jara Vlaeminckx (BE)

Directed by Kuno Bakker
Amanda Barrio (PE), Solomon Berrio-Allen (GB), Lav Crncevic (RS), Gorka Gurrutxaga Arruti (ES), Yuika Hashimoto (JP), Viktor Már Leifsson (IS), Rüta Pakalne (LV), Emeric Rabot (FR), Kamola Rashidova (UZ), Sami Similä (FI), Charlotte Viegas (GB) 


Saturday 29 March 2014, 20.00

Balázs Busa (HU), Jeanne Colin (FR), Erik Eriksson (SE), Jason Respilieux (BE), Krišjānis Sants (LV), Roman Van Houtven (BE), Kathryn Vickers (US) - Ornaments. Across

Sidney Barnes (GB), Viktor Már Leifsson (IS), Sien Van Dycke (BE) - shiF

Inga Huld Hákonardóttir (IS), Rósa Ómarsdottir (IS) - Wilhelm Scream

Passing Through, result of the workshop given by David Zambrano, Nicholas Tiishang Aphane en Milan Herich, with all 53 students of the Training Cycle.
Régis Badel (FR), Liza Baliasnaja (LT), Sidney Barnes (GB), Mario Barrantes Espinoza (CR), Amanda Barrio Charmelo (PE), Lucas Bassereau (FR), Solomon Berrio-Allen (GB), Tina Breiova (CZ), Victoria Bryzgalova (RU), Julie Charbonnier (FR), Guilhem Chatir (FR), Nikita Chumakov (RU), Lav Crncevic (RS), Suelem Cristina De Oliveira Da Silva (BR), Eleni-Ellada Damianou (GR), Youri De Gussem (BE), Vladimir Dziomba (FR), Anika Edström Kawaji (SE), Bilal Elhad (MA), Fannie Falk (SE), Efrat Galai (IL), Cassiel Gaube (BE), Frank Gizycki (FR), Stefan Govaart (NL), Gorka Gurrutxaga Arruti (ES), Robin Haghi (SE), Yuika Hashimoto (JP), Ting-Yun Kuo (TW), Louis Nam Le Van Ho (FR), Viktor Már Leifsson (IS), Theodore Livesey (GB), Karoliina Loimaala (FI), Matilde Mata (PT), Jolie Ngemi (CD), Akiyoshi Nita (JP), Maya Oliva (IT), Jared Onyango (KE), Rüta Pakalne (LV), Priyabrata Panigrahi (IN), Noé Pellencin (FR), Laura-Maria Poletti (DE), Emeric Rabot (FR), Kamola Rashidova (UZ), Patricia Saliba (SE), Souleymane Sanogo (ML), Sami Similä (FI), Jacob Storer (US), Sien Van Dycke (BE), Eileen Van Os (BE), Adriano Vicente (PT), Charlotte Viegas (GB), Anne Vigeland (NO), Jara Vlaeminckx (BE)


In memoriam Aldo Martinig (1958-2014)(March 2014)

In March, Aldo Martinig, pianist at PARTS since many years, passed away. On this page you find an in memoriam and a collection of reminiscences by teachers and former students.


PARTS & GAME - The Funerals (February 2014)

In the context of the festival Genoteerd!, PARTS & GAME were invited by Concertgebouw Brugge to create a new work that started from musical scores that use non-traditional forms of notation.

Directed by choreographer Andros Zins-browne and musician Tom Pauwels, 10 dancers of PARTS and six musicians of GAME (Ghent Advanced Master Ensemble, a post-master program in contemporary music coached by the Ictus ensemble) dove into scores by Francisco Filidei and Mauro Lanza and ended with a new choreographic-musical score for self-made instruments, The Funerals. They created instruments from found objects and developed a musical and performative practice for these instrument, searching for a common ground between movement, gestures, objects and sound.

Following this new creation, we composed a full-evening program, with also performances of compositions by Francisco Filidei and François Sarhan by GAME, and a duet of two PARTS students who take another perspective on the relation between movement and sound.

Premiere: Concertgebouw Bruges, Thursday 27/2 at 20h. Click here for tickets and information.
A second show will be in Bozar in Brussels, Wednesday 5/3 at 20h. Click here for tickets and information.

PARTS & WIELS - Museum Night Fever (February 2014)

On 22 February the 7th edition of the Museum Night Fever takes place. 24 different museums in Brussels open their doors from 19.00 to 01.00. PARTS will also participate, in the Contemporary Arts Centre Wiels. A group of students of the Training Cycle will make small choreographies with which they will activate objects of Franz Erhard Walther.

This influential German artist will have in WIELS his first Belgian exhibition, which will also be one of his larger solo exhibitions to date. Its focus is the tension between the object that is made up by the work of art and the manipulation and operation that can be performed with it. Thus Walther tries to question the conventional idea of the artwork as a static, unchangeable object. The PARTS students will work on 25 different objects and invite the spectator to also trigger their own imagination.

An impression of the opening of the exhibition, with work activiations by PARTS students:

Franz Erhard Walther at WIELS from Josete Huedo on Vimeo.


Lectures and projections in Bozar in collaboration with ERG (February 2014)

On February 1st from 13h30 onwards, PARTS and ERG (Ecole de Rcherche Graphique) organsie an afternoon with lectures and film screenings, with a.o. Akseli Virtanen, Peter Pal Pelbart, Maurizio Lazzarato, Angela Melitopolous and Sharon Lockhardt.

The event is a part of the three-day public seminart of ERG, entitles ‘Archives of the present, archeologies of the future’. This Saturday afternoon brings up discussions around the topics of power, work, politics and art and their different relations.

The afternoons kicks off with a double lecture of economist-philosopher Akseli Virtanen (FI) and philosopher Peter Pal Pelbart (BR) on new concepts of collaboration for the era after precarity, erosion of values and inflation of semiotics. Sociologist and philosopher Maurizio Lazzarato (IT) lectures on the politics of debt. And afterwards enters into dialogue with film maker Angela Melitopolous (GR) about their collaborative projects. In the evening there is a presentation of the film ‘Lunch break’ by Sharon Lockhardt and a concertby the Egyptian artist Hassan Khan. There is also a small exposition with video works by Angela Ferreira, Aernoudt Mik and Pierre Huyghe.

The afternoon takes place in Bozar in Brussels.Lectures and talks take place between 13h30 and 19h00. The film of sharon Lockhardt starts at 20h. The concert of Hassan Khan starts at 22h.

The entrance for the afternoon is free. Entrance to the film costs 4/6 euro, to the concert 10/12 euro. Reservations can be made through Bozar (www.bozar.be, rocket shop, 02 507 82 00. 

For more information on the 3-day seminar, see www.erg.be.

Check the detailed program here.


Residency of the 4th year students in Rennes, 9-20 December

In December, the students of the 4th year are heading off to the French city of Rennes. Musée de la Danse, the choreographic center directed by Boris Charmatz, invited them for a residency of two weeks. 
During the first week they will have dance classes with Thierry Micouin and a workshop with Nuno Bizarro, an experienced dancer and choreographer who has worked a.o. with Meg Stuart, Christine De Smedt and Boris Charmatz. They will also have meetings with Emannuelle Huynh and Marlene Freitas.
During the second week, the students will work with Boris Charmatz in a workshop on dance and food.

On December 12 and 13, the students present two programs with their own creations at Le Garage.
There is free entrance, but reservation is required. Call +33 (0)2 99 63 88 22 of or sen dan email to info@museedeladanse.org.
Venue: Le Garage, 18 rue André et Yvonne Meynier - 35000 Rennes



Bal Moderne 22 November

On 22 November the Bal Moderne celebrates its 20th anniversary in La tentation in Brussels. This community dancep orjects, which has had a strong bazse in Brussels for many years, brings contmeprary dance to large groups of entohusiasrtic dancers. For the 20th anniversary a group of 20 PARTS students is involved, teaching new dances from foremr PARTS students eleanor Bauer and José Paulo dos santos (with Nanaya Eslava) to the partiicpants, next to an older dance form Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Damien Jalet which was never presented before in Belgium.
The Bal takes place at La Tentation, Lakenstraat 28 in Brussels, November 22 at 8pm.
Tickets can be reserved through the Kaaitheater, more information can be found at the website of Bal Moderne.


Re:Zeitung on tour (September 2013)

Zeitung was created by Rosas in 2008. In this production, together with the Rosas dancers, the choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and pianist Alain Franco went in search of the unstable combination of music and dance, choreography and improvisation, romance and disillusion. In a broad historical gesture, Johann Sebastian Bach, Arnold Schönberg and Anton Webern traverse the geometrical principles and improvisational wild cards of the Rosas choreography. In harmony and difference, in unison or counterpoint. In Zeitung, music and dance do not meet on the basis of any similarity or parallel, but on the intersection of the two. 

In 2013 the P.A.R.T.S.FOUNDATION presents Re:Zeitung. This is a new initiative of P.A.R.T.S. through which young graduates of the school are offered a professional framework. Re:Zeitung refers clearly to the original Zeitung , but it is also a new version of this work, this time performed by a new generation of dancers: six young men from Brazilian, French, Moroccan and Tunisian origin.

In 2011, these six dancers already worked around Zeitung in the frame of the program of the 3rd year in P.A.R.T.S. Mark Lorimer led the workshop. The result of this workshop was so good that it was included as Zeitung/Fragments in the program of the biennial Graduation Tour of PARTS in 2012. José Paulo, Louis, Mohamed, Radouan, Renan and Youness successfully danced their forty minute Zeitung-version in several theaters in Belgium, but also in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Essen, Istanbul, Lisbon and Moscow.

After the very positive reception of Zeitung/Fragments, P.A.R.T.S. took the initiative to show the production again. The former student production is now titled Re:Zeitung. The production has become somewhat longer, a full-length evening performance of 70 minutes. New music was added to it, a.o. Charles Ives , Kurt Weill and Einstürzende Neubauten. Rehearsal director Moya Michael developed new material together with the dancers based on improvisation. The result is a very different production without betraying the original. Alain Franco is in charge for the musical dramaturgy and choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker retains overall responsibility.

The dancers graduated over a year ago. We could already see them at work in Charleroi Danses, Needcompany and Toneelhuis Antwerp. They are employed as professional dancers in this project as well.

With this project the P.A.R.T.S.FOUNDATION taps a new dance audience. The programming of Re:Zeitung is complementary to the Zeitung-tour of Rosas. Re:Zeitung is often featured in theaters where Rosas has never performed. Or otherwise the production will be danced for specific target groups, such as young people, or school performances. For that reason, a socio-educational program was created around the performances.

Re:Zeitung has a tour from September to December 2013. Any extension in the fall of 2014 is not excluded. For tourdates, check the agenda.

Concept: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker en Alain Franco
Choreography: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
Dance vocabulary: David Hernandez
Rehearsal Director ‘Re:Zeitung’: Moya Michael, Muriel Hérault
Dance: Louis Combeaud, José Paulo Dos Santos, Youness Khoukhou, Renan Martins de Oliveira, Radouan Mriziga, Mohamed Toukabri
Dance 'Zeitung'  (Rosas, 2008): Bostjan Antoncic, Tale Dolven, Fumiyo Ikeda, Cynthia Loemij, Mark Lorimer, Moya Michael, Elizaveta Penkóva, Igor Shyshko, Sandy Williams
Rehearsal Director 'Zeitung/Fragments' (PARTS, 2011): Mark Lorimer, with assistance by Bostjan Antoncic, Tale Dolven, Alain Franco, Moya Michael, Elizaveta Penkova, Sandy Williams and Sue-Yeon Youn.
Music: Anton Webern, Arnold Schönberg, Charles Ives, Einstürzende Neubauten, Johann Sebastian Bach en Kurt Weill
Light and technique: Joris De Bolle 
Tour management: Annelies Van Assche

Production: P.A.R.T.S.FOUNDATION

Coproduction: De Munt/La Monnaie

The trailer: 


Presentation of Le Sacre du Printemps

On October 24 and 25 the students of the 4th year presented the results of the creation workshop with Daniel Linehan. Together with the TWIS Ensemble of the Brussels Conservatory, directed by Vincenzo Casale, they created a new choreogrpahy on Stravinsky's famous score.

Le Sacre du Printemps - photo Bart Grietens
Le Sacre du Printemps - photo Bart GrietensLe Sacre du Printemps - photo Bart Grietens
Le Sacre du Printemps - photo Bart GrietensLe Sacre du Printemps - photo Bart Grietens

Fundraising dinner Vredeseilanden 15 October

On October 15, Vredeseilanden organises its 3rd fundraising dinner at PARTS and Rosas. Vredeseilanden ('Islands of peace') is a Belgian ngo that focuses on projects dealing with sustainable agriculture in developing countries. In the Fall of 2013 they will run a campaign on the production and distribution of rice in Senegal.
They organsie a fundraising dinner, where companies and individual guests and companies get to know the sustainable macrobiotic kitchen of PARTS and Rosas. Next to a festive meal they get insight into the daily life at PARTS, and will see a performance program danced by the students.
More information: www.vredeseilanden.be 


Contact improvisation with Martin Nachbar - an impression (September 2013)

During the past three weeks, the Training students have been divided into three parallel groups, that each had another workshop: composition, improvisation technologies or contact improvisation. These workshops have been taught by Johanne Saunier (composition), Prue Lang (improvisation technologies) and Martin Nachbar (contact improvisation). Throughout the following weeks, they will all get to follow the three given workshops. Nachbar has just finished his first block of workshops with a group, and wrote about his experiences:

"I have just come out of teaching the first out of three groups of first year students at PARTS. We have had two very concentrated and productive weeks, in which the students worked very well on their skills in contact improvisation. Some of them had already quite some experience, others were entirely new to the form. They were all very keen on getting the information I had to give and worked with me and with each other very generously. I adapted the class to the ones who had no experience and so, we started from the floor and worked our way up through the mid-leves all the way to jumping and flying, never forgetting that one of the main things to do in contact improvisation is falling - towards your partner, towards the floor, sideways or upwards. The exercises I proposed, all evolved around the basic principles in this way of dancing: weight, touch, rolling and extending, communicating through sharing weight, falling, catching scooping... Some of the information tends to be rather technical and looks at how individuals cope with different kinds of situations. One of the students called this "fitting the key into the lock". At the same time, we looked for how we make decisions while dancing with a partner. In several 'round robbins' and in one 'contact jam' we played with the principles we had studied in the exercises, and often found a very concentrated kind of playfulness. And with the last session today we started to feel safe enough to be more daring and take some risks with each other. I am looking forwards to the next group in two weeks!"

Nachbar Contact 1Contact Nachbar 2Contact Nachbar 3

In memoriam
Dirk Lauwaert (1944-2013) 
Marianne Van Kerkhoven (1946-2013)

The end of the summer of 2013 has put the cultural world in Belgium in a state of mourning, after the death of two sharp and authentic thinkers and writers. Dirk Lauwaert died August 10, and Marianne Van Kerkhoven passed away September 4.

Both were theory teachers in PARTS during its first years of existence.
Dirk taught a course entitled ‘Two lectures of the actual’, a semiotic approach to actuality and the ways to look at what is ‘current’. In his own words: ‘Not only: what is happening? But also: what is it to think that something is happening?’
Marianne’s course was called ‘Dramaturgy of dance and theatre’. Together with the students she explored the field between theory and practice, the shadowy zone between art and science. The artist was always her benchmark: his work, writings, statements; the tension between the past of his art and the world in which he created. 

Their classes in PARTS were just a brief moment in an hyper-active and rich life, characterized by a permanent questioning and description of the arts and the world in which art is developing.

For many years, Dirk Lauwaert was a professor at the Brussels art schools Sint-Lukas and RITS. He published thousands of articles on a wide range of topics such as photography, film, the city, the mining area, fashion and visual arts. A fearless, uncompromising writer, averse to convention, Lauwaert paved his own road, motivating his choices by content and an unremitting curiosity. With Dirk Lauwaert we lose a man who stood for a decisive and uncompromising intellectual life.

Marianne Van Kerkhoven was the founder of the political theatre company Het Trojaanse Paard (1970), cofounded the theatre magazine Etcetera (1983) and worked more than 25 years for the Kaaitheater in Brussels (1985). She collaborated as dramaturge with artists such as Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Jan Lauwers, Josse De Pauw, Guy Cassiers, Jan Decorte, Jan Ritsema, Kris Verdonck, Pieter De Buysser, Kate McIntosch, and many others. Marianne always chose to stay in the shadow, but her influence on several generations of artists can hardly be overestimated. She was the ‘conscience of theatre’ in Flanders. She wrote many texts and articles, which can be read as a directory for the way an artist of today looks at himself, his art and the world.

For PARTS, Dirk Lauwaert and Marianne Van Kerkhoven will remain two examples of the seriousness, lucidity and intellectual power with which we want to fulfil our mission.

Marianne wrote on her role in our school: ‘I consider my work in PARTS first and foremost as helping young artists in their search for ‘a method of their own’. Developing a creative method is a very intimate and personal affair. As a teacher, one can only offer materials, matters for reflection, not recipes or acquired positions. Pedagogy should not be seen as one-directional traffic. The best pedagogy is one that ‘forgets itself’, in which both parties – teacher and student – are just ‘doing something together’.”

There is no better way to honour Dirk and Marianne than to take these words as a guide for our actions.


Impressions of the first month

We're past the first month of the new year with the renewed program of the Training cycle. The 53 new students put temselves enthousiastically at work in a program that challenged them from the very first day onwards. They took dance classes with David Hernandez, Martin Kilvady (contemporary), Elisabeth Farr and Anne-Linn Akselsen (ballet), had a first series of  classes in philosophy (Judith Wambacq), music analysis (David Helbich) and anatomy (Michael Barel and Eva Karczag), plus an introduction into macrobiotics by Anne Teresa De Keersmaker anda few classes macrobiotic cooking. The daily yoga (Mia Lawrence, Theodossia Stathi) and weekly singing (Lucy Grauman) and rhythm (Michel Debrulle) classes were started. 

Our photographer Bart Grietens spent a few days in the school. Hereunder a selection from his impressions. 

contemporary class David Hernandez - photo Bart Grietensmusic analysis David Helbich - photo Bart Grietens
ballet class Anne-Linn Akselsen - photo Bart GrietensAnne Teresa De Keersmaeker introducing macrobiotics - photo Steven De belder
singing class Lucy Grauman - photo Bart Grietensballet class Libby Farr - photo Bart Grietens
philosophy class Judith Wambacq - photo Bart Grietenscontemporary class David Hernandez - photo Bart Grietens
Our new kitchen team - photo Bart Grietensphoto Bart GrietensEnglish class by Linda Raymond - photo Bart Grietens


The program in September and October

No less than 53 new students started the first year of the renewed Training cycle on September 2nd. During the first two months, they have their daily dance classes with Libby Farr, Anne-Linn Akselsen, Benoît Caussé (ballet), David Hernandez, Martin Kilvady, Juliette Mapp and Dominique Duszynski (contemporary), a mix of teachers who have been at PARTS for a very long time and younger names. The students also start their daily yoga classes  with Mia Lawrence, Theodossia Stathi and Stephane Bourhis, and their weekly music classes with Lucy Grauman (singing) and Michel Debrulle (rhythm).

In  the afternoons, the students follow classes in philosophy with Judith Wambacq and dance history with Bojana Cvejic. There is a new music analysis course with composer David Helbich and a new approach of anatomy with Michael Barel (theory) and Eva Karczag (experiential anatomy). William Forsythe’s Improvisation technologies has been on the program of he 1st year for a long time, but is taught this year by mostly new teachers, all former dancers of Forsythe’s company: Prue Lang, Ayman Harper and Fabrice Mazliah. The composition workshop is taught by Johanne Saunier and David Hernandez, and Martin Nachbar teachers a workshop contact improvisation.

The students of the 4th year have dance classes with Martin Kilvady and Juliette Mapp, and yoga with Theodossia Stathi and Mia Lawrence. They start their workshop program with two short and intensive workshops: Jonathan Burrows and Jan Ritsema collaborate for the first time in almost ten years and guide the students through a process of reflection and collective experimentation. The young film makers Elias Grootaers and Gerard-Jan Claes organise a seminar on documentary film. In October, PARTS contributes to the 100th anniversary of Stravinsky’s ‘Sacre du Printemps’ with a creation led by Daniel Linehan in collaboration with dramaturge Alain Franco and with an orchestra from the Brussels Conservatory, directed by Vincenzo Casale. In the same period a group of students  work on their own creations.  There are also a number of theoretical seminars, on visuals arts with Jeroen Laureyns and on dance and performing arts with Bojana Cvejic and Christophe Wavelet.


Opening ceremony September 2

On September 2, the new school year at PARTS opened with a ceremony. Deputy director Theo Van Rompay welcomed the 53 new students of het Training cycle and the 24 students who enter their final year of the Research cycle, with a.o. a brief history of the school. A remarkable fact is that the youngest among the new students were only born after PARTS was founded, shedding a whole new light on the history and the future of the school!  In the freshly renovated surroundings of the PARTS studios director Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker held a beautiful speech, musing about the quest and the process of learning art through a series of contrasts and paradoxes to which a young artist will need to relate him- or herself.

Jean-Luc Plouvier of the Ictus ensemble provided a musical intermezzo, playing three short pieces by John Cage for prepared piano ('The Perilous Night', 'A Room for Piano', en  'Seven Haiku'), which were part of the Rosas piece ‘Just before’ back in 1997. Afterwards, all students, teachers, staff members and dancers of PARTS and Rosas introduced themselves to one another. The ceremony was closed with a reception and a delicious lunch prepared by the new kitchen team directed by Arnaud Tabary.


P.A.R.T.S. under construction

Since Spring 2013, the P.A.R.T.S. building has been under construction. We are now in the final phase of the works, and to show you all a little bit of the way things look around here, we posted some pictures here.
The works will be finished once the school year has started; but at this moment, the workers are still doing a pretty heavy job on getting everything ready.
And our housecat? Well, she just watches and makes sure everything goes well…



New students 2013-2014

Holidays are over, P.A.R.T.S. is getting ready to return to its normal routine, and to welcome 53 new students!
You can get to know their names and nationalities in the list underneath.

DA SILVA Suelen Cristina BR
FALK Fannie SE
GAUBE Cassiel BE
KUO Ting-Yun TW
LE VAN HO Louis Nam FR
MATA Matilde PT
NITA Akiyoshi CN
POLETTI Laura-Maria DE
SALIBA Patricia SE
SANOGO Souleymane ML
VAN OS Eileen BE
VIEGAS Charlotte GB


Summer Studios 2013

As we are doing renovation works to the school buildings, we decided not to organise a SummerSchool this year.

However, Rosas and PARTS make their studios available to choreographers in July and August.

All those who are working professionally in contemporary dance can apply to use the dance studios. Send us a dossier about the work you intend to do. It can be a research period for the preparation of a new project. It can be part of the rehearsal period for an established production. It can also be a project created specially for the Summer Studios. For us it is essential only that a creative process is taking place within our walls.

The Summer Studios offer professional dance studios (sprung floor, mirrors, sound installation, TV and dvd-player), and every morning at 9.30 am a technique class with a reputed teacher (free admission for Summer Studio participants and open to others depending on available space).


Student Performances Summer 2013

On 27, 28 and 29 June, P.A.R.T.S. organised its Summer Student Performances. The 26 students of the Research Cycle showed the creations they have been making the last couple of months, in three different programs. They danced the repertory piece Solo Olos by Trisha Brown, and a new creation of the Dutch choreographer Robert Steijn. They also presented a wide selection from their own work.
To get a glimpse of what happened, you can have a look here


Thursday 27 June 2013, 20.00

Charles Ngombengombe (ZW) - Re-Birth
Erik Eriksson (SE), Bryana Fritz (US), Ben Van Buren (US), Kathryn Vickers (US) - The Duffy Theater
Solo Olos: Roman Van Houtven (BE)/Thomas Vantuycom (BE), András Déri (HU), Alexandra Dolgova (RU), Jason Respilieux (BE)


Balázs  Busa (HU), Jeanne Colin (FR), Maïte Jeannolin (FR) - Underneath a molten Lava moon!
Alexandra Dolgova (RU) &  Kinga Jaczewska (PL) - Embarrassed Ode to a Sensitive Element
Solo Olos: Thomas Vantuycom (BE)/Manuela Aranguibel Molano (VE), Erik Eriksson (SE), Taha Ghauri (GB), Charles Ngombengombe (ZW)

Before and after the performances:
Krišjānis Sants (LV) - Circle dance (Video installation)

Friday 28 June 2013, 20.00

Solo Olos: Manuela Aranguibel Molano (VE)/Roman Van Houtven (BE), Balázs  Busa (HU), Erik Eriksson (SE), Tiran Willemse (ZA)
Hagar Tenenbaum (IL) - Swimming Room
Inga Huld Hákonardóttir (IS) & James Mc Ginn (US) - Ing an Die: Act 2 (fiction)

Bryana Fritz (US) - The Pianist (20 minutes performance during the break)

Darko Radosavljev (DE) - 'THE TROLLEY SONG'. A CLOSEUP.
Alma Toaspern (DE) & Ben Van Buren (US) - Coda
Balázs  Busa (HU), András Déri (HU), Erik Eriksson (SE), Taha Ghauri (GB), Thomas Vantuycom (BE), Pol Van den Broek (BE) - Empire

Saturday 29 June 2013, 20.00

James McGinn (US) - Avant Jardin
Manuela Aranguibel Molano (VE) & Tiran Willemse (ZA) - Intimate, casual, sensorial, anedotic, dynamic, fresh, confusing, narrative, imaginative, atmospheric, interview with me
Solo Olos: Roman Van Houtven (BE)/Thomas Vantuycom (BE), András Déri (HU), Alexandra Dolgova (RU), Jason Respilieux (BE)


Creation of Robert Steijn:
Manuela Aranguibel Molano (VE), Jeanne Colin (FR), Inga Huld Hákonardóttir (IS), Maïte Jeannolin (FR), James McGinn (US), Rósa Ómarsdottir (IS), Darko Radosavljev (DE), Jason Respilieux (BE), Krišjānis Sants (LV), Alma Toaspern (DE), Ben Van Buren (US), Tiran Willemse (ZA)
Kathryn Vickers (US) & Benjamin Pohlig (DE) - Techno-Tarantella-Novella
Solo Olos: Thomas Vantuycom (BE)/Manuela Aranguibel Molano (VE), Erik Eriksson (SE), Taha Ghauri (GB), Charles Ngombengombe (ZW)
Krišjānis Sants (LV) - Circle dance (Video installatie)

Before and after the performances:
Krišjānis Sants (LV) - Circle dance (Video installation)

Final audition P.A.R.T.S. May 7 -12 2013 - Program

180 candidates are participating to the Final audition for the school year 2013-14. They have all been chosen at one of the 31 pre-selections (see separate article). While participation to a pre-selection costs 10 euro, the Final audition is free of charge. The goal of the Final audition is to offer all participants a solid and exciting learning experience, totally in line with the ambitions of the school. Regardless a candidate is (not) chosen as a student, the Final audition aims to be an event they will not slightly forget.

The Final audition opens with a welcome to all, and a presentation of teachers, jury members, staff and audition team, on Tuesday May 7, 9:30 am. 
For the first round the 180 participants will be divided in six groups of 30 persons. Each group will follow the same programme from Tuesday May 7 until Friday May 10.
The dance and theatre classes will be taught by PARTS faculty or by regular teachers in PARTS.Francesca Caroti, who has worked for 14 years with William Forsythe in Ballet Frankfurt and The Forsythe Company, will teach a ballet class, with Aldo Martinig on the piano.
Dominique Duszynski
, who was a member of Pina Bausch’s Tanztheater Wuppertal from 1983 to 1992, teaches one of the three contemporary technique classes. Dominique is a core group teacher of PARTS since its opening in 1995.
A second contemporary technique class is taught by Prue Lang, former dancer of the Ballet Frankfurt from 1999, who is now working as an independent choreographer. In the next school year Prue will teach for the first time Improvisation Technologies in PARTS.
Samuel Wentz will teach the third contemporary technique class. He joined the Trisha Brown Company in 2009. The audition classes are his first classes for PARTS, but will definitely not be the last ones.
An improvisation session will be conducted by faculty member David Zambrano. David is a monumental figure in the international dance community, and his teaching, performing and choreographing have influenced many dancers.

During the first round all the participants will have three sessions of 90 minutes each on learning phrase material of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s Drumming (1998). The sessions are conducted by three Rosas dancers, who all have studied in PARTS in the 1990’s: Marta Coronado (joined Rosas in 1998 and is dancing Drumming until present), Clinton Stringer (2000-2009 with Rosas) and Taka Shamoto (1997-2007 with Rosas, later also Needcompany and Fieldworks). 
The repertoire sessions are concluded by dancing the phrase material for Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and the jury.

Besides the dance classes there are three other tasks to be fulfilled: 
- all participants present a solo of one minute. No importance whether it is a solo choreographed on them, or a personal creation; 
- a theatre session is organised in small groups. The class is conducted by faculty member Tiago Rodrigues, who’s company Mundo Perfeito is performing these days Rodrigues’ Três dedos abaixo do joelho in the Kunstenfestivaldesarts, and teacher Carly Wijs, who has a long standing career as an actress, working with Guy Cassiers, Jan Lauwers, Josse De Pauw, Wim Vandekeybus, and others; 
- a writing session, where all candidates are asked to personally comment in writing a text of general cultural, social or political interest.

By Friday afternoon the jury will make a first selection. The jury of the first round is composed of Anne-Linn Akselsen, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker (director), Christine De Smedt, Libby Farr, Femke Gyselinck, Salva Sanchis, Gabriël Schenker, Jakub Truszkowski and Theo Van Rompay (president of the jury).

For the second round the remaining candidates are divided over four groups. All four groups have a long working session of four hours, starting late afternoon on Friday, May 10. The goal is to create a new one minute solo. Before the session starts everyone gets a personalised task. Each group will be coached by Anne-Linn Akselsen, Christine De Smedt, Salva Sanchis or Jakub Truszkowski. They will help the dancers to articulate their solo. All solos will be danced for the jury on Sunday May 12, as the last part of the Final audition.

Further there will be a new theatre session during the second round. Tiago Rodrigues will give short and sharp tasks, to be performed in front of the full jury. While in the first round the participants had to present a theatre text, which they had to learn by heart in the week before the Final audition, in the second round the focus is more on instant decision making and playing together. 
Two technique classes complete the second round. Faculty member Libby Farr teaches a ballet class. Libby has a solid teachers experience since many years, besides PARTS working regularly in Die Etage (Berlin), S.E.A.D. (Salzburg), and ImpulsTanz (Vienna), and for the dance companies of Pina Bausch, Angelin Preljocaj, Wim Vandekeybus, and others. Faculty member David Hernandez teaches the final contemporary class. David worked frequently as choreographer, dancer, composer, pedagogue and dramaturge for his own company Edward and/or with Meg Stuart, Christine De Smedt, Brice Leroux, Rebecca Murgi, Anouk Van Dijk, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, and others. David has been a core professor at PARTS since 1995, teaching technique, composition and improvisation, rhythm and dance and repertory projects.

In between the classes and rehearsals all the groups will have collective talks, moderated by the choreographers (and former PARTS students) Ula Sickle and Andros Zins-Browne. 
Information sessions about PARTS and the life at school, with Steven De Belder and Eva Vanhole, are as well organized during the weekend. 
Last but not least: on Saturday and Sunday the PARTS cooking team will serve a typical macrobiotic food meal to all participants.

The Final audition ends on Sunday May 12, 7 pm. The final jury will be composed of Anne-Linn Akselsen, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker (director), Christine De Smedt, Salva Sanchis, Jakub Truszkowski, and Theo Van Rompay (president of the jury). They will select 50 students.

The results are communicated to the participants on Wednesday, May 15.

All participants can have an individual feedback on the Final audition, via a private phone conversation with a jury member, between May 20 and June 7, 2013.

(May 6, 2013)


April 2013: PARTS goes back to the seventies

 In April, the PARTS students dive again into the New York dance scene, this time through two repertoire and reconstruction projects that go back to the Seventies.

A group of 12 students works on ‘Solo Olos’ by Trisha Brown, from 1975. The British dance historian Ramsay Burt gave a one-week seminar on the art historical context of Brown’s work in the 60s and 70s. Then Diane Madden comes to work on ‘Solo Olos’ with the dancers. The Trisha Brown repertoire is a regular part of the curriculum of the 3rd year, but it is only the second time we work with a different piece than the evergreen ‘Set and Reset’. 
Diane Madden has been involved with the Trisha Brown Company since 1980, as dancer, rehearsal director and artistic assistant. She has been a guest teacher at PARTS several times. (see here for an extended bio of Diane Madden and Ramsay Burt).
Trisha Brown on Solo Olos: “’Solo Olos’ is a three phrase dance which goes forwards and backwards. A fifth dancer in the audience begins to call out to the individual dancers by name and with an instruction as to whether to reverse or to branch or go into another phrase according to whatever choreographic diagram the caller has in mind. The dancers are in this kind of suspended situation where they must be ready to go forwards or backwards or sideways at a given moment. The caller/choreographer is putting that phrase into juxtaposition with itself and pulling the dancers in and out of duets and trios and combinations. Her calls are not known to us before it happens. It is just the whole choreographic device gambit put on display.”

14 other students are involved in a workshop on ‘Continuous Project Altered Daily, a project by Yvonne Rainer from 1970. The project is directed by Christophe Wavelet and Xavier Le Roy, and it is organised in collaboration with the Brussels art school ERG. 10 young visual artists studying at ERG are also implied in the project. The workshop also has a number of remarkable guest lecturers, such as Dirk Snauwaert (Wiels), Babette Mangolte (film maker from New York), Philippe-Alain Michaux (curator at Centre Pompidou), Raphael Pirenne (art historian), Berno Odo Polzer (dramaturge and curator), Paul Sztulman (art historian), Camille Pageard (art historian ) and Catherine David (curator).
Sally Banes on CPAD: “CP – AD took its name from a sculptural work of Robert Morris in which the daily alteration of the work – an arrangement of earth and metal in a garage – was put on view (after being altered) for spectators. In CP-AD, Rainer’s concern was to make an ongoing performance that would change during and between performances, using various aspects of the working process of dance-making: learning, rehearsing, marking, working out and running through material; and dancing the material in a finished performance style. (from ‘Terpsichore in sneakers. Post-modern dance’)
Christophe Wavelet and Xavier Le Roy have been working on CPAD since 1996, first as members of the Quatuor Albrecht Knust. They both have been regular guest teachers at PARTS. See extended bios for Christophe Wavelet ad Xavier Le Roy.

The results of the Yvonne Rainer workshop will be presented to the public during three informal showings at the Kaaitheaterstudios in Brussels, on Thursday May 2 (20.30), Friday May 3 (18.00) and Saturday May 4 (18.00). 
Entrance is free but reservation is required, through tickets@kaaitheater.be or 02 201 59 59


The foreign adventure of the P.A.R.T.S. students

In a few days, the students will return to Brussels, after a two months' stay in Senegal and America. They have had an inspiring, challenging and enriching time, which you can read all about on their blog www.partsacrosscontinents.blogspot.be.
The program they followed there was just as variated and rich as their adventures. You can find an overview of it underneath.

Program students in New York and Vermont 

Week 1 (7-11 January)
Morning: class Gwen Welliver at Eden's Expressway
Afternoon: rehearsal/NY visit/Performance program with John Jasperse, Jenn Joy, Miguel Gutierrez, Walter Dundervill, Luciana Achugar, Anna Sperber
Saturday: performance program with John Jasperse
Sunday: book launch by André Lepecki at MOMA

Week 2 (14-18 January)
Morning: Trisha Brown class & repertory with Elena Demyanenko at Red Bean Studio
Afternoon: Trisha Brown rehearsals at BAM with Diane Madden, Carolyn Lucas and TBDC dancers

Week 3 (21-25 January)
Morning: Trisha Brown class & repertoire with Mariah Maloney at Gibney Dance Center
Afternoon: Trisha Brown workshop composition and improvisation with Lisa Kraus at Gibney Dance Center

Week 4 (28 January - 1 February)
Morning: classes at Movement Research with Janet Panetta and Barbara Mahler
Afternoon: workshop DD Dorvillier at PS1/MOMA
extra on Tusday: dress rehearsal of Trisha Brown Company at BAM
extra on Thursday: seminar with RoseLee Goldberg at Performa office
Saturday: seminar with André Lepecki

Week 4 (4-8 February)
Morning: classes at Movement Research (Janet Panetta, Barbara Mahler)
Afternoon: workshop DD Dorvillier at PS1/MOMA
Sunday: Departure to Vermont

Week 5 (11-15 February):
Workshop Steve Paxton & Lisa Nelson in their studio at Mad Brook Farm, East Charleston, VT
Saturday: visit to the Bread and Puppet Theater

Week 6 (18-22 February):
Workshop Steve Paxton & Lisa Nelson
Friday: Open Studio
Saturday: return to New York
Sunday: return to Brussels

Program students in Senegal

Week 1
Dec. 29: departure, with stopover and visit to Lisbon
Dec. 30 – Jan 1: getting to know the place and the environment, visits to the village...
Jan 2: visit to Dakar and the Scéno Urbaines project
Jan 3-4: full day of dance classes with Germaine Acogny (technique Germaine Acogny), Ramatoulaye Sarr (Sabar traditional Senegalese dance) and Bertrand Saky Tchébé (traditional dance form Ivory Coast)
Jan 5: excursion

Week 2
Jan 7-11: full day of dance classes with Germaine Acogny, Ramatoulye Sarr, Patrick Acogny (contemporary African dance) and Martin Kilvady (Western contemporary dance)
Jan 12: seminar with Abdou Khadre Lo on politics and economy in Senegal, visit and participation to the Scéno Urbaines project in Dakar

Week 3
Jan 14-18
Mornings: dance classes with Patrick Acogny and Martin Kilvady
Afternoons: creative projects set up by the students, coached by Martin Kilvady, Benjamin Vandewalle, Patrick Acogny and Longa Fo.
Jan 19 excursion

Week 4
Jan 21-25
Mornings: dance class with Martin Kilvady
Afternoons: creative projects
Jan 26: seminar on the history of African dance by Longa Fo

Week 5
Jan 28 – Feb 1
Mornings: dance classes with Martin Kilvady and Patrick Acogny
Afternoons: creative projects, concluded by a showing on Friday
Feb. 2: excursion

Week 6
Feb. 4-8
Mornings: dance classes with Francesco Scavetta (contemporary)
Afternoons: second series of creative projects set up by the students, coached by Francesco Scavetta, Patrick Acogny and Longa Fo.
Feb. 9: seminar on contemporary visual art in Africa by Koyo Kouoh

Week 7
Feb. 11-15
Mornings: dance classes with Francesco Scavetta and Patrick Acogny
Afternoons: creative projects
Feb. 16: seminar on agriculture in Senegal at the ngo Îles de paix in Dakar, plus excursion

Week 8
Feb. 18-22
Mornings: dance classes with Francesco Scavetta, Patrick Acogny and Bertrand Saky Tchébé
Afternoons: creative projects, concluded by a public presentation
Feb. 23: return to Brussels


Performance Charles Ngombengombe in Bornem

On 24 February, the student Charles Ngombengombe will perform his solo MUZIM. He created that solo for P.A.R.T.S. in 2012 and has performed it a couple of times afterwards as well.This Sunday, you can go and see him at PACTT Dance Festival, a cultural, cross-borders collaboration between Belgium, the Netherlands, Israel and Germany.

For more information and tickets, click here.


Student Performances Winter 2012

In September 2012, 26 students started the Research Cycle: 17 students came from the Training Cycle, and 9 new students were selected in the international auditions of Spring 2012. Together, they are generation X.
They end 2012 with a presentation of a selection from the personal work that has been created this year and with fragments of a workshop given by Davis Freeman.
In January and February of 2013, the students will move to Senegal or New York, and before that time has come, they want Brussels to get to know their performances.
There will be two programs, that will be shown on both nights: a program on stage and a track throughout the different studios of the school. You can only see one program per evening, and so we would like to ask you to make a choice when booking your tickets.

P.A.R.T.S. Student Performances Winter 2012
20 and 21 December, 20.00
Tickets: €3,-
For more information and tickets: mail@parts.be or 02/344 55 98

In Rosas and P.A.R.T.S.
Van Volxemlaan 164
1190 Brussels

!! Attention !!
Due to renovation works on the tram tracks, trams 97 and 82 might be delayed. Please keep that in mind when planning your evening; the programs will start at 20.00 sharply.
The same counts for people coming by car: due to the works and the closed school car park, you will have to look for a parking place in the neighbourhood around the school. Please keep that in mind when planning your evening.

Thursday 20 December, 20.00u
Ben Van Buren (US) & Kathryn Vickers (US)
Hagar Tenenbaum (IL)
Krišj?nis Sants (LV)
Erik Eriksson (SE)
Jeanne Colin (FR), Inga Huld Hákonardóttir (IS) &  Rósa Omarsdóttir (IS)

On stage:
Darko Radosavljev (DE), Jason Respilieux (BE) & Alma Toaspern (DE)
Inga Huld Hákonardóttir (IS) & James McGinn (US)Ben Van Buren (US)
Alexandra Dolgova (RU)
Davis Freeman: fragments 1
Davis Freeman: fragments 2

Extra (booking not necessary):
Bryana Fritz (US) & Christoffer Schieche (SE)
15 minutes after the end of the shows:
Bryana Fritz (US) & Christoffer Schieche (SE)
Alexandra Dolgova (RU) & Maïté Jeannolin (FR)

Balázs Busa (HU)

Friday 21 December, 20.00u
Ben Van Buren (US) & Kathryn Vickers (US)
Hagar Tenenbaum (IL)
Krišj?nis Sants (LV)
Erik Eriksson (SE)
Jeanne Colin (FR), Inga Huld Hákonardóttir (IS) &  Rósa Omarsdóttir (IS)

On stage:
Darko Radosavljev (DE), Jason Respilieux (BE) & Alma Toaspern (DE)
Inga Huld Hákonardóttir (IS) & James McGinn (US)Ben Van Buren (US)
Alexandra Dolgova (RU)
Davis Freeman: fragments 1
Davis Freeman: fragments 2

Extra (booking not necessary):
Bryana Fritz (US) & Christoffer Schieche (SE)
15 minutes after the end of the shows:
Bryana Fritz (US) & Christoffer Schieche (SE)
Alexandra Dolgova (RU) & Maïté Jeannolin (FR)

Balázs Busa (HU)


Winter Studios - Residency project January - February 2013

In January and February 2013, PARTS organises a special residency project in its studios. Since all the PARTS students are abroad in this period, PARTS opens up its 5 studio spaces for young choreographers to create and develop work – rehearsals, creation, research, from January 2 until February 22.

The Winter Studios offer 5 professional dance studios (from 84 m2 to 240 m2), with sprung floor, mirrors, sound installation, TV and dvd-player.

The PARTS kitchen offers a macrobiotic lunch for 5€, if you register beforehand.

If you are interested to come and work in the studios, send us an email before December 1st.
You need to provide the following information:
- Name and contact details
- Brief description of the project you will be working on (max. 20 lines)
- Names of the people involved 
- The period for which you are looking for a space (not earlier than January 2, not later than February 22!). If you need the space only for half days (morning or afternoon, please mention this too)
- Eventual preference for a small or large space.

The number of spaces is limited. The earlier you react, the more chance we can offer you the space and time you are looking for!

For more information and sending your proposals, contact Marieke Goetinck.

The Winter Studios are organised with the support of the network DEPARTS. DEPARTS is funded by the European Commission (Culture program).


TRACES - a public event at WIELS Contemporary Art Gallery

TRACES - a public event at WIELS Contemporary Art GalleryTRACES: tracing the “I” a public event at WIELS Contemporary Art  Gallery, was the conclusion of a 3 week workshop with 11 students, led by Mia Lawrence.  The workshop moved from an intimate practice of self observation, meditation, and discussion to a public sharing of movement practices emerging from explorations in physical states and embodied image.   In an atmosphere of quiet presence, events and images appeared and disappeared, part of the public space, to be watched continually or intermittently.  To conclude, the students had one on one, personal encounters with people in the museum cafe.

Students: Manuela Aranguibel, Balázs Busa, Jeanne Colin, András Déri, Erik Eriksson, Taha Ghauri, Kinga Jaczewska, Charles Ngombengombe, Pol Van Den Broek, Roman Van Houtven, Tiran Willemse

Video: Stanislav Dobak







Photos: Bart Grietens


Lucinda Childs at P.A.R.T.S., Saturday 13 October 2012

In the middle of October, Lucinda Childs showed her performance Dance, from 1979, in Brussels. The students of P.A.R.T.S. went to Kaaitheater to see the performance, and received Lucinda Childs in school on Saturday 13 October.

P.A.R.T.S. decided to invite Lucinda Childs for a conversation moderated by Michel Uytterhoeven. Uytterhoeven, at that time director of the dance festival Klapstuk in Leuven, was the first one to have Childs perform in Belgium in 1985, and thus he proved to be the moderator par excellence.

On Friday evening 12 October the audience and the students could already participate in an aftertalk, but on Saturday 13 October, they nevertheless discovered other aspects of Childs’s work during the talk in the school.

It most certainly was a very interesting experience!


Lucinda Childs

Photo: Barts Grietens


Opening academy year 2012-2013

A week ago schools all over the world opened their gates after a long and relaxing holiday to welcome old and new students. The same happened at P.A.R.T.S.: on 3 September generation X started its first year of Research Cycle.

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Theo Van Rompay greeted 17 of the students that finished their Training Cycle in June 2012 and 9 students that were selected through auditions to start the Research Cycle with a warm-hearted welcome speech. Everybody, students and staff members of P.A.R.T.S. and Rosas were introduced briefly. During that warm reunion and at the same time nice acquaintance all could enjoy a delicious, healthy breakfast.

Afterwards, students and staff got back to work, to concentrate on the Student Performances that were taking place a couple of days later.
During the Student Performances (6-8 September) students got the opportunity to show the repertory work and their personal creations to the Brussels public, that absolutely liked the idea: all three evenings were completely sold out. Two different casts of students danced Achterland (fragments), a repertory work of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker from 1990, and two other, slightly different casts brought A Love Supreme, a creation that Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker made in 2005 together with Salva Sachis.
On top of that students performed six own solos.
The reactions afterwards were clear: the new school year really took a booming start!

Opening academiejaar

Opening academiejaar 2

Opening academiejaar 3


Student performances September 2012

After the success of the Student Performances Summer 2012 in Antwerp, the students of P.A.R.T.S. will open the school year with a reprise of the repertory pieces Achterland and A Love Supreme, together with some of their solos, this time in Brussels! On 67 and 8 September they will perform in the Rosas Performance Space in Forest.

Practical information:
6, 7 and 8 September 2012, 20.00u
Rosas Performance Space, Van Volxemlaan 164, 1190 Brussels
Tickets: €3,-


Thursday 6 September

Maïté Jeannolin (FR) - Drifting
Jason Respilieux (BE) – Présentation du bras gauche/Presentation of the left arm 

Achterland – cast 1
Balázs Busa (HU), Jeanne Colin (FR), Alexandra Dolgova (RU), Taha Ghauri (GB), Inga Huld Hákonardóttir (IS), Rósa Omarsdóttir (IS), Krišj?nis Sants (LV), Kathryn Vickers (US) 

- Break -

A Love Supreme – cast 1
Bryana Fritz (US), Charles Ngombengombe (ZW), Christoffer Schieche (SE), Thomas Vantuycom (BE)

Friday 7 September

András Déri (HU) – Me, Myself and I
Jason Respilieux (BE) – Présentation du bras gauche/Presentation of the left arm

Achterland – cast 1

Balázs Busa (HU), Jeanne Colin (FR), Alexandra Dolgova (RU), Taha Ghauri (GB), Inga Huld Hákonardóttir (IS), Rósa Omarsdóttir (IS), Krišj?nis Sants (LV), Kathryn Vickers (US)

- Break -

A Love Supreme – cast 1
Bryana Fritz (US), Charles Ngombengombe (ZW), Christoffer Schieche (SE), Thomas Vantuycom (BE)

Saturday 8 September

Charles Ngombengombe (ZW) - MUZIM
Taha Ghauri (GB) - The Devil's Workshop

Achterland – cast 2
Balázs Busa (HU), Jeanne Colin (FR), Alexandra Dolgova (RU), Inga Huld Hákonardóttir (IS), Rósa Omarsdóttir (IS), Krišj?nis Sants (LV), Roman Van Houtven (BE), Kathryn Vickers (US)

- Break -

Inga Huld Hákonardóttir (IS) – Do Humans Dream of Android Sleep?

A Love Supreme – cast 2
Bryana Fritz (US), Maïté Jeannolin (FR), Christoffer Schieche (SE), Jason Respilieux (BE)


SummerSchool - July 2012


This Summer PARTS organises its fourth SummerSchool - July 2-27, four weeks, Monday to Friday.

SummerSchool offers the opportunity to a large community of dancers to take classes with faculty members and guest teachers of PARTS. Technical classes take place in the morning; in the afternoon a choice can be made between workshops in composition and improvisation, and workshops on the repertoire of Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker.

Morning classes include ballet and contemporary dance. The teachers are Anne-Linn Akselsen, Douglas Becker, Dominique Duszynski, Libby Farr, Ayman Harper, David Hernandez, Matej Kejzar, Roberto Olivan, Rasmus Olme, Francesco Scavetta, Clinton Stringer, and Sandy Williams. 

Workshops will be taught by Anne-Linn Akselsen, Jonathan Burrows, Michel Debrulle, Thomas Hauert, David Hernandez, Matej Kejzar, Martin Kilvady, Adrian Minkowicz, Martin Nachbar, Roberto Olivan, Johanne Saunier, and Francesco Scavetta.

Several repertoire pieces of Rosas can be studied, i.e. DrummingElena’s AriaGrosse FugeRain, and Zeitung. Teachers include Nordine Benchorf, Alix Eynaudi, Nadine Ganase, Mark Lorimer, Taka Shamoto, Igor Shysko, Clinton Stringer, and Sandy Williams.

SummerSchool offers classes and workshops mainly for dance amateurs (basic level) and dance students (medium level). Some classes and workshops however require an advanced level.

Basic level: you have little experience in taking dance classes. Or maybe it will even be your first dance class ever…
Medium level: you regularly take dance classes and workshops. Maybe you have just started a full time dance training.
Advanced level: you have studied at least one full year in a well-known European or American dance school, at bachelor or master level. Or you are active as a professional.


Graduation Day, 24 June 2012

Sunday 24 June was D-day for the students of generation IX: they would receive their PARTS diplomas and be leaving the school for the first time as ex-students… 

Joost - Bart Grietens

It was a drizzly Sunday afternoon, that 24 June. The rain and wind showed Brussels’s greyest side, when the students, their parents and friends gathered together, each and all put on one’s best. After four years of intensive dancing and training, doing research and creating, they would finally receive the one and only PARTS diploma.After everybody took their seats in one of the studios, for the occasion redecorated as a ceremony location, Theo Van Rompay, deputy director of the school, opened the graduation with a short speech.

Right after that speech, the students of generation X received their Training Certificate from Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, director of the school.

The school also invited a guest speaker: this year, the stage was given to Joost Vandecasteele, a Belgian writer, director and stand-up-comedian. His speech, in which he wishes the 16 graduating Research students of generation IX the best for the future, can be read here. The students and their guests, as well as all the other people present, were visibly enjoying those wishes, brought with the right balance between witty truth and a touch of humorius irony. Chuckles and outbursts of laughter spontaneously filled the place.

Buffet - Bart Grietens

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker was the last to speak. She asked the students three questions, with which she herself is confronted in interviews rather often: can dance save the world? Why, of all the different art forms, did you choose performance arts? And why did you choose dance specifically? The fresh ex-students should keep on asking themselves those question throughout their career.

And then, finally, the moment was there: the official handing over of the PARTS diplomas. Of the 35 students that started the Training Cycle in 2008, and the two students who joined the Research Cycle in 2010, 16 graduated last Sunday: Polina Akhmetzyanova, Eleanor Campbell, Louis Combeaud, José Paulo dos Santos, Camille Durif Bonis, Néstor García Díaz, Pavle Heidler, Youness Khoukhou, Védís Kjartansdóttir, Renan Martins de Oliveira, Radouan Mriziga, Alma Palacios, Siet Raeymaekers, Mohamed Toukabri, Michiel Vandevelde and Cyriaque Villemaux.

The day ended with a delicious buffet made by our own chef Wendy Contrino and her kitchenteam, and a party never to forget.


Graduation Training - Bart Grietens

Students who received the Training Certificate (generation X)

 Graduation Research - Bart Grietens

Graduating students of the Research Cycle (generation IX)

Photos: Barts Grietens


PARTS Graduation Tour 2012

The students of the fourth year (Generation IX) end their education with the creation of graduation pieces. This year, all students made six personal works, bewteen duet and quintet. A new geenration of young choreographers and dancers is ready for the world, presenting a broad palette of possible approaches to dance. six dufferent pieces present as many different types of composition, theatricality and movement.

The six peices will be shown at the audiences in Belgian and international theatres and festivals, in three different programs which also include a re-run of the repertoire project 'Zeitung/ fragments' and two peronal works created earlier.


Programme 1: Natural order is a special case by Louis Combeaud & Vedis Kjartansdottir // 111-1 by José Paulo dos Santos, Youness Khoukhou, Radouan Mriziga & Mohamed Toukabri // Now and Then, Here and There by Nestor Garcia Diaz, with Polina Akhmetzyanova, Camile Durif Bonis, Nestor Garcia Diaz, Siet Raeymaekers, Cyriaque Villemaux

Programme 2“Behind the sun,” he repeated, “where Everything is Everything else”. by Pavle Heidler & Eleanor Campbell / shipibo- by Polina Akhmetzyanova & Alma Palacios / Zeitung/fragments by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker & Alain Franco, with Louis Combeaud, José Paulo dos Santos, Youness Khoukhou, Renan Martins de Oliveira, Radouan Mriziga, Mohamed Toukabri

Programma 3HangHang by Renan Martins de Oliveira with Anne-Laure Dogot & Renan Martins de Oliveira / EN by Camille Durif Bonis & Cyriaque Villemaux, with Polina Akhmetzyanova, Eleanor Campbell, Louis Combeaud, Camille Durif Bonis, José Paulo dos Santos, Nestor Garcia Diaz, Pavle Heidler, Youness Khoukhou, Védis Kjartansdottir, Renan Martins de Oliveira, Radouan Mriziga, Alma Palacios, Siet Raeymaekers, Mohamed Toukabri, Michiel Vandevelde, Cyriaque Villemaux / G#$*&!/Disagreement?/How to dance things with doing by Camille Durif Bonis, Nestor Garcia Diaz, Siet Raeymaekers, Michiel Vandevelde & Cyriaque Villemaux

Performance dates:

Rosas Performance Space - Brussels May 3-4-5

 Monty - Antwerp May 12

STUK Kunstencentrum, Leuven May 15

Aktovy Zal, Moscow, Russia (organisation: International Center for Dance and Performance TSEKH) May 18-20

De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, The Netherlands May 24-25-26

Concertgebouw,Bruges May 29-30

Teatro Maria Matos,  Lisbon, Portugal (organisation: Alkantarafestival): June 6-7-9

Kunstencentrum Vooruit, Ghent June 14-15-16

Kaaitheaterstudio's, Brussels June 20-21-23-24-26-27

Dansand festival, Ostend June 30

PACT Zollverein - Choreographisches Zentrum NRW, Essen Germany July 6-7

Tanz im August/ HAU3, Berlin, Germany August 12-13 

Dans l'Afrique Danse festival, Johannesburg, South Africa
October 4, 111-1 

iDans festival, Istanbul, Turkey
October 19-20
Programme tba 




Student performances Summer 2012 in Antwerp - June 13-16

The Student Performances Summer 2012 will exceptiopnally take place in Antwerp this year. At the invitation of arts center Villanella, the students of the 2nd year occupy the stage at DE Studio for four days. They will present repertoire and a selection of their solos.

On 131415 and 16 June, you can see the Training students (second year) at work in DE Studio in Antwerp. They worked on repertory pieces of Anne Teresa De Keesmaeker: three groups of them study Achterland (1990)and two other groups explored the choreography of A Love Supreme (2005). The results of that work can be admired on four different evenings. But there is more: the studens were also asked to create a personal work. They proudly present their pieces: 23 solos and one duo.

The program can be found underneath.

Wednesday 13 June 2012


Maïté Jeannolin (FR) – Drifting
Text: Italo Calvino - "The world looks at the world” from Palomar.

Charles Ngombengombe (ZW) - MUZIM
Music: Zimbabwe National anthem, “Kyrie Eleison” by Hildegard Von Bigen &  “circle song” by Bobby Mc Ferrin.
Text: Charles Ngombengombe

Marcia Man Sze Liu (HK) - "__ forget what __ want to remember and remember what __ want to forget"
Music: Bach Cello Suite No.1 v-Menuet & Bach Cello Suite No.2 v-Menuet performed by Mischa Maisky.  

Taha Ghauri (GB) - The Devil's Workshop
Music: “Tick of the Clock” by Chromatics & “The Lion War” by The Ghost Inside

Benjamin Pohlig (DE) -  (daydreams of an upright walk)
Music: Talking Heads "Road to Nowhere", Sound from Jem Cohen's "Gravity Hill Newsreels No.1-5", a documentary on the early days of Occupy Wall Street, with music by Guy Picciotto
Thanks to the many people who have given their time and effort to shape my attempts at thinking and doing.

Achterland – cast 1

Balázs Busa (HU), Jeanne Colin (FR), Peter De Vuyst (BE), Inga Huld Hákonardóttir (IS), Rósa Omarsdóttir (IS), Krišj?nis Sants (LV), Sara Leah Tan Siyin (SG), Esse Vanderbruggen (BE)


Thursday 14 June 2012


András Déri (HU) - Me, Myself and I
Music: “Rapp Payback” by James Brown,  “Six Marimbas” by Steve Reich, “Getting Started” by LUX NOX MIX & “Desiderium Animae” by Chorala Sancta Martini

Bryana Fritz (US) - Birds
Sound and text by Bryana Fritz

Ben McEwen (GB) - Like a complete unknown

Esse Vanderbruggen (BE) - In the name of V
Music: “Je ne regrette rien” by Edith Piaf and “Ti Ki” by Sigur Rós
Interview: Judith Butler

Christoffer Schieche (SE) - "Die Hamletmaschine by Christoffer Schieche"
Music: "Ikkkyokume" by Nisennenmondai & "Helden" by David Bowie
excerpts from the SCUM-Manifesto by Valerie Solanas
Thanks: Bryana, Katie, Inga, Rósa, Lilia and Myriam
Special thanks to Gabriel


Achterland - cast 2

Jeanne Colin (FR), Alexandra Dolgova (RU), Inga Huld Hákonardóttir (IS), Rósa Omarsdóttir (IS), Camille Prieux (FR), Roman Van Houtven (BE), Alexander Vantournhout (BE), Kathryn Vickers (US) 

Friday 15 June 2012


Erik Eriksson - Dimaryp
Music: “He tres doulz rossignol” Breton Gavottes by Shira Kammen

Jeanne Colin - Woman Reading in Bed

Nathan Jardin - Comes a fire, then you know just what to do
Music: “Comes Love” by Billie Holliday

Rósa Omarsdóttir - Not Far From Belle Reve
Music: “Flores Para Los Muertos” by Alex North & “Theory Of Machines” by Ben Frost.
Thanks: Lilia Mestre, Inga Huld Hákonardóttir, Christoffer Schiece, Bryana Fritz and Katie Vickers.

Kathryn Vickers - Creative Property
Concept & Performance by Kathryn Vickers
Music mixed by Kathryn Vickers


Balázs Busa – Sniff Sniff and BuBble
Music: “Always you” - Animal collective

Roman Van Houtven - LAMENTO
Music: “Distressor” by X-Dream
Text: “Lacrimosa” from Requiem, interpretation by Dirk Brossé and Allard Blom

A Love Supreme – cast 1
Maïté Jeannolin (FR), Marcia Man Sze Liu (HK), Jason Respilieux (BE), Christoffer Schieche (SE)

Saturday 16 June 2012

Achterland – cast 3
A Love Supreme – cast 2


Peter De Vuyst - Life, Section 11 

Camille Prieux - One (Un)
Music: “Moheim” by Godspeed you black emperor (Live at L'Olympic on 2003-05-14, Nantes, France)
Costume: Mei Arnella

Inga Huld Hákonardóttir - Do humans dream of android sleep?

Thanks: Andros Zinz Browne, Ben McEwen, Bryana Fritz, Christoffer Schieche, Karel Burssens, Katie Vickers, Rósa Ómarsdóttir

Jason Respilieux
Music: "La rêveuse" by Marin Marais performed by Jordi Savall.

Krišj?nis Sants – Auseklis
Music: “Sarah Was Ninety Years Old” by Arvo Part


Bouge B, Antwerp, May 9-12, 2012 

From Wednesday 9 to Saturday 12 May deSingel organises its annual dance and performance festival BougeB. This fifth edition will be fully taken up by P.A.R.T.S., with creations from ex-students and current students. 

During four days, you will see dancers that graduated in 2002, 2006,2008 and 2010: Jurij Konjar, Marlene Monteiro Freitas, Albert Quesada en Veli Lehtivaara respectively. They will perform solos or duets witlh dancers whom they met during their dance career: Vera Tussing and Petra Söör.

On Thursday 10 May, the current P.A.R.T.S.-students of the tenth generation will take over the stage. They will show works made for the project danceXmusic, that was in January organised for the second time as cooperation between P.A.R.T.S. and La Monnaie, together with the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel.

On Saturday 12 May the Research Cycle students of P.A.R.T.S. will perform their graduation pieces in a marathon in Monty, Antwerp. That premiere is the start of their national and international graduation tour, with which they end their curriculum in P.A.R.T.S.

Info and tickets: www.desingel.be


PARTS at the Week of the Art at School in Wallonia - May 7-8, 2012

Within the framework of the “Week of the Art at School” in Charleroi, the CDEWJ (Centre Dramatique de Wallonie pour l’Enfance et la Jeunesse) invited two students of P.A.R.T.S. to perform the choreography they created in January for danceXmusic2.
That Week of the Art at School in Charleroi is the end point of a year’s work with an artist (from the theatre, dance or writing field) who is taken in as an artist-in-residence in the class. Thus the students get to know the creative process of the artist, and are encouraged to explore and experience that process themselves.

During four days, from 7 to 11 May, students of 2,5 to 20 years old meet students of other schools from different regions in Wallonia to exchange experiences and to meet other artists, who for the occasion are invited to talk about their work, or to reveal extracts of their work-in-progress.

The CDWEJ invited Ben McEwen and Krišj?nis Sants to perform their work Construct on 7 and 8 May. They made a choreography on op Sergey Prokofievs Adagio - String Quartet N°2 in F Major.

More information: www.cdwej.be


Open Fridays for candidate students - February-March 2012

Throughout the academic year, P.A.R.T.S. will open its doors on certain Fridays for young dancers interested in participating in the auditions. On such days, the school shows its daily routine: one can see students and teachers working together in specific courses, and get information about the school and the auditions. You will be able to be present during the classes, but it is not possible to actively participate in the courses!

The amount of participants is limited, so make sure to register in advance!

An Open Friday starts at 09.30 with a short introduction. Until 12.50 you will be able to attend the technical classes (ballet and contemporary dance) of the Training and Research Cycle.

It will, occasionally, also be possible to partly witness the afternoon workshops, but that will only shortly in advance be communicated to the people who registered for that day.

Attention: please make sure to be present at 09.30! For practical reasons, it is not possible to admit people that arrive late.

You can send an e-mail to eva@parts.be to enroll. Do not forget to mention the date of your preference!

The Open Fridays will take place on the following days, with the following classes:

3 February:
Contemporary dance: Rasmus Ölme/Lance Gries, ballet: Elisabeth Farr, Management

10 February:
Workshop “creative process”: Julyen Hamilton/David Zambrano, contemporary dance: Lance Gries, Management

17 February:
Contemporary dance: David Hernandez/Lance Gries, rhythm: Michel Debrulle, Management

2 March:
Contemporary dance: David Hernandez/Salva Sanchis, ballet: Douglas Becker, Management

9 March:
Contemporary dance: David Hernandez/Salva Sanchis, ballet: Douglas Becker, Management

16 March:
Contemporary dance: David Hernandez/Salva Sanchis, ballet: Douglas Becker, Management

23 March:
Contemporary dance: David Hernandez/Khosro Adibi, ballet: Douglas Becker, Management



Dan Graham at Bozar & PARTS March 25-26/3/2012

The visual arts school ERG, PARTS and Bozar organise a presentation by Dan Graham at Bozar, on Sunday March 25. Dan Graham presents the performance 'Lax/relax' (1969) and the film installation 'Helix/spiral' (1973).
Lax / Relax (1969, 30’) is one of the founding performances of Dan Graham’s reflection on the relationship between language, bodily awareness and the activation of the spectator’s awareness. 
Helix / Spiral (1973), Super 8 films transferred to 16 mm, in colour, is an installation for two 16 mm projectors and a prime example of Dan Graham’s use of the film medium at this time. The American choreographer Simone Forti worked with Dan Graham on this project.

A conceptual artist, critic and theorist, Dan Graham (United States, 1942) has been one of the major figures in contemporary art for more than 40 years. Through hisLax/Relax (c) Dan Grahamvast body of work including performances, photographs, films, videos, sculptures, texts and installations, Dan Graham has developed a fundamental reflection on the historical, social and ideological functions of contemporary cultural systems, in which architecture, music and television play a key role. Refusing to compartmentalise art and opting to study and embrace new urban popular culture, he has written many texts on rock music and worked with groups including Sonic Youth, Minor Threat and Japanther, as well as producing the video Rock My Religion (1984). In the 1970s Graham turned to the new film and video technologies in his installations and performances which actively involve the viewer in reflecting on the relationship between public and private, performer and audience, objectivity and subjectivity, as well as on language and social dynamics. His famous glass and steel pavilions, public works of art disseminated throughout the world since the 1980s, are a radical means of bringing the relationship between the spectator and the work of art into play. They create spaces that disturb the spectator’s perception of the environment and prompt a questioning of his own position. 

On Monday, March 26, Dan Graham will conduct a working session with students of ERG and PARTS.

Performance in Bozar, Sunday March 25, 14.30 - Info and tickets: www.bozar.be


Presentation at 'L'entretien infini' March 6, 2012

The visual art school ERG organises a 3-day symposium at Les Halles de Schaerbeek, March 5-6-7, with lectures, debates and performances, around possible dialogues between art and science. ERG invited Christophe Wavelet to present PARTS in this context. Entitled 'Écoles des gestes, gestes de l’école : un montage performatif', the presentation consists of two performances by PARTS students (FR EN by Cyriaque Villemaux and Camille Durif Bonis and Now and then, here and there by Nestor Garcia Diaz), screenings of repertoire work and a dialogue between Christophe Wavelet and PARTS teachers on the idea of transmitting knowledge.

Les Halles de Schaerbeek, Brussels, Tuesday March 6 at 19h. Free entrance to the whole event. Click here for the full program of the event. 

Open House Saturday 11 February 2012

Saturday 11 February, P.A.R.T.S is organising an Open House for everybody wanting to take a look behind the scenes of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s international school of contemporary dance.

That day, you have the opportunity to watch some open courses or to get one of the guided tours in 14 different languages.

Open Classes
The dancers are happy to invite the public to take a look in the studios during demonstration lessons of contemporary dance, ballet and creative process.
There will also be a repertory rehearsal of Zeitung, a choreography by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker from 2008.

13:45 – 15:00
Ballet with Elisabeth Farr (US/BE)
Contemporary technique with Lance Gries (US)
Creative process with Julyen Hamilton (UK/SP)

15:30 – 16:45
Ballet with Elisabeth Farr (US/BE)
Creative process with David Zambrano (VE/BE)
Creative process with Julyen Hamilton (UK/SP)
Repertoire ‘Zeitung

Guided Tours in 14 languages

At 13.30 and 15.15 our students will guide visitors in no less than 14 different languages. They will offer as many perspectives on dance education, life, work and dance in the Brussels metropolis. Thus visitors will learn at first hand how these young dancers are training and working in P.A.R.T.S.
The guided tours also offer an ideal chance to walk through the large studios of the Rosas dance company.

Arabic – Chinese – Dutch – English – French – German – Icelandic – Latvian – Portuguese – Shona – Spanish

Croatian – Dutch – English – French – Russian – Swedish

Macrobiotic Kitchen
Chef Wendy Contrino will offer some fresh and healthy snacks in the school’s macrobiotic kitchen.


danceXmusic 2: January 18-22, 2012

Following the success of danceXmusic in Spring 2010, La Monnaie and PARTS join together in a new project allowing the students to create works as dancers and choreographers in professional conditions with the participation of soloists from La Monnaie Symphony Orchestra and the young vocalists of the Queen Elisabeth Chapel. After the contemporary music heard in the first edition, the repertoire of the late 19th century and early 20th century will constitute the musical material fordanceXmusic 2 for the students in second and fourth years.

PARTS invited young choreographers Etienne Guilloteau and Claire Croizé to create a piece for nine dancers from the 4th year. They chose to work with the first string quartet of Anton Webern and developed their piece in close collaboration with pianist and dramaturge Alain Franco. Nestor Garcia Diaz and Renan Oliveira, also students of the 4th year, both created pieces on songs by Johannes Brahms.

The students of the 2nd year all created duets, working with composers such as Franz Schubert, Robert Schumann, Bohuslav Martinu, Sergei Prokofiev, Dimitri Shostakovitch, Eugène Ysaye, Francis Poulenc, Josef Suk, and Igor Stravinsky.

The series consists of several different programmes. The performances take place at the Malibran Hall in the Ateliers of De Munt/La Monnaie (Leopoldstraat 23, 1000 Brussels), on January 18, 19, 20 and 21 at 20h, and on January 22 at 15h. See below for the details of the programmes.

Tickets can be reserved through De Munt/La Monnaie: phone 070 23 39 39, email reservations@lamonnaie.be, or through the website or the box office.

The programme:
Wednesday, January 18:
singer by Benjamin Pohlig & Kathryn Vickers
Bohuslav Martin?, Trio à clavier n°1 Cinq pièces brèves, by Zygmunt Kowalski (violin), Raphaël Feye (cello), Inge Spinette (piano)
passUs by Charles Ngombengombe & Roman Van Houtven
Eugène Ysaÿe, Sonate n°3 pour violon, by Femke Sonnen (violin)
Gedraag je als een man by Erik Eriksson & Taha Ghauri
Robert Schumann, "II. Einfach, innig" – Drei Romanzen, by Luk Nielandt (oboe), Philippe Riga (piano)
The Sheperd(s) on The Rock Knock Poke and Toc by Maïté Jeannolin & Thomas Vantuycom
Franz Schubert, Der Hirt auf dem Felsen, by Amalia Avilán (soprano), Raymond Dils (clarinet), Philippe Riga (piano)
Dust In The Air Suspended Marks The Place Where The Story Ended by Sara Leah Tan Siyin
Sergey Prokofiev, Adagio – String Quartet N°2 in F Major by Quatuor Amôn : Aymeric de Villoutreys, Luce Caron (violin), Antoine Combot (alto), Cyril Simon (cello)
Beyond words by Gwenola Desurmont
Antonín Dvo?ák, Rondo g-moll, by Pau Codina (cello), Philippe Riga (piano)
Mouvement pour quatuor by Claire Croizé & Étienne Guilloteau, with Polina Akhmetzyanova, Eleanor Campbell, Louis Combeaud, José Paulo dos Santos, Youness Khoukhou, Radouan Mriziga, Alma Palacios, Michiel Vandevelde
Anton Webern, Streichquartett, arranged by Alain Franco, performed by Quatuor MP4 : Mélanie Evrard, Margaret Hermant (violin), Pierre Heneaux (alto), Merryl Havard (cello)

Thursday, January 19:
singer by Benjamin Pohlig & Kathryn Vickers
Bohuslav Martin?, Trio à clavier n°1 Cinq pièces brèves, by Zygmunt Kowalski (violin), Raphaël Feye (cello), Inge Spinette (piano)
Solo.Op.91 for Brahms by Renan Martins de Oliveira
Johannes Brahms, Zwei Gesänge, by Camille Merckx (mezzo), Yves Cortvrint (alto), Philippe Riga (piano)
1010 by Man Sze Marcia Liu & Esse Vanderbruggen
Franz Schubert, Notturno by Zygmunt Kowalski (violin), Raphaël Feye (cello), Inge Spinette (piano)
The Sheperd(s) on The Rock Knock Poke and Toc by Maïté Jeannolin & Thomas Vantuycom
Franz Schubert, Der Hirt auf dem Felsen, by Amalia Avilán (soprano), Raymond Dils (clarinet), Philippe Riga (piano)
Dust In The Air Suspended Marks The Place Where The Story Ended by Sara Leah Tan Siyin
Sergey Prokofiev, Adagio – String Quartet N°2 in F Major by Quatuor Amôn : Aymeric de Villoutreys, Luce Caron (violin), Antoine Combot (alto), Cyril Simon(cello)
Mouvement pour quatuor by Claire Croizé & Étienne Guilloteau, with Polina Akhmetzyanova, Eleanor Campbell, Louis Combeaud, José Paulo dos Santos, Youness Khoukhou, Radouan Mriziga, Alma Palacios, Michiel Vandevelde
Anton Webern, Streichquartett, arranged by Alain Franco, performed by Quatuor MP4 : Mélanie Evrard, Margaret Hermant (violin), Pierre Heneaux (alto), Merryl Havard (cello)

Friday January 20
Picture by Jason Respilieux & Alexander Vantournhout
Dimitri Chostakovitch, Allegretto – Piano Trio Nr.2, by Zygmunt Kowalski (violin), Raphaël Feye (cello), Inge Spinette (piano)
Solo.Op.91 for Brahms by Renan Martins de Oliveira
Johannes Brahms, Zwei Gesänge, by Camille Merckx (mezzo), Yves Cortvrint (alto), Philippe Riga (piano)
Lost voyage by Sven Bahat, Alexandra Dolgova & Nathan Jardin
Francis Poulenc, 2e mouvement – Sonate pour clarinette et piano by Raymond Dils (clarinet), Philippe Riga (piano)
NATIVE RED/THUNDER DREAMERS/Maya Owicha Paka – One Who Pushes Another Off a Cliff by Bryana Fritz & Christoffer Schieche
Franz Schubert, Der Hirt auf dem Felsen, Igor Stravinsky, Élégie pour alto, by  Amalia Avilán (soprano), Raymond Dils (clarinet), Philippe Riga (piano), Yves Cortvrint (alto)
passUs by Charles Ngombengombe & Roman Van Houtven
Eugène Ysaÿe, Sonate n°3 pour violon, by Femke Sonnen (violin)
Mouvement pour quatuor by Claire Croizé & Étienne Guilloteau, with Polina Akhmetzyanova, Eleanor Campbell, Louis Combeaud, José Paulo dos Santos, Youness Khoukhou, Radouan Mriziga, Alma Palacios, Michiel Vandevelde
Anton Webern, Streichquartett, arranged by Alain Franco, performed by Quatuor MP4 : Mélanie Evrard, Margaret Hermant (violin), Pierre Heneaux (alto), Merryl Havard (cello)

Saturday January 21
Construct by Ben McEwen & Krišj?nis Sants
Sergey Prokofiev, Adagio – String Quartet N°2 in F Major by Quatuor Amôn : Aymeric de Villoutreys, Luce Caron (violin), Antoine Combot (alto), Cyril Simon (cello)
We are more than physical bodies by Inga Hákonardóttir & Rósa Ómarsdóttir
Igor Stravinsky, Élégie pour alto by Yves Cortvrint (alto)
Seed your side by Lívia Balážová & Peter De Vuyst
Eugène Ysaÿe, Sonate n°3 pour violon by Femke Sonnen (violin)
NATIVE RED/THUNDER DREAMERS/Maya Owicha Paka – One Who Pushes Another Off a Cliff by Bryana Fritz & Christoffer Schieche
Franz Schubert, Der Hirt auf dem Felsen, Igor Stravinsky, Élégie pour alto, by  Amalia Avilán (soprano), Raymond Dils (clarinet), Philippe Riga (piano), Yves Cortvrint (alto)
Home by Jeanne Colin & Camille Prieux
Francis Poulenc, 3e mouvement « Déploration » – Sonate pour hautbois et piano by Luk Nielandt (oboe), Philippe Riga (piano)
Gedraag je als een man by Erik Eriksson & Taha Ghauri
Robert Schumann, "II. Einfach, innig" – Drei Romanzen, by Luk Nielandt (oboe), Philippe Riga (piano)
Specific objects without specific forms by Nestor Garcia Diaz, with Pavle Heidler, Siet Raeymaekers, Vedis Kjartansdottir, Kareth Schaffer 
Johannes Brahms, Liebeslieder-Walzer (extracts) by Olga Kindler (soprano), Kinga Borowska (mezzo), Giovanni Tristacci (tenor), Sébastien Parotte (baritono), Hélène Lucas & Philippe Riga (piano)

Sunday, January 22
Construct by Ben McEwen & Krišj?nis Sants
Sergey Prokofiev, Adagio – String Quartet N°2 in F Major by Quatuor Amôn : Aymeric de Villoutreys, Luce Caron (violin), Antoine Combot (alto), Cyril Simon (cello)
We are more than physical bodies by Inga Hákonardóttir & Rósa Ómarsdóttir
Igor Stravinsky, Élégie pour alto by Yves Cortvrint (alto)
Seed your side by Lívia Balážová & Peter De Vuyst
Eugène Ysaÿe, Sonate n°3 pour violon by Femke Sonnen (violin)
Picture by Jason Respilieux & Alexander Vantournhout
Dimitri Chostakovitch, Allegretto – Piano Trio Nr.2, by Zygmunt Kowalski (violin), Raphaël Feye (cello), Inge Spinette (piano)
 Beyond words by Gwenola Desurmont
Antonín Dvo?ák, Rondo g-moll,  by Pau Codina (cello), Philippe Riga (piano)
Erinyes by Balázs Busa
Josef Suk, Meditation on an Old Czech Hymn ‘St Wenceslas’ by Quatuor Amôn : Aymeric de Villoutreys, Luce Caron (violin), Antoine Combot (alto), Cyril Simon(cello)
Specific objects without specific forms by Nestor Garcia Diaz, with Pavle Heidler, Siet Raeymaekers, Vedis Kjartansdottir, Kareth Schaffer 
Johannes Brahms, Liebeslieder-Walzer (extracts) by Olga Kindler (soprano), Kinga Borowska (mezzo), Giovanni Tristacci (tenor), Sébastien Parotte (baritono), Hélène Lucas & Philippe Riga (piano)


photos: Bart Grietens



November 2011 - Parliament Without Words - Eleanor Bauer

On November 26 and 27, the P.A.R.T.S. students can be seen with choreographer and performer Eleanor Bauer in Parliament Without Words. This performance is part of the festival Spoken World – Powers of Speech of Kaaitheatre.

In a festival that concentrates on the word, the choreographer and performer Eleanor Bauer is launching a counter-movement: what lies behind the words? She will set up a parliament without words together with students from PARTS.

If language is what separates humans from nonhumans, what happens when we take it away? The purpose of a parliament without words is to close this gap between humans and nonhumans, to exercise our direct relationship to things as "vibrant matter" (borrowing the words of Jane Bennett) and to experience our own bodies as such, in order to look at and convene with our physical world in an intelligent and intimate way. In a parliament without words, perhaps things and beings are mutually affective and affected.

A parliament's work creates and assigns values and meanings to material things outside and inside the parliament itself. What would happen in a parliament that relates to things not in terms of their names and the utility assigned them by humans, but as fellow members of the assembly? What would happen if those things had a voice in the conversation? The power of things as actants is happening without us, with or without our acknowledgement, with or without our giving them a voice, with or without our anthropomorphic empathy. But if we want to discover a new relationship with things, we have to start somewhere, however extreme. Parliament without words is an experiment to see how we are changing and changed by things.

For more information: www.kaaitheater.be

November 2011 - Passing Through in Buda, Kortrijk

November 10, Ronny Delrue will defend his doctoral thesis in the centre of the arts Buda in Kortrijk. On that occasion, PARTS students will be performing Passing Through.

The performance connects very well with the opening of the exhibition Het onbewaakte moment #1 and #2 by Ronny Delrue in the Broelmuseum and in the Roger Raveel Museum. The exhibition resulted from the research in the visual arts Delrue conducted for his doctoral thesis, which he will defend on 10 November. The improvisation of David Zambrano and PARTS in fact is a perfect illustration of the ‘orderly disorder’ which Delrues research constitutes.

For more information: www.budakortrijk.be (in Dutch only), www.broelmuseum.be (in Dutch only) and www.rogerraveel.be (in Dutch only).

October 2011 - Former PARTS students at Move Me and Amperdans

The last week of October, two dance festivals will take place in Leuven and Antwerp, at which former PARTS students will play a prominent role.

STUK in Leuven is organizing Move Me, with choreographers from different PARTS generations, coming from all over the world. You will see creations by Milan Tomasik, Charlotte Van den Eynde, Cecilia Lisa Eliceche, Marlene Freitas and Eleanor Bauer.

At Stuk from 25 to 28 October. For more information: www.stuk.be

The new edition of Amperdans takes place at Monty, Antwerp. Work of Franziska Aigner, Fabian Barba, Charlotte Van den Eynde and Benjamin Vandewalle (all former PARTS students) will be presented, together with other creations.

At Monty from 26 to 29 October. For more information: www.amperdans.eu

October 2011 - Vredeseilanden & PARTS: The farmer effect

The flemish ngo Vredeseilanden and PARTS and Rosas collaborate on the occasion of the launch of the campaign 'The farmer effect', which focuses on sustainable agriculture in developing countries and sustainable food consumption here.

On Thursday, October 13, Vredeseilanden organises a fundraising diner in the studios of PARTS. The menu is prepared by the kitchen team of PARTS and Rosas and stresses the culinary potential of food produced in sustainable ways, of which the macrobiotic kitchen at PARTS and Rosas is a nice example. The diner is open for 120 guests, who could sign up for a tabe of 10 at the price of 2000 euro. All places are taken.

On Friday and Saturday October 14 and 15, Vredeseilanden organises a colloquium and a public event at the Museum M in Leuven. On Saturday October 15 at 14h, PARTS students open the event by dancing David Zambrano's choreography Passing through at the Ladeuze Square in Leuven.

For more information on the campaign, the colloquium and the event, visit www.vredeseilanden.be


October 2011 - PARTS students perform at the Bâtard festival

Two PARTS students have been invited to participate in the Bâtard festival, which focuses on beginning performing artists. The festival runs from October 19 until 22, and presents different parcours with each time two or three different pieces. Nestor Garcia Diaz presents Now and then, here and there and The secret of a meaningful piece on October 19, 20 and 22. Cyriaque Villemaux and Camille Durif Bonis present Waiting for the Phlebitis, a 24 hour performance starting October 21 at 16h. All parcours start at Beursschouwburg.
For more information, visit www.batard.be


 June 2011 - Student Performances Summer 2011 at Bronks theatre

B.I.P. by Vedis Kjartansdottir & Victor Perez Armero - photo Bart GrietensWithin a day bu Florence Augendre & Eleanor Campbell - photo Bart Grietens
Zeitung/ fragments - photo Bart GrietensZeitung/fragments - photo Bart Grietens
Nature morte à la Madam May by Siet Raeymaekers - photo Bart GrietensDrumming/rework - photo Bart Grietens



June 2011 - 'Schools' - exchange and performances in Angers June 13-19

The Centre national de Danse contemporaine in Angers organises the second edition of the event 'Schols', in which students and teachers from several dance schools in Europe and beyond exchange experiences and practices. PARTS sends sixteen students of the Research Cycle and teachers/coordinators Salva Sanchis and Steven De Belder, who will work with students and teachers from CNDC (Angers, FR), Laban (Londen, UK), Forum Dança (Lissabon, PT), SNDO (Amsterdam, NL), Bennington College (Vermont, USA), University of Dance and Circus (Stockholm, SE), CDC (Toulouse, FR), Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et Danse (Lyon, FR), Ecole Supérieure de Beaux Arts Nantes Métropole (Nantes, FR), Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz (Berlin, DE), Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University (Istanbul, TR), ex.er.c.ce (Montpellier, FR), Ecole supérieure de Beaux Arts (Angers, Fr), en SEAD (Salzburg, AT). Next to workshops, debates and informal showings there will also be two public performances. On Tuesday, June 14 Nestor Garcia Diaz presents the quintet Now and then, Here and there. Six other students perform a version of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker's Zeitung on Thursday, June 16.
Watch some footage of the event at http://www.cndc.fr/schools/index.html


June 2011 - Student Performances Summer 2011 at Bronks theatre 

The Student Performances Summer 2011 are the classic end-of-the-year event in which the students show a selection of the works they have created in the past semester: repertoire and personal work. This year, the performances will take place at Bronks, in the center of Brussels. There will be performances on June 21, 22, 24 and 25, starting at 8pm
Each night, students perform fragments and variations on choreographies by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker: Drumming by the students of the 1st year, Zeitung by the students of the 3rd year. Next to this there will be a selection of works created by the students themselves.


Solo by Bara Sigfusdottir
 Next piece by Michiel Vandevelde
 Within a Day by Florence Augendre, with Eleanor Campbell
Drumming/rework by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, with Livia Balazova, Balazs Busa, Alexandra Dolgova, Erik Eriksson, Bryana Fritz, João Martins, Ben Mc Ewen, Christoffer Schieche, Thorunn Edda Sigurjonsdottir, Esse Vanderbruggen, Alexander Vantournhout


Solo in  Bronks by Alma Palacios
"It sleeps behind the Sun", he said as he wept. by Pavle Heidler
Book Case by Alexandra Dolgova, with Clara Villalba, Jason Respilieux and Alexandra Dolgova
Zeitung/fragments by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, with Louis Combeaud, José Paulo Dos Santos, Guillaume Guilherme, Youness Khoukhou, Renan Martins De Oliveira, Radouan Mriziga


Solo by Andras Deri
2854 by Renan Martins De Oliveira, with Balazs Busa, Maïté Jeannolin, Victor Perez Armero, Jason Respilieux
Zeitung by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, with Louis Combeaud, José Paulo Dos Santos, Guillaume Guilherme, Youness Khoukhou, Renan Martins De Oliveira, Radouan Mriziga
Nature Morte à la Madame May by Siet Raeymaekers
"It sleeps behind the Sun", he said as he wept. by Pavle Heidler
Drumming/rework – by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, with Sven Bahat, Taha Ghauri, Inga Huld Hakonardottir, Maïté Jeannolin, Marcia Man Sze Liu, Ioannis Michos, Rosa Omarsdottir, Camille Prieux, Roman Van Houtven, Clara Villalba


B.I.P.by Vedis Kjartansdottir  & Victor Perez Armero
Within a Day by Florence Augendre, with Eleanor Campbell
Zeitung/ fragments by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, with Louis Combeaud, José Paulo Dos Santos, Guillaume Guilherme, Youness Khoukhou, Renan Martins De Oliveira, Radouan Mriziga 
Now and Then, Here and There. by Nestor Garcia Diaz, with Polina Akhmetzyanova, Nestor Garcia Diaz, Simon Portigal, Siet Raeymaekers, Cyriaque Villemaux
Drumming/rework by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, with Jeanne Colin, Dagmar Dachauer, Andras Deri, Gwenola Desurmont, Peter De Vuyst, Charles Ngombengombe, Benjamin Pohlig, Jason Respilieux, Krišj?nis Sants, Sara Leah Tan Siyin, Thomas Vantuycom, Kathryn Vickers


pictures Wouter De Raeve


PARTS students grow their own vegetables

Sustainable development and respect for nature and body are an important cornerstone of the pedagogical project of PARTS.
The macrobiotic school’s kitchen also serves a daily lunch based on cereals and fresh vegetables from local produce.
the same spirit the students themselves came up with the idea of their
own ecological vegetable garden on the premises of the school.
school’s garden is a very nice place with big old trees, gently sloping
grass parts, colourful flowers and shady sitting areas. Undoubtedly
there was some space left for a vegetable garden where students could
cultivate their own food.
With Dees & Lepage PARTS found a young,
promising designers team of landscape architects and botanists who
could organise this garden project from A to Z. Together with 25
students-‘garden keepers’ they set to work in the back yard of the
school during the dance free hours in the evening and the weekend.
May 21 a fine selection of seeds and young vegetables were planted in
the soil. The vegetable garden is now being taken care of by students
who love to put their hands in the earth and are looking forward to
bring in their first cropS

pictures Wouter De RaeveDees & Lepage will
follow and accompany them throughout the first growing seasons. After
that the students will be able to take care of the garden by themselves
and watch it grow and prosper season after season. 




May 2011 - KunstenfestivaldesArts 2011

The international performing arts festival KunstenfestivaldesArts is up and running, and will soon present some familiar faces on the Brussels stages. ZOO/Thomas Hauert's latest group piece You've changed will have its Brussels premiere and features a cast of seven dancers who all have a connection to PARTS, either as former student or as teacher. Next to this, there will be the world premiere of the new solo by Charlotte Vanden Eynde, and there are students, former students and teachers involved in performances by Eszter Salamon and Boris Charmatz.


May 2011 - PARTS students perform at the opening of the MAS - Museum aan de Stroom

foto Marijke Vandersmissenfoto Marijke Vandersmissen
foto Marijke Vandersmissenfoto Marijke Vandersmissen

May 2011: performance in Venice

In June 2010, PARTS was awarded the Silver Lion of the Venice Biennale for Dance. Following the award came an invitaiton to perform at the Biennale Dance 2011 which takes place May 10-15. PARTS will present 'project, don't look now' by Xavier Le Roy and Mårten Spångberg and twelve dancers from the Research Cycle. The piece is a re-creation of 'project' from 2003, and deals with choreography through game-playing and its rules, exploring the relationships that are built, the processes, the outcome and how it is received.

Sunday May 15, 20h00, Teatro Piccolo Arsenale.
More information: Dance Biennale

photo Bart Grietensphoto Bart Grietens
photo Bart Grietens


May 2011 - Former PARTS students direct rehearsals at the Paris Opera Ballet

On May 25, the Ballet of the Paris Opera opens their version of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker's 'Rain'. One of the largest ballet companies in the world is staging this Rosas classic from 2001. Former PARTS students Jakub Truszkowski, Marta Coronado and Clinton Stringer, who were all part of the original cast of 'Rain', have been rehearsing the piece together wit Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and other Rosas dancers.

Check the short clip at the Paris Opera website.

photo Anne Van Aerschotphoto Anne Van Aerschot
photo Anne Van Aerschotphoto Anne Van Aerschot



April 2011: showings

Just before the Easter holiday, the students of the Research Cycle finished a block in which they created personal work or participated in the repertoire workshop around Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker's 'Zeitung', led by Mark Lorimer. Some pictures by Bart Grietens:

photo Bart Grietens
photo Bart Grietens
photo Bart Grietensphoto Bart Grietens



December 2010 - Interview with PARTS teacher Janet Panetta in the New York Times

Janet Panetta, one of the main ballet teachers at PARTS since many years, is featured in theNew York Times with a big interview.
Check it out here: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/12/12/arts/dance/12studio.htm